Newbie at ultra running


i would like to do an ulra 35-50 miles in kent Sussex any suggestions. 

what do people eat whilst running?



  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    There are a few sites with lists if you hunt around, for example


    eat whatever works for you image test and test again. personally I find savouries work best, certainly early on then maybe sugary sweet later on. I have things like sausage rolls and chicken nuggets, and pepperami. 

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Most folk eat "real food" , although a few use gels.

    I think the best thing is to go with real food to start with- think of what you'd like at the end of a marathon- that's the logical thing to be eating after about 20 miles, as far as I can see- I go for flapjacks and percy pigs ( or Clif bar and shotblocks/ honey stinger sweets) to start with, then add in crsips/ chocolate milk after about 20 miles.

    Eventually you might need to revert to gels if you gut decides it's had enough, but usually you are going slowly enough to manage to eat properly.

    Soem people eat the strangest things- cold pizza, pepperami, fish n chips, etc- you really need to try out a few things on a very long run, and see how it goes, but be aware that late in the race, anything can happen!

    At most ultras there is either a drop bag system, and when people go through, they leave behing whatever was not needed from their drop bags on a table, which you can just grab stuff from- so if you have a sudden craving, you might find something that suits you on the table.

  • Eat...I think it does depend on the distance and your speed....I am slow so will always go for real food....

    Slices and biscuits...I also have sweets...,

    Crisps and peanuts always goes down well as does chips and sandwiches


    Its a  personal thing

  • There is a 50 mile ultra at Bewl water June 27th.  I think it's a 4 lap run around the lake.

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    Another great site for finding ultras worldwide.

    I'll eat just about anything when running - generally "real food", little and often is the key, approx 300 calories/hour works for me - split into 100 cals / 20 mins or 150 cals / 30 mins, That's a gel, couple of Jaffa Cakes, mini pork pie, handful of peanut M&Ms, half a flapjack etc - you get the idea!


  • THe 50 Mile Challenge Recluver, Kent, Sunday 19th July.  Rural laps of just over 6 miles, friendly and low key.  You can leave a drop bag at the start/finish point with whatever you want and there will be nibbles en route.

  • Croydon Ultra - 30 miles, gentle introduction to ultras, 5th July. You pass the start/finish at the half-way point so can leave stuff and stock up there if you want. Second half is mostly flat.

  • Do you all run the whole way?

  • "Walk the uphills" is a well-known ultrarunning strategy. So is e.g. "run ten minutes, walk one" - or whatever ratio works for you.

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