Any Reading Roadrunners out there?

Went to club website and left message to be passed on to Race Secretary but no reply.

Has my application been received? If not I can send another one but want to ensure I'm in the race...


  • There's a Bramley thread on here somewhere which has a couple of RRC runners on it. I sent my application in weeks ago too and don't expect to hear anything from them until mid February.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I'm a Reading Roadrunner. I sent my form off ages ago, and the cheque's been cashed. I don't expect to get my number until next month.

    But if the day draws near and you're still without it, post on the forum and I can ask at the club.
  • Thanks...

  • I too am getting a bit worried. I don't care that the number hasn't arrived yet, but I sent my form off in early December and the cheque hasn't even been cashed yet.

    Muttley, have you got an email address for the person doing the organising?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I haven't, Venom, but I can speak to him at the club.

    But what's the panic? Still five weeks to go.
  • Will get some info tonight for you all at the agm........

    DONT PANIC :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • Cheers guys!
  • Not Entering crappy Reading 1/2 then?
  • Ok guys ref: the Bramley 20/10....

    Cheques are being cashed at bank in blocks of about 300, such a big race in the calander takes a lot of orginisation and is not worth the hassle taking solitary cheques to the bank.

    Number packs will be sent out two weeks prior to race date. As this give the committee time to process all entrants that have managed to get a place, cos being one of the top races in the south just before London its popularity has made the entrance over subscribed in the past couple of years.

    So if your hoping to run this excellent race get your butt in gear and enter now, (not sure how many places have been filled).

    No I am not being payed extra for promoting this prime southern counties race,(little Mo is on the race committee)(no promo, no sex).

    Hope that is enough info, if there are any more Qs I will try to find out, but I cant find out if your in or not Sorry......
  • Cheers Nicko, I'll keep my eye on the bank account and start to panic again if it still hasn't been cashed in a week or two...
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