Come on England!

I will be watching in the pub, with all the other expat football hooligans.
Enjoy the game footie fans.


  • Yeah
    Howay the lads!
  • never mind that, Berti broke his duck today. Scotland 2-0 - c'mon!
  • Yes Wakey
    Heary congrats non thumping a side of that stature
  • Hey Barkles, we're top of the group mate. (okay, I know everyone else has played one game whilst we've played two...).
  • Ohmigod we're crap, and im about to run out of gin (1 liter in one week ULP)
    Gonna make tea

    Wakey, what were you saying?
    I'm sure everyone north of the border are sooo pleased for us.

    What a performance!?
  • And it's all gone quiet over there...
  • All gone quiet
  • All gone quiet over there
  • Quite muddy was it not?
  • I thought it was a very well controlled, gritty, professional performance. (!)

    Anyway, 3 points - the result more important than anything else. Bring on Macedonia!

    Yes, very muddy.
  • Muddy?
    What game were you watching?
  • Barkes, Jon, SimonF

    IT's ME!!!!!
  • Hi lovely how's things?
  • If I've just missed you all, then I'm sad. was so touched to see what you all said about me on the addicted thread. just logged in from my sisters place in Oxford. Feeling very wicked - should be being socialble with my blood relative, not being unable to keep away from my virtual friends, lovers and husbands!!
    Missing you all anyway - will be back briefly on Tuesday, and then full-on forumimg Wednesday pm.
  • I do!!!!
    England win, Badge returns unexpectedly, does it get better. I am going for a run in the woood tomorrow, should be GRRRREAT.
  • Oh Barkles
    Am on v posh mac in sister's office
    Tee hee hee
    Have beenregaling sister and husband with tales of forum life, monkeys falling out of windows, and virtual dashes for the line (I then had to suffer - don't go there apalling forums about ILNESS! or Irish jokes - they have noe of our flair and connection!!)
    How are you my lovley?
  • Oh Barkles,
    that wasn't an order, you are so sweet
  • All the better for talking to you, my sweet.
    Been gardening, with a woodland run tomorrow.
    Not long till we meet?!
  • Have a run for me Barkles, I have sore paw - first ever injury. Guess I should be seeking advice on one of those other fora, but would rather have the TLC of my darkside friends.
  • Oh you poor badger.
    I'll kiss it better


    How's that?
  • Barkles, I have to go now.
    Will you give my love to the others, BK, Foxy, Jon and SimonF.
    Have fun Monday, you know I'm with you all in the darkside in spirt (it is my spiritual home after all.......)
    Till soon
  • Adieu my love!


    Reddening cheeks!
  • LDB!!! Lovely to here from you!!!
    We've all been missing you as you can see!
    Wow, what a nice surprise.

  • Shrek check out the footy thread= should make you laugh!
  • Badger has gone, got to go, things to do!
  • Don't forget the tissues!
  • Shrek
    Check out the footy story!!!!
    Forum thread.
  • Hmm we were still crap
    Dont rate that owen at all
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