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can anybody tell me if karrimor running shoes are any good now? going to try and get out running again after 10yrs and money is tight not having a job.




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    Hello Stupot and welcome to the forum. Put the kettle on, make yourself a brew, settle down and have a look through these two threads image

    About Sweatshop and Sports Direct

    About Karrimor running shoes


  • more miles are a better option for a low price


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    Also, Aldi and lidl do running shoes that are the same kind of quality but a bit cheaper, albeit they are not available all the time.

    Just remember that there is no actual discont with karrimor. It is owned by SD and it is sold at the price point it deserves/is designed to be sold at. Nowt wrong with them but they are not a bargain either.
  • If you find any more mile shoes you like use MORECLOUD20 in the discount code box for an extra 20% off. 

  • I have never had karrimor running shoes, but had a pair of their casual trainers and a pair of work boots and both fell apart really quickly. The trainers had soles that wore thin in no time and I just used them for walking about town. The work boots uppers split away from the soles. 

    And sports direct "discounts" on karrimor are a joke, the sale price is basically the retail price.

  • I didn't have a good experience with Karrimor running shoes.

    Start Fitness had a decent stock of Li Ning Tracers for fifteen quid a pair. I've put  a couple of hundred miles on a pair and they're still good.

  • TK Max have some Brooks in at the moment

  • Do not buy Karrimor. They are owned by sports direct and the materials used are cheap. I purchased a pair of karrimor D30 trail running shoes. The sole came apart after my 2nd time wearing them. If you go to sports direct outlet, the staff will try and convince you to buy these....my advice stay away... Invest in a pair of asics or new balance...they will last you

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    As above. I bought a pair, would never do so again.

  • At my last local Parkrun I was amazed to see how many people are now wearing Karrimor running shoes.

    I can't see myself ever buying them, but I guess there's a reason Mike Ashley bought Sweatshop and it would appear to be working out nicely for him.

    I hope the shoes aren't so bad they put people off running....

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    Relatives who know I'm a runner often buy me Karrimor kit (not shoes) - presumably in the belief that it's still a reputable and desirable brand.  I really should tell them!

    Having said that, you can't really go wrong with a pair of cheap shorts or a simple running top. 

    I've never had their shoes, but suspect they are overpriced.  If you need to be at the cheap end of the market, you've already been given good advice, I think.

  • Having tried some Crane Premium Running Shoes from Aldi, I wouldn't recommend them.  Only £19.99 but the soles have worn extremely quickly and I am going through the top of the toe box already.  Only had them a couple of months and mostly wear them as casual shoes so not excessive use.  Find some shoes that fit and keep an eye out in sales.

  • I was in Sports Direct at the weekend buying some new running shoes, I knew what I wanted but asked to try them on first anyway, the sales assistant straight away recommended Karrimor to me instead as they were the brand he always uses because of the comfort. 

    Then whilst waiting for him to get my original choice, I overheard another sales assistant recommend Karrimor to someone else using almost the exact same line, this one got a sale and he even managed to sell her some Karrimor socks too (which I do wear).

    That's the thing that annoys me, this women was after advice because she's new to running and all they are interested in is pushing Karrimor on her.

    Anyway, enough of my ranting, back to the original post, I don't know if they are value for money, just don't like the way they are pushed on people.

  • My first pair were Karrimor- should of been £80 but got them half price as they were last seasons. Lasted me about 8-9 months doing 15km per week- after this time the heel tread has worn down a lot. Good for a casual runner in my opinion.

  • the staff will advise them as they are paid bonuses on selling karrimor shoes....like most people they will say anything to make up their paypacket...

    if they suit you and you are happy with them then fine.

    but as said above.they are not £80 shoes.......they are £20 shoes and so as long as you think of them as such then  make your choice...

  • I got conned into karrimor trail running trainers for my muddy run yer they ran okay think that was more to do with the feet that were in them!! These are built for mud I was told!! Was kind of looking for some throw away trainers as I didn't want to wreak my good addidas trainers.. On my muddy run they gave me heal blisters I know wear them on the yard mucking out horses!! They might be built for mud just don't run in them!!
  • Si97 wrote (see)

    My first pair were Karrimor- should of been £80 but got them half price as they were last seasons. Lasted me about 8-9 months doing 15km per week- after this time the heel tread has worn down a lot. Good for a casual runner in my opinion.

    8-9months at 15km isnt very long though. I run around 20-30 miles a week in Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I've had them since xmas and they look brand new. No wear on the tread at all.

    It was shown on the documentary that Sports Direct stock has the "discount" stickers applied at the factory.  Every so often you can go on the Sweatshop website and all the most expensive trainers are Karrimor (£130+). This is so they can claim they were originally that price. Also, the staff get a bonus for each pair they sell.

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    the whole half price thing is a myth, they are always on half price in sports direct.


    I bought a pair of off roaders from karrimor and being fair on them they did a couple of really tough mud runs and they took a pounding, but they lasted about 6 maybe 7 runs, i won't buy them again

  • Mixed feelings on their trainers. I bought a pair of their '£120' reduced to £64.99 and they lasted me a fair amount of time but that said I was new to running and wasn't doing much in the way of mileage. 

