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  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Magna Carter - welcome. Must be difficult to run with a wooden leg and a parrot. You can easily change pens at the expo.

    10k. it was good, I made a few mistake including tripping over the same hole as I did last week. Small field so not many people to chase down in the final K especially as most had already finished. It's the start of my Amsterdam training, I'm pleased with my first step.
  • Radar SalRadar Sal ✭✭✭
    Just popping up to say, i love that photo of lector britney aka orbutt.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Meadower - A few of the Massivee will be over at Pollok Park for the parkrun this weekend. You'll fly around Victoria Park. Very fast, fast course.

    Manga Carter - Welcome to the thread.

    PC - Well done on your 10km. Amsterdam training time already!


  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    Well done PC - preparing for AMS already - it seems quite a few people here are seriously targeting Amsterdamage for performance related goals.

    Welcome Magna Carter - argh arrrrgh, see how she sails!

    Glad to be free of marathon training right now, as much as I enjoy it, was a long slog over the winter and then with Paris and VLM left me a bit tired to say the least. Over that now and have a bit more spring in step, done a few short races with pleasing results, tiny tiny 3s 10k PB and a 68s PB on a hilly local 7k event so all good. Making tentative steps into the world of club running. Looking to push my fitness up a gear through speed work and will get involved with the more social easy runs when possible.

    Long weekend approaches, nice.


  • Orapidrun - The local 7k was a beast! I fully intended to leg it round but literally after the 2k marker I was already thinking 'sod this'!! We should've started together in hindsight, would've been a good run with company!! I'm also quite amused that both my mum and dad are starting to recognise you, people will start to talk! image

    Meadower - Snap! I too am doing a Parkrun on Saturday! And you're running Edinburgh which is the same w/end as Stockholm. You are me, just with shorter 'easier to swim with' hair!! image

    Heidi - Uhhhg! Yes I got it diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and was told that it'd just go when it goes. Problem is that it seems to be not going anywhere, grrr! I've tried my hardest to run just a little bit, but that's not working either really, I'm sluggish, losing fitness literally by the hour and now my knee is taking longer and longer to recover from each run. It is a no-brainer, I need to stop running. I have promised myself that I will stop ..... soon.

    BM - I will line up in Stockholm, I really really want to get round, I don't care about the time I just want to run to the best of my ability, which right now is not a very high standard to set! I don't want to go all the way to Stockholm and then not run, I might as well start. But this morning's run was a real bust, I need to knock the 'training' on the head, it's neither keeping me fit nor helping my knee. When Stockholm is done there will be no 'recovery run' or just going for a little jog to see how the legs are. I'm going to have to rest. Probably for ages.

    I keep telling myself that this is 'not a big deal'. People sit on the sofa for literally their whole lives, I did that right up until Jan 2014, I can do it again! But then I think that maybe I'm just the human equivalent of a shark - they have to keep swimming or they'll die! ...... I hope I'm not a shark though, my poor poor hair!!!




  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    HiaHS - Your schedule has been full on for the last year. Hopefully a short break from running will do you good and see the injury clear up.

  • My problem so far has been that the physio said that resting wouldn't actually make it go away any quicker or slower than not resting. So to me that means that resting is pointless. The problem is that running does actually hurt. A lot. So in that respect resting is ideal! I will rest, I'm running on Sat and Mon and then next Sat in Stockholm, just three runs then I'm a fully paid up member of the injury-bench!!

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    It's always the way. The second you know you have an injury you want to run. Being injured is the ultimate running motivation.

    If it hurts when you run then I think you're right to rest the knee. Do you know what the cause of the pain is?

  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    HIAHS - yes, over the last year there've been a lot crossover of races, always good to your folks there too, clearly your number one supporters! Speaking of which, if you look back over the progress you've made since BUPA10k last year I'd agree with the Egg-ster there you've been going full power since then and made tremendous progress with all aspects of your running. What you've achieved is amazing. Go easy after Stockholm, you won't lose too much fitness and it'll come back quickly when you ramp things up again. Surely the focus for the next phase of your training should be to get that knee sorted.

    Have yet to do a Parkrun....


  • Have you been stalking me on Runbritain Orapidrun!? image image You should probably pop your Parkrun cherry the next time I'm in the Shire!

    And yes, just being injury-free is always the aim isn't it, shouldn't ever take these things for granted. It's supposed to be cartilage issues Eggy, apparently it naturally flakes away and disintegrates, but sometimes it flakes away and swims into somewhere it shouldn't (basically), which is what's happened.  

  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    HIAHS - You're not the only one I'm stalking on runbritain image

  • Oh. For a moment there I thought I was special! image

  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    I wonder if the Stockholm marathon is stalkable?

    Can today go any slower? Very much looking forward to getting home and heading out for an Easy5m later this evening. Best thing about running is an easy run on a warm evening.......followed by a beer.


  • The rhubarb Bellini is my post-run tipple of choice this evening image

  • Ooh sounds delicious and must be good for training!

  • Moan groan moan groan. Feel yuck. Think I trashed my immune system on Saturday's 'ride of doom'. Hardly been out the house this week to exercise or do anything. Sat on my backside doing a really dull consultancy job, that is erm, really dull. And I won't get paid for it for months yet.

    How I'd love to go out for a long, fast run in the morning. But it ain't gonna' happen. So I'll just have to remember one instead. And try to imagine myself better.


    Maybe some rhubarb would get me going?!? image

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Eggy - no worries; looking forward to ticking off the 3rd of 4 Glasgow runs.  Sounds promising too.

    HIAHS - haha, twins born at different times separated at our respective births it seems!  

