Ankle troubles

I went over on my ankle 6 weeks ago now, whilst out running. It clicked but the pain wasn't too bad and I managed to finish my run. Swelling was minor and no bruising and iced etc. for a few dyas but continued running. But now 6 weeks later still a bit swollen, still no bruising, painful if jar during a run, but otherwise fine running. Have had some cross-friction on it and stretched but somtimes still painful to stretch it and sometimes to walk. Bizarre. Assume its just a twist/sprain. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar thing.


  • Sounds like a chronic problem. Cross frictions may be most suitable way to stir up the inflammation (return to the acute phase) and sort out the healing process. Also, focus on strenghtening exercises rather than running for a while (heel raises, lots of one leg standing etc.)
    Good luck (I'm no expert - some people seem to clear these very quickly and others take a few months or even more)
  • dont think you have anything to worry about Mitchie.

    I badly sprained my ankle last July and couldn't run for 6 weeks. Even now 6 months later it's still slightly swollen but doesn't hurt as such. It can feel a little sore at times but my physio has said it may be like that for a long time or even ever. It doesn't affect my running at all. I think the key is, if there is a residual amount of swelling but this doesn't get worse while running you're ok to run.

    As FG says make sure you do strengthening exercises. Good ones are;

    balance on one foot for about 30-60secs at a time.
    once you can do this try doing it with your eyes closed (but make sure you have something to grab onto)
    get a wobble board
    do heel raises on the front of a step.

    All of these strengthen the ankle to reduce the chances of it happening again.

    Oh and make sure you do these on both ankles not just the one you injured so that you build the strength up together.

    I speak through experience but i'm no expert. I'm sure everyone is different so to be sure you may be better off going to see a physio.
  • Thanks Paul and forefeet. No it doesn't seem to get worse and sports physio reckoned it was better to keep it mobile by running. I'll keep going with the exercises then. Just worse when ground is frozen etc. Have had cross-friction every 2 weeks since, fingers crossed hey.
  • learn to do cross frictions yourself - couple of times a day (easier with uncrossed fingers!)
    IMHO cross frictions (and several other forms of therapy) are best done to self.

    FG (chartered physio - but not a good one)
  • Cheers FG will try.
  • sorry, what are cross frictons?
  • Deep tissue massage that causes friction across the muscle/tendon/ligament. It helps the healing process and removes scar tissue, can be extremely painful though.
  • ah, ok.

    i'm doing that as well. thats good as i was wondering if there was some treatment that i didn't know about.

    i deep massage the ankle probably every other day.
  • Does anyone have any instructions for correct ankle massage/cross frictions.

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