Cut Off Times

How strict are event organisers on cut-off times?

I imagine they go by the book as if you dont stick to the line you draw there is room for anyone to ask for just one more minute etc.

The reason I ask is that I understand the cut offs for Longest Day are:

2 Hours - Swim
10 Hours - Bike
15 (maybe 16) - Run

My main concern is the swim as ive had a niggling shoulder injury for nearly a year now, it wasnt to bad until I started to up the swimming intensity (only to 2 sessions a week) but its completely stopped me achieving any value from my swimmong training (now 20 mins or so when it doesnt hurt to bad).

Im not to worried about the bike and run (I know I should be lol) but the 2hr cut off for the swim is concerning me a lot.

PS. Im seeing a Sports Pyhsio at the Blackberry Clinic and follwoing their advice.


  • ;0) don't know about mickey mouse wannabe events, but if it was a real ironman the cut off would be the cut off
  • "mickey mouse wannabe events" - lol.

    Yes its a shame it doesnt have the Ironman support (though guess the rights for the name cost a fair bit).

    Its also a shame the Uk only has 1 'Ironman' distance race / format though I gather there are moves afoot to have a UK Ironman event next year.

    Personally I think the cut-offs should be strictly adhered to and id be suprised if they wernt, its just I was feeling a bit negative the other day and was contemplating the though of having to withdraw.

    I know ill make it, I also keep reminding myself off that quote 'The Arena' that someone posted in my other thread (which other one I hear you cry - ive started so many lol). Ive got the quote pinned up by my desk at work.


    Posted by Alan Connor

    "The Arena":
    "It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat." T.R. (Paris Sorbonne, 1910)
  • cut of is just that
  • havent you got 'look out the boss is coming!' ?
  • Carl - I have that quotation on my wall.

  • Carl,
    I am a member of BCT and marshall at the Longest Day. We try to give everyone the best chance possible to complete the race so we use common sense for cut of times. The overall cutoff is 15.5 hours, ie 9:30 at night. It is quite dark by then and the run course is unlit, but if there are people out there who look as if they will finish soon (eg only a few miles to go) then we let them carry on - we usually despatch a marshall with a torch to help.
    The only time people are pulled out of the race is when they obviously have no chance of finishing anywhere near the final cut off.
    Most people finish well within the 15.5 hours.
  • bribe money out then, Barthorpe
  • Yes I think ill tick a few £20 notes in my goody bag.

    Thanks Martin, Its nice to see that common sense is applied though I wouldnt expect special treatment as im sure others wouldnt.

    As you say I guess if im 100meters off the swim finish at 2hrs dependant on the marshalls they may let you go on. Of course I wont be counting on this and hopefully should be finished well under the 2 hours.

    I also point out that I appreciate the dedication and hard work marshalls put into events (especially if there 15.5 hours). I wouldnt want to be a burden to Marshalls or race organisers and if it was clear to me I was going to miss the bike/run cut offs I would probably call it a day anyway. There's always next year.

  • Having wobbled close to the back around this event last year I can very much confirm what Martin has said above. Whilst I finished fairly comfortable inside the cut off times, it was brilliant to see the prize giving come to a halt when a straggler approached the line. I reckon he had the biggest cheer of all and had a captive audience to boot.
    Undoubtedly the Longest Day is one of the friendliest and best organised races I have done (and I have done quite a few). I doubt any of the official races could contest with the friendly and extremely accommodating atmosphere.
    If you want razzmatazz, hype and ego building go do an official Ironman, but if you want an uncompromising ideal first time Ironman distance race then LD is for you.
  • razzmatazz!!


    ego building!!


  • funny you should say that about ego building... coincidentally, i was speaking to a friend last night and i told him i'd ordered a new tri suit from yesterday

    he immediately, correctly, said 'i bet its the ironman one - in yellow'

    when quizzed how he knew, he said 'because the yellow one says LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!'

  • My comments regarding razzmatazz, hype and ego building were not meant as negative comments - just purely observations. I for one want to do an official FULL Ironman event just to say I have done one. But in the meantime I highly recommend the LD especially for first time Ironman distance triathletes because of its friendly support and organisation and particularly for its course which is generally not too taxing.
  • andy 'daffodil' collier...


    (I'm not here, by the way, I'm in Essex)
  • lol no problem - i saw them as complimentary terms anyway
  • the fourth benefit you get from doing a 'real' ironman is typing speed - you don't have to append '... distance triathlon' or '... distance triathlete' to the word 'ironman...' every time you type it

    hype, razzmatazz, ego building and quick typing, all dressed in a black and yellow trisuit - sounds like egomaniac heaven to me
  • So if I get overtaken by a banana I'll know who it is.
  • Or is that just to go with the Gorilla?

    Thinking ill have to get me something flash when ive got the body shape to dare wearing a Tri Suit. Maybe some red flashes down the side and some 'Flash Gordon' esc wing things. Will look great on my Chopper though.
  • TLD is a challenge and I sincerely hope you acheive your dream as it will be hard earned and you aint afraid to ask a question. I'll see you there all being well.
    And as they say;

    Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

    Thinking of having "Ego Deflator" engraved down the seatpin of my old hack bike as that is whats its become to those people who typify Tony Bells comments "All the gear and no idea"

  • Lol - that could be me... Ive got all the gear now, well nearly. Just hope I can pull all the kind advice together and hold my own.
  • :-) you will eventually find these people congregated at cycling cafes talking about what they are going to do when its not so wet and windy and their groupset is shiny enough. Yawn. Then when they get the usual early season kicking from a seasoned vet they usually buy a jet ski.

    I'll try and put my hands on a training schedule designed to get you round in under the cut off time and e-mail it to you.

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