    I invested in a pair of Mizuno from Run to Live in Leatherhead and they were fantastic trainers with three half marathons and associated training included. I didn't get a single injury.

    I'm back on a cheaper pair of Karrimor until payday and I did a half marathon last weekend and I have a horrible hip injury as a result. I did a 10k yesterday as a training run, slow and steady - Guess what?? my hip is hurting again.

    My advice, if you are new to running and you're not doing too many miles then they are value for money but you get what you pay for.

    If you are any kind of semi serious runner ...... Don't even consider them.

    Roll on payday!!!

  • I agree with sports direct 'sales'. They're not really sales at all. Who would pay £120 for some karrimor shoes when you can some kayanos at that price.

  • I came on here to look for reviews of karrimor D30 Excel. I normally run in Adidas or Brooks but my local parkrun has a short trail section and after slipping last year I bought some Karrimor D30 Tempo 3 shoes for around £25, I was so impressed by the grip and warmth that I bought a 2nd pair in black and have worn them running and cycling and as a general walking shoe since then. Noticing that the heal was starting to wear I ordered another couple of pairs in garish colours at £18 each but they had none left in my size in black or my preferred colour choice. I decided to treat myself to the Karrimor D30 Excels in black at £35 as I thought I'd seen that they used a waterproofing material like Goretex, I may have imagined this. They are much lighter than the Tempo 3 and very thin mesh uppers which may well rip easily and are also much tighter round the toes despite buying the same shoe size as my Tempo 3s, I'm trying to decide whether to give them a try or return them. It's hard to sift through the reviews when a lot of people refer to "D30 trail shoes" without saying which model they are commenting on and they are very different. I can't go half a size up as I'm in the biggest ladies size - 9 (I wear an 8 in everyday shoes so would recommend going up a size if anyone is considering the tempo 3 - better still try some in a shop first). I'm wondering if the cushioning on the Excels will flatten a bit and  not make them feel so small, I wouldn't have taken a gamble on them if I tried them in a shop but am tempted to as I'll now have to pay postage and traipse off to the post office to return them, I'm pretty sure SD won't let you return online purchases to a local shop like they used to do. I thought some reviews may help me decide but I think i should follow my instincts that these just aren't right and send them back

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    Krappimor by name...
  • If the toe box feels tight just standing in them I would think that it will give you problems running......your only choice would be to try on the mend sizes....they are usually half a size larger.......

  • Thanks, these were a big mistake all round. I thought I was ordering trail shoes and was surprised to receive ordinary running shoes which certainly aren't waterproof. I'd thought I'd done my research before buying but have now realised that there are several versions of the D30 excel, some plain, some trail and a waterproof version coming soon that is allegedly discounted before it's even available for sale. I've since seen a you tube review on how small these come up compared to normal shoe size. I guess that I fell for their marketing scam too as I thought a shoe with such a high rrp would be amazing compared to the tempo 3 at half that price. I knew SD owned karrimor and that their reductions weren't genuine but still found myself comparing the rrps to try and gauge their quality, silly me, at least this mistake will only cost me the return postage 

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    I wouldn't touch their shoes, too much of a risk. There are other brands out there who make far better shoes which will offer much more in the way of protection / support, and have been designed specifically for running. Just because they look like running shoes doesn't mean they are.....

    That said, for moisture-wicking t-shirts, etc., I'm sure they're fine. I have a couple of pairs of very lightweight gloves which I use in colder weather which are really good, better than anything else I've been able to find.

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    Lidl had running shoes in at the moment which are cheaper and worth a go if you are on a budget. Lidl also has amazing customer service, unlike the spurts dereect lot.
  • rodeoflip wrote (see)

    That said, for moisture-wicking t-shirts, etc., I'm sure they're fine. I have a couple of pairs of very lightweight gloves which I use in colder weather which are really good, better than anything else I've been able to find.

    Oh, weird, I had some of their gloves, and I binned them. The fabric was really nasty and "scraped"/caught against itself as your fingers moved, but more annoying is that the build quality was just plain crappy. The stitching and seams were very crude- big clumps of fabric at the fingertips and down the sides of the fingers.

    Used them once, and then chucked them, they were awful. I picked up a pair of Gripgrab running gloves in a sale, the difference is like day and night.

    Since Karrimor is now just another of Mike Ashley's zombie brands now, they're best avoided. Just think of them as "Sportsdirect Value" brand and treat accordingly.

  • Anyone say karrimor running trainers ain’t good there opinion and a few said they have fell apart rubbish I’ve got a pair I’ve had years never a problem good quality uk brand I’ve just bought some new trainers and clothing best brand under armour and the rest all same quality karrimor just cheaper 
  • Karrimor are my 'go to brand' - though not as cheap as I'd like. I specifically like the wider fit. There are certain name brands that are just too slim for my feet - like Nike and Adidas.
    In the sports shops I've been in they haven't sold different trainer widths (only in the shoe shop) so Lonsdale and Karrimor are what I buy.
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