Having been training for my first marathon in just over 2 weeks now, I have started to get bruised toes. The bruising occurs either right at the end of the toe or under the toe-nail. I have managed to combat all my other niggling injuries that I picked up:shin splints, etc. But I haven't a clue why this is occuring now!
Can anybody help? My trainers are plenty big enough and not that old!
Cheers for any advice given.


  • Both my big toes are bruised too - I don't know why either?
  • I reckon it's still definitely to do with your shoes, MaS.

    If you'e sure they're big enough (up to two sizes bigger than your normal streetwear?), perhaps the toebox is actually *too* big and your feet are shunting around too much.
  • Have u cut ur toenails recently? If not do this!!
  • Just Jj, Wow, I thought that trainers should only be a size bigger. I take size 10 shoes and have size 11 trainers. If I get size 12, they'll look like barges, but hey, if it stops the bruising then great! I will keep these current shoes for another month or two as they're only 3 months old (still a good few miles left in 'em yet!). Then I'll get measured up for my next ones!Just have to put up with the bruises until then. At least there's no pain!
    Much appreciated for the advice.
  • LML, Toenails trimmed often, or else the wife'll shout!!!!!
    Your shoes may have plenty of room in the toe box but could be too wide for your feet. Your feet therefore slide to the front of the shoe, even though you may not notice it at the time.

    You could try lacing your shoes a different way, I think there's something on this website on that - lock lacing is what you need.

    I solved the problem by switching to New Balance shoes and was able to get the perfect fit as different widths available. I can now run down the steepest hill and my feet stay in place.

    I have also heard of runners putting sheeps wool in the toe box to cushion their toes!!
  • Cheers shades,
    Might try the sheeps wool thing! I am sure it can't do any harm. Until I buy my next pair of trainers anyhow, although I'll be doing that at the end of Feb when I am back in the UK - I work in Spain!!!
    I cannot say I am an expert in the shoe department but having been to a running shop whilst I was back last October, they recommended me a pair of Adidas just for cushioning - they said my feet seemed alright!
    Might also try the switch to New Balance if they do different widths!
    Thanks again, Gareth
    Let me know if the sheep's wool works. I was doing an off road event and saw some runners collecting the wool from the barbed wire, and being nosy I asked what they were doing!!
  • I used to get lots of blisters on the end of my toes. I tried a cushioning thing which helped a bit.

    I've recently bought a pair of NB shoes which have a very square, wide toebox which seems to suit the shape of my feet alot better - though can't remember which ones they are offhand.

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