Come on England!



  • We picked up in the second half, but crikey - what a shambles in the first! Shocking!
  • Blame the pitch
  • We WONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • okay we did, but it was hardly spectacular!
    And no premiership this week , sigh
  • Well, we had no English commentary here (satallite company cocked up), so that made for a great atmosphere - NOT!
    Not a good game really, but we won. Should have played more of the Spurs team :-)

    Roll on Wednesday!
  • You have to be positive!
    Personally not overly convinced that a lack of Spurs players was the problem!
    Just realised I can't watch the Wednesday game! I've got a ticket to see Wales vs Italy! (What is happening to me?!!)
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