Shoes for wide feet

I'm looking for a pair of shoes to run on the road for around £30-£40. I've wide feet and would like something cushioned.

Any ideas?


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    Look at sports shoes dot com. There may be something suitable in their sale section.
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    I have wide feet also and find the Brooks GTS Adrenalines 2E great, really comfy. You'll struggle to find them for £30-40 though. Brooks, Asics and NB often have different width shoes.

  • I've found shoes from Mizuno and Brooks to be the best for a wider foot. As 15West says, New Balance pride themselves on offering different widths and many brands will often do a standard and wider fitting version of the same shoe.

  • TEVAS! They have Velcro straps, so they're adjustable, amazing sandals for summer. And there are soooo many designs and colors to choose from. There's something for everyone! I literally wear mine 24/7 in the summer. They are more comfortable than any sandal you can think of, I promise.
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  • 2e soles are what I have. I struggled to find anything priced cheaply. I waited till the new year stock was realised and got some 1080 NB cheaper
  • Why not to search on google for more info. Thank you!
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    Do sports direct sell decent shoes or are they no use?? Im working my way up to doing a marathon and also have wide feet, this is the only shop where I can try them on local.
    How5er - yes they do but the sales assistants know little about running shoes and will try and point you towards buying Karrimor shoes which are their own range and you probably won't get the miles that you need out of a marathon shoe.   I doubt the assistants would even know which shoes are wider fitting.

    Might be worth making a trip to a town/city that does have a decent running shop where you can try on different brands etc and find a good shoe that suits you.  It will be time and money well spent.
  • Brooks
  • How5erHow5er ✭✭
    Cheers folks bought myself a pair of brooks Adrenaline
    I have a wide forefoot and have run in Adrenalines for years, so a good choice.
  • Brooks Adrenaline are a stability shoe and are very firm and may be uncomfortable on foot. Neutral shoes with plenty of cushioning will be more comfortable than firm hard stability shoes. The Adidas Ultra Boost provides comfort and style.
    Sub17 - adidas shoes are generally very narrow and not suitable for wide feet at all.   I haven't found a single adidas model that fits me comfortably and my feet aren't that wide.
  • Can anyone recommend a shoe with more cushioning that the saucony Guides?
    Find the guides fine for shorter distance but for anything over 13 miles I find them a bit hard.
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    I run in Guides and love the cushioning, longest run is 40 miles I think.   

    But for more cushioning you might want to try more neutral shoes that generally have more cushioning.   Hokas have some shoes with lots of cushioning, I've got Cliftons and they are great.  I believe the Brooks Ghost 10 are really well cushioned, they get great reviews.   Saucony must do a neutral well cushioned shoe too.
  • I too am looking for a wide pair - preferably EEEE. I'm not really going to do too much running - maybe 1 or 2 miles once a week. I would prefer minimal cushioning and a thinner sole as i feel too "tall" on some of these shoes. ( For some reason I can't post, so replied to this thread). Any suggestions?
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