Paris Marathon 2016



  • Yay! ...well done Minniemonster image



  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Well done Minnie!

    I ran Blackrock '5' on Friday night, which is a good bit nearer 4.4 miles than 5.  The route takes you out of a village in Fife, onto the beach and round a (black) rock that can only be run round at low tide (though my friend went round with water halfway up her knee!), then back in again.  It was tough going, especially coming back off the beach through dry sand, but a heap of fun.  And the free beer at the finish was welcome.  My bottle cap has been turned into my 'medal'.

  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭
    Minniemonster you smashed it - well done wonder who the tshirt wearer was.

    Meadower - your race sounds like the most blissful fun ever and a beer at the finish too. What more could you want!
  • Thanks all! Meadower, I like the sound of a race that's shorter than advertised!!

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    It really was great, Heidi!  And you say that, Minnie, but a number of people thought the '5' was kilometres!  My old pair of shoes are just about dry now; they're well past their best, but they might just last for a return next year...

  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭

    Totally ignored the earlier advice about the pace for my last two long runs before tapering for Liverpool.  Today was my penultimate long run of 18 miles, based on advice I was going to do MP (8:00) + 30s then next weeks 20 at MP + 15s.

    However as I felt good I decided to try to hang on to MP for as long as possible hoping for at least 14 miles of the 18 miles at sub 8:00.

    i managed all 18 under 8:00 mins each for a 7:55 average which would have left me with some contingency (but not too much). 3 weeks ago I did similar 17 miles at 7:52 avg.

    Question is with 4 weeks to go do I start my taper now or continue as planned for 20 next week followed by 3 week taper.

    its my 8th marathon, been doing two a year for last four years (so I know I can do the distance) my speed has improved this year with a "run less run faster" approach.  I knocked over 5 mins off my Leeds half time last week and my target is to go sub 3:30 knocking off over 9 mins from York last year.

    What do you think? If I taper I'll reduce to 16 next week, if I do 20 then taper what pace should I be doing????

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Andy - I'd recommend doing your final 20 then do a three week taper.

    Meadower - Well done! Sounds like a fun race to do.

    Minniemonster - New PB! image Excellent running.


  • PARIS 2016 list

    Preferential pen (speed of light):
    510 – The Jimbob

    Red pen (3hr):
    3575 – Sunnysider Phil
    4465 – Heroine in a Half Shell
    4513 – Mr HIAHS

    Yellow pen (3:15):
    9290 – Andy-W
    9090 – Steve Duffy 2

    Blue Pen (3:30):
    16621 – Nodster
    18256 – LloydR

    Purple pen (3:45):
    29410 – Orbutt
    29546 – ThisIsNatty
    29611 – E mmy
    29639 – PC
    29707 – Onetit
    30515 – Mattleydon
    30667 – Pistol101
    31858 – KeyserSuze
    43575 – NGUG

    Green pen (4hr):

    Grey pen (4:15):
    57428 – Nells
    57140 - HeatherS
    58736 – Mr KeyserSuze
    65540 – Betzza
    66499 – Loulou

    Pink pen (4:30+):
    65227 – Penny71
    67288 – Karen Bowman 2
    ???? -RunClaire

    Unknown pen/number:
    Orapidrun (hurry up and enter!!)
    Wendy Dibble

    To find your number/pen - log in to your ASO account -, there is a large red box to the left of the screen, click 'my order' and your details are there. You should be able to change your pen on the day if required. Someone will post on the forum when the Convocation is ready to download, normally a couple of weeks before the race.

  • Pistol101Pistol101 ✭✭✭
    Minniemonster wrote (see)

    Just dropping in to say I got a pb at Royal Berks 10k today! By just over a minute! And weirdly as I was driving home I saw someone walking in a where the Foch is the finish shirt! I'm sorry, I don't know who you were.

    Haha that was me! Thought i'd road test the new top.

    I do most of my training miles round there so was nice to run with people! I was about 1 min of PB time but was suffering with sore hamstring from playing cricket the day before.

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Andy - It sounds like your in great form. I'd take this final run easy and maybe put in a few marathon pace miles towards the end. You've don the hard work now. Taper and go to the race knowing you've prepared well.

  • Pistol101 - clearly, there's no hiding in those t-shirts image .

