Supporting at FLM

Hi peeps - just to let you know that if you'd like to come along and join us supporters at the London marathon, you'd be extremely welcome. The support point is at Mudchute, a minute's walk away from the DLR station. It's a wonderful day out, and our runners really appreciate it, from the speediest to the slower peeps. More info on the supporters thread in the FLM section - or get in touch with me.


  • Thanks for this, meerkat. Several plodders are in FLM, and I'd like to come and cheer them on.

    <goes off to check supporters' thread>
  • Fab, aiki!! You will be very welcome! Last year I didn't know a soul, but it was a wonderful day and everyone very friendly. I will be there, wearing a meerkat t-shirt.
  • Boing - just to let you know that you will be most welcome to join the support crew at Mudchute. For full details, see here
  • Hi Ultrameerkat, I have had to pull out so will be there. Will be with the kidney research people at mile 17 but will come up to mile 18 and give you all a hand. Am actually looking forward to supporting!!!!
  • well i'm not planning to join you supporting... got better things to do
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