Inguinal hernia

I' a little inguinal hernia. Finally come to terms with the fact after several weeks of "is it...isn't it?". It's not big, it's not painful, it doesn't show through my clothes or even my swimsuit and it goes back easily. I haven't even decided whether or not to phone my favourite hernia-repair man for advice on Monday or just live with it.

But, thinking 25 steps ahead, if I did have it repaired by keyhole surgery, how long would it take before I could run again? I'd like to time any procedures to avoid disrupting both my job and my planned races. I know how long my patients take off work, but suspect a fair amount of lead-swinging and exaggeration goes on there.

Some of you fellas, or even girls, MUST have personal experience - it's a common problem, after all. Any guidance?

Cheers, V-rap.


  • bad luck girl
    The party line is 6 weeks, but im sure it would be less for a fit and motivated person
  • Yeah, I was hoping to escape the Biblical forty days and forty nights of being unclean and be back on the road in a week or two. I'm tempted just to pretend it's not there (it doesn't feel likely to strangulate in the foreseeable future), but know that it's not going to go away by itself. Think I'll see whether I can sweet-talk the surgeon into fixing it immediately after the Suicide Sixish. That gives me two months to recover (one resting and one training) before Helsby.
  • God its bloody though
    To be a patient AND an injured runner
  • Bloody scary. I've only ever had one operation, and that was...hey, that reminds me - five minutes after a caesarean section the midwife was barking at me to stand up straight, and they seemed to expect me to be fit to look after a baby. This'll be a doddle in comparison. I shall avoid hospital car parking charges by running home straight after my day-case hernia op.
  • As apatient you might get free parking
    And hozzie food, on second thoughts RUN
  • Patients don't get free parking around here. Nor do staff. I do when I visit, but that's because I know a little corner that nobody has drawn a parking bay around yet. This IS the NHS I'm talking about. Won't go private without trying to pull a few strings first.

    Not hanging about for any food. When I had Number 3, the food was so awful that I dragged Mr V-rap, who had just left for work, straight back to take me home. I'm sure it was the threat of curry and soggy sprouts for lunch that made me have Number 4 at home.
  • Dont blame you
    Mind you, the low potassium roast spuds at our hozzie are quite nice
  • Poor V-rap. Have it done, get it over with........ you know it makes sense!
  • take it easy afterwards. the soner the better. i believe the longer you wait and the more excercise you do prior to having the repair, the longer it takes to mend. been there and am only now getting back to the treadmill after 3.5 months. Beware of the key-hole, what i thought was key hole surgery landed up to be a hole for a key to a castle, yeh 10 cm and also OUCH.Oh and have something very light for meals afterwards. i was so goofed after being released from day surgery i never read the recovery instrucions for the first three days and ordered a take out curry from my local curry house. The result....sheer pain.....
    good luck and take it easy, its not worth going thru the pain again. Ok so i haven't given birth...and can't compare but its no fun for a week or two.
  • Didn't even know women had an inguinal canal??? Heck - now you're worrying me!
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