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  • I had a horrible run in Paris too with asthma like I have never had before meaning I (and loyal friend Alilee) had to walk a lot of it.  We and fellow West Australian Amandalou had been to the pasta dinner and met a few people but didn't make it to the photo on Sunday morning, so the minions and friends probably didn't recognise us, but they and the stool flags gave us a huge and much needed lift several times along the way.  For that, and for the amazingly, consistently friendly and positive forum, thank you so much.  There may be another Paris Marathon in my future, but it's a long way from Australia, so who knows?  Thank you again and good luck to all.  image

  • Ran Brighton today. Had no idea how my body would hold out after Paris, but so pleased with how it went. But the last 6 miles felt utterly brutal! Got round in 3h26m49s which is only 5 minutes slower than Paris! Amazed! Great day!
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    Well done Steve. You must be pleased.

    I know that it's quite quiet in here now but I'll ask anyway.

    I'm getting pain in my Achilles. I've just run 18.6 miles and I started to get some pain after 12 miles. It slowed me down a lot to the point where I had told myself that this wasn't fun and running isn't fun and I must not keep doing this to myself. Now I'm back home I realise that that's my daft grumpy head talking. But it's got me thinking and I had this problem in Paris too.

    In the first mile in Paris my left Achilles started hurting, but I'm used to this and normally the pain goes away. Many many years ago I went to a podiatrist because of this exact pain. I wasn't a runner then but I just started training for a duathlon and I was told that this was common among triathletes because cycling and running pull in opposite directions and triathletes have limited flexibility in their ankles. I was given some stretches to do and the problem went away. It does come back every now and again but if I do the stretches I can sort it out.

    In Paris my Achilles were painful the day before which I put down to lugging 2 suitcases up and down escalators and a lot more walking than in used to on the Friday. I stretched a lot on the Saturday. It's not uncommon for me to get out of bed in the morning with stiff ankles.

    What I'm getting to is, does anyone have any advice for me? I'm doing MK marathon in 2 weeks. After tat I've got race to the stones but I'd be happy to walk a lot of that. That one is just about finishing it. Should I take some weeks off running? This afternoon I was ready to give it all up altogether as it just wasn't fun at all and couldn't imagine having a better run than Paris, but I do actually want to run, I just don't like the pain I'm getting.
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    Kenno ive had problems with that myself and have kept off my feet and done a lot of icing and applying ibuprofen gel. I find that taking ibuprofen makes me feel ill if i take too much but the gel you can put straight on with no side effects.

    The other thing that has helped is a full on sports massage where the therapist did a lot of calf work ehich relieved tightness. 

    Good luck i hope you get over this soon

  • Thebigone - good luck with London, I'm very jealous and would bite someone's right arm off for a London place.

    I've still not decided on Paris next year but have found myself looking at hotels in Paris for the marathon weekend so I think there is a high chance but also going to put in for the London ballot and then cross my fingers and toes

    Got a little 10k race on Wednesday so that should give my foot a bit of a test but so far so good (never thought I would use the words 10k and little in the same sentence)
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    Hayley its great to hear from you and glad that your foot is okay! My last memory of Paris was being fed up with being told 'termine' by the massage staff!

    ill update how i get on in London and let me know if you go for Paris, good luck with that. Hope to speak to you soon

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    Btw Steve Duffy 2 seriously impressed with your time- well done!

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    Kenno - I'd recommend seeing a physio. They may be able to spot something that may be 'off' without you even knowing it.

    I went with calf problems and part of the advice was to build up my core, as I was unbalanced.

    Still got a crap core, mind image
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    Let's be honest, it doesn't matter what's wrong, the answer is always "Strengthen your Core".


  • or 'Your glutes aren't firing properly. Squats for you!"

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    Oh my glutes are competely banjaxed.  They don't even speak to my Core any more...

  • May I also add, as we pack up this year's thread, that everyone is more than welcome on the 2017 Paris thread whether you're running or supporting or watching on the telly (or none of those). Please, pop in, say hi, pull up a chair/sofa/OROD.

  • Nope. I can't drive for more than an hour without having to vigorously rub my right bottom cheek when I get out.

  • Has the new thread started?
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    Not yet. We need the 'who's going to start the new thread' discussion. 

  • Orbutt i thought you were going to start the 2017 thread image

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    Julie-Marie image I had that honour this year.

    Time to pass the baton - volunteering?image
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    Good night all, thanks for looking after me image x

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    Good night, bless you all x
  • Quick update from myself.  I ran Bungay Black Dog Half on Sunday and it was a great race. My worst time in a Half for a long while at 1:42:11 but I thought that it was a superb event. Nice medals and merchandise, very friendly, a testing course and a great goody bag with a can of Adnams Ghost Ship in it.

    Now planning some shorter distance stuff over the coming weeks/months.

    Chris Field - I was checking out the Black Country Half again online last night. Very tempted by it, as I see that it is a Saturday run. May look in to coming down, staying close to the Start in Wolverhampton on the Friday, then having a few beers in Birmingham post race, before maybe heading back and staying in London on Saturday evening.  I will probably look at going at a fairly steady pace, as I probably will not have run further than 10 miles for about 10 weeks.  I'll send you a direct message with some contact details on for myself.

    Steve Duffy - Well done on your Brighton Marathon. A very good time! I saw some of the Brighton Medals at our club meet tonight and they were very nice indeed. Almost tempting me to run Brighton one year.

    With regards the engraving - I took mine in to a local engravers/shirt printers the other week and got the days temperature, "WHERE THE FOCH IS THE FINISH?" and my race time engraved on a plate for my medal. Cost me £9.00 to have that done plus something printed on both arms of one of my running shirts.

    Baldstan - They just laughed, I don't think that they knew that I was a Norwich fan, although I did try to point out the "Smudgerncfc" on my shirt to them.  I'll get around to sending you a message and would be good to meet up sometime when I am down in London. I'll keep in touch.

    Bandito27 - Are you planning on heading to London to watch the Marathon this Sunday? I'll be there on Saturday evening and will probably be out and about early to get a good spot somewhere for the race on Sunday. Looking forwards to sitting on the side of the road with a beer or two, watching others do the hard work!

  • Quiet in here, isn't it? Time to switch on 2017?

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    Have a look above RR.... they've all moved already!

  • I’ve just found where you register for an email when the photos are ready. Anyone know how long this normally takes? <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>;
    Also I think I paid for a video so same question about that. 

    I went to my running club last night and got a bit carried away with pushing hard so if I go tonight I’ll be at the back trying to rest
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