Robin Hood Photots

Did anyone else get their photos from the Robin Hood in the post today? Perhaps viewing them with a hangover wasn't a good idea, but I really need to do a lot more running to lose some weight!! Somehow I didn't appear as the lithe gazelle I thought I was!


  • Road Runner,
    got mine.

    The one of me crossing the finish line is hilarious. However, the price of the pictures stopped me laughing immediately!
  • Yes, I was astounded at how expensive they are. I'm definitely not keeping any of them. I can get my husband to take unflattering photos of me running any time for free!
  • Mrs Bobolink got hers and she knows she does not look like that because her wedding photos and honeymoon fell race photos ( yep she did ! )two weeks previous showed her in a much more favourable light. I want to use the one from the Robin Hood to put on the mantelpiece to keep the kids away from the fire !

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