Paris Marathon 2016



  • Thank you for the encouragement and advice. I am actually watching that I don't eat more than I burn but hopefully things will settle. I love that so many of you are super fast and lean but are still so encouraging to us newbies.

    impressed with the swimming meadower... Sounds sensible if boring! Hope the physio is helpful.

  • We were all newbies once Wendy. I think it is mych harder to become a runner than it is to stay being one, so my hat off to you. There are all sorts of emotional, psychological and social hurdles to overcome, not least the expectations of family and friends. But it will be worth it if you persevere.

    Orbutt wrote (see)
    BTW - when Tricky says 'lean' he means stick thin. image

    I've learned to just agree with Orbutt. Sometimes he carries a knife and looks really menacing, in a sweet kind of way. Ask to see his Hannibal-Britney Orbutt pic!



  • Was massively impressed by that TinkerBEL this evening as we went out running together, in between rainstorms. She got close to MHR and I thought she was going to drop her lungs on the pathway. What a girl. Great courage to run so hard.


  • Hi Tricky image ....woohoo well done TinkerBel, go girl !! Sounds like your weather is pretty much the same as here.....we had a lovely hail storm this afternoon too! 

    Hello Wendy great to have you on board you will have a blast image so to avoid disappointment thought I'd better mention that some of us aren't super fast or lean but we do what we can image !!!

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Wendy - super fast and lean? Bwahahahahaha image Nope

    Menacing? Me? 



  • Meadower - you sound like the male version of me!! Sore knee - check! Swimming - check! Limping through races - check!

    Wendy - I dropped weight, gained fitness and accidentally entered many many marathons because of this lot and their encouragement, no one is safe! Let us know how your training is going, we are always interested!
  • I like the idea of 'accidentally' entering many marathons image. I'll have to use that one.

    Suddenly a week and a half has gone past and I've not run a step. I could do with a treadmill at my desk or on the train. Not sure how to squeeze in running around work at the moment. Back to it in June I hope.

  • Just when you think you're safe that photo of Orbutt pops up again

  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭
    Hi Wendy, it sounds like you are building up really well! Almost doubled your previous longest distance.

    Regarding your question about weight and running: I lost about 7.5 stones a couple of years ago through a healthy eating plan (which I still follow as my normal lifestyle now). As soon as I had lost a couple of those stones and had the energy, I started running. I am pretty sure that running helped me reach my goals. I continued to control and lose weight through 10k and half marathon training plans. However one thing I found and am preparing myself for this time with marathon training is that the hunger I felt once the big miles started ramping up was unprecedented! For a couple of days after the 20 mile weekends, I had to give my body a LOT of carbs and protein to quiet all the nagging from my tummy! I found if I didn't replenish in this way, I became very tired. The net effect of this was that, although I didn't gain weight during marathon training, I didn't lose it either. So I am trying to get my last 10lbs off before I start training for the next marathon. Others may not find the monster hunger so much, but it is something to be prepared for and know that it is your body's natural way of making sure it gets what it needs during the hardest parts of marathon training. As Running rodent said above though, make sure you are feeding your body good quality food rather than muffins or cakes etc (which you might fancy more after a long run!) Enjoy the journey!
  • Great photo orbutt!

    Thanks for the advice but I will watch out for accidentally signing up for marathons!! My sons running club were all a certain body shape.... Perhaps that will be me by April... I can dream.

    I will watch my food intake and try to dodge the muffins. You guys should write a book with your advice.
  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭

    Wendy, you mean "Scary photo Orbutt" right?


  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Wendy - I'm pleased that Orbutt didn't scare you away, when you manage to forget about that photo he reposts it ! Washing your eyes in bleach helps.

    Heidi - I presume that's not a typo.  7,5 stone is nearly 50kg. Well done, must have taken a lot of determination. Your local cake shop must have gone out of business when you took control of your health. There are several among us who have lost a lot of weight but you take the biscuit.

    I have a 10K tonight. In the time it has taken Emmy to earn her top, I have done 3 x 10k, 3 x HM and 3 marathons, this will be my 10th race and it's not even 10k, it's 9,5.  The race organisers thought they would be funny this year and have included two nasty hills, ok it's not Comrades but many are going to suffer.  I'll be wearing my Paris top with pride, not the crappy orange one but the magnificent purple one.image

  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭
    Gp for it PC. Get you bling and be proud.
  • Ayoop peeps!... room for a littlun?

