Paris Marathon 2016



  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭

    Massive 30 seconds off my parkrun PB this morning ....BOOM!!!

    21:06 (previously 21:36)

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Andy you're on fire. Brilliant. 

  • Orbutt- thanks.. I hesitate to ask but bcrc?

    bm - no not a nurse!

    any views re 15 mile walk counting as my "3rd run" this week?

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Andy - Well done! Good day for smashing parkrun PB's. I knocked 25 seconds off mine, down from 22:31 to 22:06. That also included a pitstop to give someone a hug.

    Wendy - BCRC stands for Bristol Convocations Running Club. It's a virtual running club of Paris runners who've passed through this way over the years. The Bristol references the stool chart, which was a long running joke. Convocations references the document you need to print out and take when collecting your bib for the marathon, but to date even the French speakers amongst us are unsure why that document is called that!

    T-shirts ave been made up as Orbutt explained and a new print run tends to be done every year. It's a good way to identify people from the forum and also helps socially for people to meet up at other local events.

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Well done on the PBs Andy and Eggy! I'm still on my runner's high at the moment but didn't manage to edge closer to my PB today, I was 15 seconds slower than last week but I wasn't quite trying as hard either and did have 'tired legs' from a 7pm run last night so I'm still happy enough with that.

    Wendy - the BCRC shirt will also mean that you'll have more people come up and talk to you during a marathon than you ever thought possible. You might even find a photo of your backside (and the slogan on the shirt) posted on a Spanish blog as well image

  • kennokenno ✭✭✭
    HIAHS I know you've said that you and cycling don't mix but I can highly recommend it as a brilliant way to keep your fitness. I got back into running after many many years of not running at all. I did a load of cycling that year and did 6 weeks of running to train for my first half in years and smashed out a PB. If you don't fancy getting out on the roads, spin classes at your local gym are another alternative and if you feel flush it is worth investing in your own spin bike.

    Good luck in Stockholm.
  • Whiskybob 

    Bib 30776

    Pen Violet


  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭

    Hi list fairy could you please add Silverstone Half marathon for me on 13th March

  • Radar SalRadar Sal ✭✭✭
    For further reading on the Bristol stool chart:

    Can't find anything that explains a convocation as it relates to paris marathon. I don't think they even know why they decided to call it that.
  • Nice PB there Andy-W, well done you.

    Nells - yes, all of what you said about working for yourself. Have been feeling ill all week and have to fly out tonight to Estonia to see a demanding client who just can't make up their minds. I do something structured, they change their minds and dither about. I offer something adaptable and they complain about lack of preparation. Does it seem like I don't want to go...?

    Of course I do. Rent must be paid right!image

    In a week of non-exercise, I've gained 3% body fat (i.e. shed loads of muscle). Argh.


  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Feeling awesome ...21:06 parkrun PB yesterday followed by 20 mile marathon pace run this morning for a 7:54 average .... Bring on that TAPER!!!!!!!!
  • Well done Andy-W- I think that certainly qualifies as awesome image

    Nothing awesome about my weekend in fact it's been wasted ....literally, as a non drinker had a few glasses of wine Friday eve and was unable to do anything yesterday image not ran this morning as friends over for lunch and prep I didn't do yesterday had to be done early this morn, still not feeling 100%.......never again image

  • 20 miles for me today too, last long run of training for my first marathon on 14 June, and my longest run ever.  I didn't feel at the end like I had another 10km left in me, but I'm hoping that's what the taper is designed to achieve?  Looking forward to it - the taper, that is - the marathon is just scary!

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Good stuff Andy & Eggy, that'll put smiles on faces!  

    Not the same level of success for me with my parkrun, but considering I wasn't feeling my best, the run felt slower than it was.  This might be because I lost satellite on my garmin before we started so I just set the watch going.  Springburn virginity to be broken later in the year, Eggy.  I'll let you know when!

    Had the physio on Friday - recommended an anti-inflammatory cream/gel I coincidentally already had, and suggested I avoid training on road surfaces for a couple of weeks, but green light's given to carry on running in general.  Woop!

    TD - I like Estonia...shame about the client.

    Heather - oh dear oh dear.  If it helps any, I'm in a similar boat today after last night, but I can't pretend to be quite as well behaved as you normally!

  • Penny well done.....enjoy the taper madness !!!

    Meadower good news about the knee hopefully will improve over next few weeks image

    Sympathies on the hangover! My hubby was down at the local for a pre lunch pint today and informed me on his return my few glasses on Friday night were actually 2 bottles image eek wonder I was badly !!!