    List Fairy - going from the sublime to the ridiculous, can you put me down for the City of London Mile on 14th June.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    RR - You HAVE to wear something Comrades related at that one. image

  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭
    Running Rodent wrote (see)
    Pistol101 - clearly, there's no hiding in those t-shirts image .

    List Fairy - going from the sublime to the ridiculous, can you put me down for the City of London Mile on 14th June.

    are you doing the mass race RR or the ladies only? I'm in the mass race which is first I think. Anything for a bit of free blingimage

  • Ladies only? Pffft image . I'll be in the mass race.
  • Hi Pistol101. If I'd seen you on the course I'd definitely have said hello! image It's a good little race isn't it, although seemed a bit too crowded compared to last year. 1 min away from PB even with an injury is still good!

  • kennokenno ✭✭✭
    List fairy I'm in the blue pen. I'll come back to you with my number.

    Please also put me down for city of London mile on 14th June. Running with wife and 2 children (7 and 4)
  • List fairy I am in the pink pen but will have to look up my number.

    Did my first 5 mile run on friday for a couple of years it took an hour but i did it...21 more to go!! My weight seems to be going up with this running more that usual?

  • Thanks all! Meadower, I like the sound of a race that's shorter than advertised!!

  • thisisnattythisisnatty ✭✭✭

    Events List

    May 20: Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5M series – KeyserSuze.
    May 23 Suzy L's birthday. Gothenburg Half - Lloyd R. Shindig in the Shires – Agent Penguin.
    May 24: Brecon to Cardiff Ultra - Yer Maj. Ox Half – Jellybum. Windsor Trail Half – Sunnysider Phil.
    May 25: London BUPA 10k – Heroine in a Half Shell, Jimbob, Nells, Radar Sal, Thisisnatty, MrThisisnatty.
    May 30: Kent Roadrunner - Thisisnatty. Stockholm Marathon - Eggy, Heroine in a Half-Shell, Mr Heroine in a Half-Shell, Keyser Suze, Nells, Scott the Walker.
    May 31: Bristol 10k - Benign Murmurring. Comrades - Dannirr, Running Rodent. Edinburgh Marathon - Meadower. Elleker Half – Penny71.
    Jun 1: Penny71’s birthday.
    Jun 2: Eggy's birthday.
    Jun 6: Trailblazer Bedgebury Forest Half - Heidi Barr. Viking Coastal Marathon – RunClaire.
    Jun 7:  Ickenahm 5 – Jimbob. Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells. Stour Valley - Thisisnatty.
    Jun 13: Humph's Hilly Half – Orapidrun.
    Jun 14: City of London Mile – Kenno, Running Rodent. Cotswold 113 Half Iron Triathlon – Sunnysider Phil. Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon – Andy W, Nodster, Orbutt. Lochwinnoch Trail 10km – Eggy. Perth Marathon – Penny71. St Albans Half – Peter Sting Wray. Swansea Half – Minniemonster.
    Jun 20: Ridgeway Revenge Half – HeatherS.
    Jun 21: Nike Women’s 10k – Nells. Seven Hills of Edinburgh – Meadower.
    Jun 23 : Nodster’s birthday.
    Jun 25: Keyser Suze's birthday.
    Jun 27: Cotswold Way Relay - Benign Murmurring.
    Jun 27-28: HARP 24 – LloydR.
    Jun 28: IronmanUK70.3 Wimbleball – Chunkytfg.
    Jul 3-5:  Long Course Weekend inc. Wales Marathon – Sunnysider Phil.
    Jul 4: Clontarf Half – Joanna3.
    Jul 4-5: Enigma Summer - Thisisnatty.
    Jul 5: Dyrham Park 10k - Benign Murmurring. Edgehill Half – Mattleydon. Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells.
    Jul 7: Methley canal run – Andy W.
    Jul 9: Cityrace Corporate 5k – Jimbob.
    Jul 11-12: Race to the Stones - Heroine in a Half-Shell, Orapidrun. Summer Ranscome – RunClaire(Sunday), Thisisnatty+MrNatty(Saturday).
    Jul 12: British 10k London – KeyserSuze, Mr KeyserSuze, Nells. DRAM Dundee Marathon – Meadower. Challenge Roth - Hatter 88. Leeds 10K – Andy W.
    Jul 18: Dorset Invader – KeyserSuze. Musselburgh 10k – Meadower.
    Jul 19: Olympic Park 10k – Jellybum, Jimbob, LloydR, Nells, Radar Sal, Running Rodent.
    Jul 20: Meadower's birthday.
    Jul 26: Lunar-tic Marathon – Sunnysider Phil. Outlaw Ironman – Chunktfg.
    Jul 28: ATM's birthday.
    Jul 30: Tinkerbel's birthday.
    Aug 2: Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells. Ride London – Sunnysider Phil.
    Aug 4: Uisge Jo's birthday.
    Aug 8: HELP Half Marathon – Meadower.
    Aug 11: Boyska's birthday.
    Aug 18: Andy W’s birthday.
    Aug 22-23: Bad Cow Double – Heroine in a Half-Shell, Thisisnatty (Saturday only?).
    Aug 30: Severn Bridge half – HeatherS, Minniemonster. Shaken not Stirred – Thisisnatty. Trail Larroque 10K – Onetit.
    Aug 31: Cakeathon - Thisisnatty.
    Sep 4: Benign Murmurring's birthday.
    Sep 6: Bridgwater Half - Heroine in a Half-Shell. Chippenham Half – HeatherS. Kenilworth Half – Mattleydon, Orapidrun. Wetherby 10K – Andy W.
    Sep 8: Elizabeth's birthday.

