Hi! I am considering running/cycling to work and want to buy a functional backpack which is waterproof, has a vented/mesh back for ventilation, shoulder and waist/chest straps and can accomodate a change of clothes (incl. shoes) at a reasonable price. Any suggestions??


  • Lowe Alpine - but I'm afraid I can't help with specific model recommendations.

    Perhaps a trip to your local camping store?
  • If you want a relatively large pack you can't go past the Lowe Alpine Contour Event 35. If you want something slightly smaller and want a hydration system included, are doing a bargain Camelbak Rim Runner at about 40 quid which is half price. It's excellent and really comfy
  • I got myself a Berghaus (20l free flow II)from Millets that was under £40. Apparently the branch in Kingston has quite a collection of bags. Took me ages to find one I liked and I spent quite a bit on cheaper ones before I discovered one that was just right. I had ones that made my back sweaty (so get a concurve back), chafed under my arms (being a lady with in places where men don't have them, the straps cut me at funny angles across the chest); rode up my back, jiggles around etc etc. There are good websites to do some homework re prices and styles but the best bet is to go and try one on and see how it fits when you trot around the shop!! My back is also quit e short in proportion to legs so had to check out length too. Bag choosing became quite a mission!!!
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