Horrific Running Series


Entry is closing soon for The Omen 66.6 the first race in the horrific running series.  We LOVE the medals and numbers for this one.  


 Check out www.facebook.com/pages/The-Omen-666-Ultra-10k/1514736818791682 for more details.

Later on in Leicestershire we have 100 mile or 100km options in the second race, The Ring 100.  www.facebook.com/thering100

We're finishing up with a 25hr race, The Exercist, in Rutland, which will include solo, pair and teams up to 8.  Camping by the 5/6 mile course at the fabulous Exton Estate is included. www.facebook.com/exercist25 


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  • No worries if you aren't interested.  But that's not really contributing so don't bother next time.  Thanks. 

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    I contributed by reporting it to the mods. Thanks
  • I must admit, I am concerned by the lack of a formal website for these events, and the lack of information about the organizers.  

  • Cheers for actually saying something useful Ben.  Formal website is www.wacky.events but it's very much a work in progress.  We organised the well received Mince Pi - Races of 2 decimal places event at Christmas (a couple of good reviews on here) and have some other races in the pipeline.  Happy to answer any specific concerns.

  • At this stage you need to clarify who the race director is, and the exact nature of the support being provided for participants.  

    I would be happy to help out at any events in the Leicestershire area.  

  • Hi Ben.  Thank you very much for your offer of help, the more the merrier.  

    Race director is me, David Chapman.  The Ring 100 will have regular aid stations, first aid, return shuttle to start for 100km runners, tech t-shirt for all, bespoke medal for finishers.  The Exercist will have regular aid stations, first aid, camping by the course, tech t-shirt for all and bespoke medal for finishers.  

    We had race 1 in the series on Saturday and everyone had a good time.  2nd place runner Lee described it as "A quirky and friendly race that is certainly not for the feint hearted! Frequent aid stations means no worries about hydration and nutrition , and an excellent pre-cursor for those looking to make the next step to 100 mile ultras. Loads of goodies at the end and a free shuttle back to the start was a nice added touch."







  • I live in Mountsorrel, so pretty close to the start/finish.  

    I have done seven 100 milers, and I am a fairly useful checkpoint man.  

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