  • thisisnattythisisnatty ✭✭✭

    Sep 12: Marathon du Medoc – Benign Murmurring. Scotland Coast to Coast - Kaz.
    Sep 13: Great North Run – Andy W, Jimbob, Meadower, Peter Sting Wray. Ironman Wales – Sunnysider Phil. Kilmalcom Half – Eggy.
    Sep 15: Yorkshireman off road Marathon - Dirty Leeds Rob, Suzy Larkin.
    Sep 16: PC's birthday, Mrs O's birthday.
    Sep 20: La Sapaicaine Half – Onetit.
    Sep 27: Berlin Marathon – LloydR, Meadower, Minniemonster, Nells. Paris-Versailles – Running Rodent. Windsor Half – Peter Sting Wray, Radar Sal.
    Oct 6: Onetit's birthday.
    Oct 11: Chicago Marathon – Dannirr, Radar Sal. Oxford Half – Agentpenguin, Kenno, Orapidrun. Royal Parks Half – Jellybum, Nells. Yorkshire Marathon – Andy W.
    Oct 18: Abingdon Marathon – Sunnysider Phil. Amsterdam Marathon – Benignmurmmuring, Betzza, Emmy, Heroine in a Half-Shell, Jellybum, Jimbob, Kenno, KeyserSuze, Mattleydon, Nells, Nodster, Onetit, Orapidrun, Thisisnatty.
    Oct 24: Beachy Head Marathon – Meadower.
    Oct 25: Dublin Marathon - Joanna3. Marine Corps Marathon – Orbutt, Radar Sal.
    Oct 27-29: Three Lakes – Thisisnatty.
    Oct 30: Orapidrun's birthday.
    Nov 1: Marlow Half – Agentpenguin. Men's 10k Edinburgh – Meadower.
    Nov 2: Leeds Rob's birthday.
    Nov 6: Danni's birthday. California International Marathon – Berkeley Runner.
    Nov 7-8: Enigma Fireworks Double – Heroine in a Half-Shell.
    Nov 15: Leeds Abbey Dash 10K – Andy W. St Neots Half – KeyserSuze.
    Nov 25: Jimbob's birthday.
    Nov 25-29: Saxon Shore mischief - Heroine in a Half-Shell (5in5), Thisisnatty (Double).
    Dec 1: James B's birthday.
    Dec 20: Porstmouth Coastal Marathon – RunClaire, Sunnysider Phil.
    Dec 31: TD's birthday.
    Jan 1: Roundman's birthday.
    Jan 3: OO52's birthday.
    Jan 7-10: Dopey Challenge: Heroine in a Half-Shell, Meadower.
    Jan 12: Orbutt's birthday.
    Jan 15: Yer Maj's birthday.
    Jan 19: DV's birthday.
    Feb 10: Emmy's birthday.
    Feb 28: Iain M's birthday.
    Mar 1: Radar Sal's birthday.
    Mar 6: Anglesey Half – Agentpenguin, Nells.
    Mar 8: Jus T's birthday.
    Mar 17-20: Quad @ Enigma Week – Thisisnatty.
    Mar 25: Leggy Mountbatten's birthday.
    Apr 3: Betzza’s Birthday. PARIS MARATHON 2016.
    Apr 10: Kaz's birthday.
    Apr 11: Chris Morgan's birthday.
    Apr 17: Brighton Marathon – Meadower, Thisisnatty.
    Apr 18: Boston – Sunnysider Phil.
    Apr 23: Kirsten Lancs Lass' birthday.
    Apr 24: Picklelily's birthday.
    May 15: Scott W's birthday.
    May 17: Simon Mac's birthday.