    Orapidrun - the Stockholm stalking doesn't appear to be possible image  I hope this news doesn't take the shine off your nice run this evening!

    Tricky - Eugh, that's rotten.  Hope you're on top form in time to do something silly again at the weekend...presuming you allow yourself the weekend for you (and TinkerBEL!) time.

    And there's always Eurovision on Saturday night...

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    This is the land that invented Volvo, I'm confident they'll have a robust and dependable stalking system on the day. Delving deep into the Stockholm marathon website, I found:


    Intermediate times and the preliminary results will be live during the race on ASICS Stockholm Marathon website (link)

    (No link though, just the word 'link')

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Advice : on his way home, my big toe was attacked by a door frame. Apart from swearing and the sudden pain there was no swelling or anything different I had forgotten about it. I've been running, no discomfort. Occasionally something touches my toe and I have an excruciating pain, a pinching sensation. a broken toe would have swollen, pinched nerve or hairline fracture is caused by repetetive movements. I'm ok but it's annoying, would like to know what it is and if I should do anything.
  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    Good work Nells this intel will be examined further in 8 days time as will the Comrades website.....woah, it's uphill this year.

    Meadower - the run was superb, near perfect conditions. Speaking of superb running, I was watching Orbutt's Paris video again the other day to instigate some registration motivation, you were super speedy through the finish there, well done, and in a most admirable time too. Where to next?

    TD - take care, moaning and groaning permissible in this case, one hell of a bike ride there.

    BM - I had to look up Rhubarb Bellini's, look lovely but 'Old Hooky' won.

  • Radar SalRadar Sal ✭✭✭
    Pc - fractures are very often not accompanied by swelling if there isno soft tissue involvement. If it's a sharp pain with no swelling to xray with you. Better irradiated than broken.
  • PC - Sounds like maybe a nerve thing? Try ice on it and see if that helps.

    TD - you post some pretty hardcore stuff on here, especially the cycling you've been doing recently. Could be that some easy stuff would help you to build up your immune system again (or are you doing that anyway but it's just too dull to tell us about image?).

  • I went running with TinkerBEL on Tuesday RR. 6 something kms. I don't want to say easy because she was full on, max HR etc...

    Given I only tend to run once or twice a week these days to avoid aggravating the Meniscal problem in my knee, I tend to try to make the most of it by going a bit faster or longer. And my bike rides have been really tough recently, just because I am trying to compensate for not doing so much mid-week.

    Am finding it hard to get the work - exercise balance right in the last year or so since I have started my own business. It used to be much more straight forward as an employee: make everyone happy, plenty of time to nip into the woods for a run (office handily located right next door to the forest). But when you work for yourself, nothing is ever done fully. There's always more to be done and so I feel less able to 'skive-off' for a quick run, even though it'd probably be excellent for my concentration etc.

    Mmm... needs some cogitation....

    PC - sorry to hear about your sore toe. A searing pain would suggest something is damaged. It depends how long you experience that pain intensity for. Best is just to try to kep off it for a few days to allow you to work out how frequently the pain is triggered. If broken, 4 weeks of relative rest should see you right but there's not much treatment for fractured toes apart from that.

    Did anyone else feel last night's earthquake in Kent? My top floor apartment on top of a hill near Brussels, certainly was shaking around a bit, enough to wake me up.

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    PC - Could be a fracture. I don't think there's much that can be done with broken/fractured toes. When I broke mine all they told me to do was tape it up to the one next to it!

    TD - That was a killer bike ride. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Meadower - Sorry I won't see you this weekend. Give me a shout when you come through for number 4 and I'll make sure I'm there. I've only done three of the four Glasgow Parkruns myself.


  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Tricky - this is my problem with exercise/training. Being self employed, there's no clocking off, and not even a run commute seeing as my desk is about 20 paces from the bedroom. Last night I finished work at 10pm, starting at 7am but I had a half hour session with my trainer mid morning, and managed to get out for a walk before dinner, and cooking dinner was my other break! Today I'll probably have about 9 hours at my desk, but will aim to get out for a run this evening. Friday night means I don't have any deadlines the next day so can usually finish and forget it by 6pm! And the extra day off this weekend is a bonus as I'll be able have some time to work without any emails to respond to etc (apart from those pesky American clients on Monday, but I'll just give them a cold hard stare and point out it's a holiday). Past month has been much quieter than usual due to the elections here, and it has been really quite lovely, but alas we must eat so I must work. I'm hoping to keep the recent training momentum going though, I'll just have to cut down on things like posting very long comments on running forums or something... image

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Any BUPA 10k ers this Monday - meet-up pre- and post-race is by the 'B' meeting point. Look out for 'Where the Foch' tops and possibly some stool flags. Another tell tale sign you've found the right group is a sighting of Jimbob in his short shorts.


  • Pc- still worth an X-ray so you know the diagnosis . Icing is good but taping one toe to the next is asking for you to fall over and break something else! If it is broken comfortable supportive shoes are best eg trainers.

    What do the where the Foch t shirts look like and do you get them after completing a Paris run?

    I did a 15 mile walk yesterday as I am doing the pink ribbon walk in a couple of weeks at my stage( ie total newbie) does that count as my 3rd run this week ?
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Wendy. The Where the Foch T-Shirts are the official running vest of the Virtual running club, the BCRC. The latest ones are purple. 

    On the front they have six small white symbols, BCRC, a male & female runner, the Eiffel Tower and a stool.

    On the back is the phrase "Where the Foch is the finish?"

    All of this year's have been sold but later this year, in preparation for Paris 2016, orders will be taken. No membership required or inductions necessary. 

    Stick around and you'll see the announcement. 

  • Wendy - I'm picking up hints that you're a nurse, non?

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