    [Pirate pushes way in with elbows out at funny angles]



    bib num 45575 sub 4 green pen, but will probably change to 3:45 on the day if I get chance. It'll be nice to do a mara without a bit of a swim and ride as a warm up image

    Will be there with my daughter, who at 20 will be running her first marathon... can't wait!


    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Nice to see everyone chatting away as always in here, with so much time still to go to the end objective! Good for you on the nearly 10k PC – I hope you enjoy it (not sure if this is ever a possibility, but at least enjoy the endorphins afterwards).

    I’ve been working away on ‘Project Nells’ for the past month to undo some damage done over winter (injury, Christmas, Rome weekend, trip to the States = plummeting fitness and plenty of weight gain). I’m aiming to get as fit as I possibly can for the autumn marathons and shed a few (a lot of) pounds in the process and try and keep up the momentum from that through next winter (has last winter even finished?) so that I have a hope for a half decent run in Paris next year.

    I’ve been really watching what I eat, and getting out to run as much as I can and generally moving about more than I normally would (fitbit count has gone stratospheric!). I logged food and exercise religiously in My Fitness Pal for about a fortnight to get myself in the right frame of mind and am now trying to make it out in the world on my own. Might try to do the logging everything for a week each month just to check I’m not sliding back to the land of 'too many calories in v out'. 7 stone is incredible Heidi! If I make it to my target, I’ll be close to that in total, but spread out over a few years with lots of stops and starts. I’ve managed to drop at least 6 pounds and take two whole minutes off my parkrun time this month to get within reach of my old PB from last year. My only worry is that I’ve got a bit of a sore foot which I’m concerned is going to stop me in my tracks any day soon (might be joining the bad knee club in the pool). Also managed to get a massive splinter in the same foot on Saturday which is so deeply lodged in my foot you can barely see it, but is really *really* annoying and a bit sore. Any tips on persuading splinters out of feet? We’re giving it a week before my other half starts hacking away at it with a needle.

    Doing the parkrun this week, I had in mind our recent mentions of ‘head up’ etc, and whilst having my cup of tea before heading over there I’d read an article posted on Facebook on this very same issue (here if anyone is interested: So when, on the first lap, I got to the big hill that makes me swear and realised I was nearly staring at the ground behind my feet my head was hanging so low, I gave myself a big telling off, looked up and ahead and powered my way to the top. Concentrated on keeping this up all the way round and was a whole minute faster than the week before. Celebrated with a sausage sandwich when I got home.

    If you’ve made it this far into this self indulgent post, thanks for your patience and hope it wasn’t too tedious. I’m not very good at being concise.

    Hello Magna! Welcome in – no need for elbows, we’re quite accommodating and happy to make room for more!

  • Nells - I've been through every excuse in the book not to run today but your post has just inspired me to get out there. Rushes off to get kit on before changes mind....

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Yay - don't think I've ever inspired anyone to run (or anything else for that matter) before Benign Murmurring, unless it was away from me at speed... Get yer trainers on image

  • I didn't run yesterday. I'm not going to run today. I feel a bit wobbly inside (and outside actually, my belly is making a reappearance with the lack of mileage in the last 8 weeks). I can't even be bothered to go swimming because I straightened my hair for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday and as soon as I go in the pool I know i'll be walking round work looking like a scarecrow again! Swimming is all very well but it's just not convenient like running is, there's so much drama involved, I long for my knee to get better so I can just exercise without a load of hassle. And so that I can stop scaring all the customers at work!!!

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    I'm the same with swimming HIAHS, such a faff. There is a good pool two streets away from me, but you have to check the timetable to see when it's open to the public (and even then there's a good chance only half the pool is available as they'll have a coaching session in the other half), remember to take everything with you, have a slight stink of chlorine about you all day and have to share a lane with at least 5 other people all going at different speeds. I used to love it, and went every day Monday to Friday, but was lucky to mostly have a clear lane to swim in every day. Not much chance of finding that round here unless I marry a millionaire.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Ahoy Magna Carter welcome aboard.

    Plenty of room, especially with all of this incredible weight loss going on. 


  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭

    Nells and HIAHS: I am totally with you on the faffage and annoyance of 'what they call' swimming! In theory: calming and zen... allover body toning... amazing cardio work. In practice: always freezing... other people's toenails up your nose... trying not to dwell on the origins of the omnipresent raggy elastoplast which has floated to the bottom of the pool while you swim...

    HIAHS: I really hope your knee feels better soon - what's wrong, do you have a diagnosis? It's horrible having to rest when you want to run!

    PB: Enjoy your 10(ish)k race this evening! Smash it!