  • Phew image .....well done natty !!!



  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭
    Natty. Please put me down for the City of London Mile on June 14th and Florence Marathon on Nov 29th.
  • thisisnattythisisnatty ✭✭✭

    image Gotcha 

    70miles run in the last week. Phewf. Someone pass me a burger...

  • Pistol101Pistol101 ✭✭✭
    Minniemonster wrote (see)

    Hi Pistol101. If I'd seen you on the course I'd definitely have said hello! image It's a good little race isn't it, although seemed a bit too crowded compared to last year. 1 min away from PB even with an injury is still good!

    I only signed up at the minute and didn't think anyone from here was going to be running. Next time.

    It's the first time i've run it but as soon as we were out of Green Park it spread out nicely. If it's anything like the half marathon it's going to get much busier!


  • Wendy DIBBLE wrote (see)

    Did my first 5 mile run on friday for a couple of years it took an hour but i did it...21 more to go!! My weight seems to be going up with this running more that usual?

    Well done Wendy - that must feel like a landmark. But don't worry, there will be plenty more to come. It's early days yet to be worrying about changes in your body. As your training grows in intensity, you'll start to see very noticeable changes in your shape and weight. To begin with as you set out on a running career, change will be slow.

    Your first goal is to get strength into muscles, ligaments/ tendons and bones, so that they can withstand the stresses of the higher intensity training. Once you've toughened up a bit (in that regards), you'll be able to sustain the sort of training that will take you in the direction you are seeking.

    There's plenty of other women on this thread who have undergone such a metamorphosis themselves. I've always been on the lean side, so please ignore anything I say about weight and body fat etc. Just keep making steady progress in the next few months... good luck with that Wendy.

    As for me, still recovering from an excessively hard bike ride on Saturday. My heart rate still hasn't returned to normal yet (am about 7-8 beats over my normal RHR). And anyway, it's raining so I don't need to feel guilty about not exercising yet



  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Wendy. Well done. I still clearly remember the first day that I ran over 10k - as it was the furthest I had ever run. 

    These little landmarks are worth remembering as they are important steps in our journey. 

    Don't worry about weight changes. You are currently scaring the hell out  it and it doesn't know what to do about it - yet. Pretty soon it will get the hang of it and you'll notice changes. 

    BTW - when Tricky says 'lean' he means stick thin. image

  • Hi Wendy. Two things to bear in mind when thinking about weight. If you're literally putting on weight, but your body shape's not changing, or you're getting thinner, it could be that you're losing fat and increasing muscle, which is heavier. The other thing is to be careful not to overdo the rewards after a run. A very rough rule of thumb is that for a person weighing 10 stone, running 1 mile will burn 100 calories. So if you run 4 miles and have a Starbucks muffin at the end, you're going to be eating more than you burn off. Yes, running will speed up your metabolism too, but you still have to be a bit careful.
  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Managed a bit of swimming earlier today; a grand total of 20 lengths of a 25m pool, which felt like an achievement!  

    I've got a physio appointment on Friday to see about my knee - I'm only running races just now as I'm sore after most runs.  Not much, if any, pain during and it fades after a day or so off it, but I don't want to take too many chances until I get it properly looked at.  I've become a weekend-only runner, and I don't like it!

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Meadower - It's better to be safe with something like that. Are you still planning to run Edinburgh?

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