  • Wow, this thread moves on quickly; it seems like there has been some good running going on. 

    PC - sorry to hear about the toe!

    Meadower - Sorry to hear about the knee.  Hopefully if you can keep running you'll be back to speed soon enough.

    Andy W - well done on the PR PB!

    Penny - that is *exactly* what the taper is designed to achieve.  Get you nicely rested and ready for race day

    HIAHS - don't discount the benefits cross training can have.  Post Brighton marathon I've swapped lots of my run sessions for either bike or swims as I prepare for Ironman Wales and they seem to have done me no harm!

    A new assignment at work has seen me placed at an office with a gym for the first time.  Knowing that next week is going to be a cut back week as I'm on holiday I've been taking full advantage and have had two of the toughest weeks of training I've ever had.  There was a weekend 103 mile ride on the bike plus a daily routine which has consisted of weights in the morning, a lunchtime run then evening swim or cycle. 

    I had the Windsor Trail Half Marathon today, I wasn't initially going to do it but was given a free place so thought it rude not to!  Even though I'd not focussed on the training for it and had zero taper I finished in 11th place in 1:28:26 which was only just off my PB of 1:27:07 so I was pretty pleased with that.

    Good luck to anyone doing the BUPA 10k tomorrow or any other races image

  • Joanna3Joanna3 ✭✭

    Hi everyone! Heidi - wow! Bloody hell that's impressive. I just wanted to drop in and say that since I had my first long run since Paris yesterday I tried out the Hammer Perpetuem chewables. I did a 13 mile and took a half a chewable thing at the halfway point. Saliva has literally no effect on these things, you just have to grind it down until it gets small enough to swallow - so my first impression was sort of 'bleugh' *choke*. HOWEVER then I got a text from a running friend saying she was about a mile away if I wanted to run with her, and once I started running I went like I'd swallowed rocket fuel...I gave some to my friend and it made her cry. But...they aren't sweet. So pro's are - they definitely noticeably pep you up, they don't taste sweet, and they contain beetroot, which is nice. Con's: it's a bit like chewing on bits of wall. Will I use again? Yes, because I bought some in every flavour and they're pretty pricey. 

  • Lots of lovely running going on. Oh and a bit of drinking from Heather....

    Sunnysider Phil - that is all very impressive image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Penny71 - where's your marathon.

    Joanna3 - chewable wall? Think I'll give them a miss. I have enough trouble with jellies. I can't run and chew image

    Great running everyone. 

    I can report that I have started running again after a bit of a lay off due to injury. I've now run 5 times, with today being just over 10k. That was my longest run since January 10th, so I'm happy. 

    Three weeks today is the Liverpool half (switched down from the full, as I wouldn't have been ready) - I don't think I'll treat it as a race, just a long run with supporters and medals image

  • Orbutt wrote (see)

    Penny71 - where's your marathon.

    Perth, Western Australia.


  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Bling looks amazing at Liverpool RnR Orbutt (half and full)
  • And Orbutt's back in the game image

    Off to see the BUPA10k runners in London today. Flags will be waved.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Andy - they always do nice heavy bling. I'll get an additional medal for consecutive years. image

  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭
    Orbutt: congratulations on being so amazingly patient waiting for your injury to heal since January. Now you get your rewards woohoo! Must feel great getting out again. You were a fantastic support to the Paris crew this year, I often thought it must have been horrible for you to not not be there! Really happy for you! Go Orbutt!

    Heather: ouch! Get well soon. How is your toe?

    Sounds like people are hitting some cracking running form right now! Well done all. Me and Mr HB have been trundling around hilly woodland in preparation for Bedgebury trailblazer half in a couple of weeks. Gawd I am slower than ever on trail! Nice soundtrack of cuckoos and chiff chaffs at this time of year though.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Orbutt - Great to hear that you're on the road back from your injury.

    Meadower - Let me know when your Springburning. I've not popped my cherry at that one yet!

  • 5 runs and already at 10k.... I am in awe. Good luck with your continued recovery.
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    Yay!  Orbutt is back on the road!  That is very good news.  Now I'm gonna have to go to Washington in October to celebrate that medal

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Heidi - not really that patient, which is why it's taken so long image

    Danni - brill, running or supporting? When do start travelling for Comrades?

    Wendy, I've been using an exercise bike to keep my legs from turning to jelly, although  I can feel the difference after running. 

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