Activity tracker or Fitness tracker

I am thinking I need to get some tech to manage my activities. My interest lies in getting something for 24/7 monitoring of activity, sleep, etc. TBH I have no real idea of what I want just a few wishes on my list of what I want to be able to do so here goes.

I would like sleep monitoring including REM, light/deep sleep and waking (if they had one of those vibrate to wake at the best time to wake up then perfect).

I want to be able to monitor heart rate pretty much at any time complete with recording and uploading to an app via bluetooth. I would like it to be good for activity too (cycling mainly at the moment but running, walking, day to day activities are all important). The HRM needs to be wrist based because I do not want chest straps but accuracy needs to be good enough if not perfect.

I am sure other things like smartwatch functions, sweat/skin temp monitoring have their uses but secondary or even tertiary for my needs.

Watch format that does not look weird if possible.

Finally it is price. think about it as Apple watch is at one end and cheapo Argos tat from homeopathics (or whatever their cheap brand is) at the other end. I kind of want something mid priced or less but with as high end functions as I can get I reckon. I would say if the price is nearer to £200 end of the scale I will be sweating a lot over getting it but if it is say £119 then that is great.

Reckon that is a big ask right now but anyone got any ideas what to get?


  • What will you do with your data ?

    If you want something to record your cycling - use a bike computer or strava on a phone. Also works for running.

    A fitness tracker is just a bit of fluff really. OK for someone wanting to increase their acitivity - but irrelevant to anyone who is training properly.
  • TBH I am looking for something to record the HR to phone apps via Bluetooth but also want to be able to see it on my wrist as the phone is in the rucksack or pannier if on the bike (commuting) so I can not see it if I just get a HR strap like the Socche one that is supposed to be good replacement for the standard chest strap.

    TBH I think I am talking at something between a tracker and a proper HRM (towards the smartwatch end but with good fitness functions.

    Ideal would be something that can act as a chest strap replacement to link in with the phone app (say map my run or strava) but then allows you to see the rate and that way keep in a particular zone for training. At the moment all my old HRM (with the chest belt) have failed big time even my ancient cardiosport one from 15 years ago which was reliable has failed. Mind you I never wore them in the end because I can not get used to the chest strap which I find is temperamental at best and fails to get a signal at worst.

    So perhaps I should say this is a wrist worn HRM (including the monitor part probably optical) with tracker functions included that re-transmits to a smartphone app.

    I am looking at the Charge HR as one potential although wonder if the Microsoft band works too. I like the mio ones too but not sure they are accurate.

    I guess I could use the perceived effort to keep in a zone which I can do if running. For me I find it hard to calibrate my effort whebn cycling hence the monitor is needed.

    Data would be studied on the phone and/or PC later. I am not seriously training just trying to maximize what little time I can get from family duties to maintain and improve fitness so I can do more and enjoy what I do. For me that always means controlling my workout time to get more efficiency out of it. If you know what I mean. Zone workouts for example and recovery workouts rather than just going hell for leather all the time.

  • My Tom Tom has a Mio sensor and the HR is always with in 1 of my Timex Bodylink and the Polar sensor on the gym biked
  • And swim proof too I noticed! Nice bit of kit!
  • 'Twas a Christmas prezzie from TLS
  • Haha I could easily relate to your comments; well I have been using "Misfit" for more than 7 months and in a single sentence, I would say "Awesome" it has never went on blank or any issues arising. Hence I would recommend you to look over that. I'll leave a link for you. :)
  • Fitness-trackers:
    I just wanted to get a general feel for all the different fitness trackers people are currently using and their thoughts on them. I know it all depends on what you're trying to monitor, your budget and how much of a tech person you are. Most fitness trackers don't have it all. Take for instance, some trackers will give attention to HRM (heart rate monitor) accuracy and suck when it comes to step, calorie or sleep monitoring. That's just the way it is. There are a couple of them here you can check up
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  • I'm using an apple watch.... it is ok but you can find better fitness tracker on the market. My GF is using fitbit, it is great and much cheaper.
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