    Thank you guys for the kind comments on the weight loss! You would think it was a typo, wouldn't you! It took about 15 months. I had kind of got myself into a pickle with my weight and lifestyle over the years, and thankfully just came across a plan that worked for me and turned life in the right direction again. I'm just totally used to being the new version now.. Heidi Lite. When I think back to 'before' now, it's like I'm thinking about another person. Nells, it sounds like you have had similar results, good on you! And your fitness is improving still! Two minutes off your parkrun and nearly half a stone in a month! Go Project Nells!




  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Eggy - Yeah, I plan to run Edinburgh.  Booking the appointment's my way of taking the knee seriously, same with removing all training in the meantime to give it the rest it no doubt needs.  That said, I'll be along to Victoria parkrun (it's a race, right?) on Saturday if you or any of the rest of the Caledonian Massive fancy a change of scenery?  I won't be sticking around too long, but thougt I'd mention it!

    HIAHS - It's rubbish, isn't it?  Don't our bodies understand we need to run?!

    Nells - Good post up there, and great progress you're making!  Keep it up image

    On the swimming, I don't experience quite the same level of faff - my hair being much less of a concern - but agree on the rest.  I've got a new job next month fairly close to a pool, so I'll try to get out of bed early and go straight there in the hope it's quiet.  I'm a terrible swimmer but still have no patience with other pool users!

    Heidi - Ooft!  Well done on the weight loss, sensational stuff.

    Welcome about Magna Carter - your daughter's chosen the venue for her first wisely!

  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭

    Sorry Magna Carter - Welcome, come in, join in image How cool that your daughter is marathoning with you now.image

  • Hello Magna Carter it's a very friendly place to hang out in here and a great choice for your daughters first marathon image

    BM did you do it? Did you get the trainers on?!!!

    HIAS I actually laughed when I read you wouldn't go swimming because you've straightened your hair! Totally get ya ...high five!!!  I'm also feeling a propper porker as not been doing much due to pulled quad but I'm going to try it out again tomorrow. 

    Nells you put me to shame image

    Heidi you kept that one quiet ..well done that's fantastic image


  • I did my run - it felt good, of course, and now I'm happy.

    Just want to add a WOW! about Heidi's weight loss. Its quite hard to get your head around just how much you've lost. Its really an astounding achievement. And its about health and taking back control and so many positive things.

    Best of luck with your knee Heroine. Are you still going for it in Stockholm?


  • Heidi Barr wrote (see)

    Sorry Magna Carter - Welcome, come in, join in image How cool that your daughter is marathoning with you now.image

    Yeah, that whole 'setting a good example' thing...  makes me feel good about myself! image

    My background is an ex heavy smoker (25 year 40 a day habit) who quit in 2010 as he realised that you only get one  shot, and took up running, which morphed into cycling, and before I knew it, i'd finished an Ironman last year!... I now run 25 to 40 miles a week and cycle around 300 miles a month.... so yep... more pleased to have my daughter along running with me than you can imagine.

    So, thanks for the warm welcome one and all... steady 8 miles banged out this evening to keep the legs turning over until training starts properly with an autumn half in mind

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Super wow to Heidi... And project nell... Very impressive

    how lovely to run with your daughter.. Mine thought about it but it's not really the right time for her to train.

    loving the swimming posts.. I hate all the faffing and I dont even straighten my hair. It's not the same as running.

    nells magnesium sulphate paste can be good covered in a waterproof dressing to encourage the splinter out however don't leave it too long as infections don't clear so well on the feet.

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the splinter tip Wendy - I'll pop round to Boots in the morning and see if they have any. I'm starting to doubt myself that it's there as it's barely visible, but I can feel it when I'm barefoot and it's a bit sore it I poke it!

    Magna Cartrer - that's a really nice way to spend time with your daughter too, it's great to have an extra reason to spend time together and something to obsess about together as well! Good for you for going down the 'live long and prosper' route.

    Thanks for being so nice about my efforts as well - I'm really chuffed at how things have gone so far, but not letting myself get too confident. It's been a quiet month work wise so I've had plenty of time for lots of runs, walking and planning my meals well. Getting a bit busier now though, but I'm really going to try and keep to it, even if it means getting up at 5am (urgh).

    Glad I inspired joy rather than pain BM! I made it to the Sweatshop club run tonight and managed a good fast (for me anyway) 5 miles. I always do better with someone to keep in my sights, and I always try and outrun the two Irish guys who are there most weeks. They both have a really strong accent and I can't understand a word they're saying even before we head off let alone mid-run!

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