Whats the best way to start?

Hi all... It's been almost 4 months since I started to excercise on a regular basis. So far I've been brisk walking for about 25 - 30 mins, on average i cover about 3km per day, I feel quiet confident in doing this on a day to day basis but it's not running.

The biggest question is... How do I get into running from here? I guess I need to gain some more confidance and get over this 'Running is hard! Phobia' - I'm sure all those who start running know exactly what i mean... :(

Last week I tried for a short run and found myself to be all outta shape, feeling well and truly unhealthy ...ouch!! >:(

Would it be worth my while getting someone to run with me? If so how?

P.S I live in the Greater Manchester Area nr Disbury...


  • Try interval training. That's how I started.
    Walk/run/walk/run.... Slow and steady wins the race, as they say!

    I used to do 5 mins walk/5 mins run...etc etc.
    Then I started using a HR monitor and ran until my HR reached 75%, walked until it came down to 70%...etc etc

    Now I can run without stopping, but it took me a few months. You'll get there too. Take it steady and don't kill yourself. Run as slowly as you like at first. I'm still not fast, but I'm getting there!

    Hope that helps a bit.
  • My advice would be to set yourself a short course (even if its only round the block)the object being to complete it, how long it takes is irrelevant you may be exhausted when you finish but give a couple more tries then go a bit futher your fitness will be imroving all the time (might not feel like it). Keep up the walking as well on seperate days and you should be able to run easily within a few months.
  • Walk, jog is the way to go Lazarus. As the others say, start with a walk, then do a really slow jog - go slower than you think you can do otherwise you'll be out of breath really quickly. Try the walk for 4 minutes, jog for 1 minutes,then build it up so that you jog for 2 mins, walk for 3, jog for 4 walk for 2 and before you know it, you'll be jogging for 10 minutes and having a 2 or three minute walk, then cutting out the walk all together.
    Do you walk any kids to school? Could you walk then to schooll then jog/walk home?
    If you want a partner for running put another message on the forum headed 'Partner wanted (area)' - you should find someone.
  • It's taken me several months to progress from running for about 5 min at most, to over an hour now. For a long time, I was stuck with walking 3/4 of a 3 mile route. (and cycling 150 miles/week!)

    Tried a 7.5 mile route 2 weeks ago, ran the first 2.6, and walked most of the rest! Seems to have worked, and I ran all the way round this evening. Seems that the first mile or so is harder than the rest, which makes short distances more of a struggle - then it gets easy!

  • Definitely walk/run at first, then build from there. I can appreciate that it's not really gorgeous scenery round here - I live near Levenshulme - but it's quality nontheless when you get going! My route today for example took me down Upper Brook Street to Deansgate and back - it's a new experience when you start running through the city centre, using the roads.

    Try a bit of run/walk, and I might see you at the Manchester Marathon next year ;)
  • Lazarus,

    I'd definitely give the run/walk thing a try. I did it starting in April this year and I was able to do the Great North run last weekend.

    I've not been able to locate the actual schedule I ran to, but the one
    here looks similar.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Lazarus,

    You're not alone - I'm starting off with the walk run method as well. I managed to run more on Saturday than on Sunday, when I managed 5 mins before having to walk, not to mention the bit where I went on the swings. Finding somewhere nice to run is important, I find running round the streets a bit boring - row after row of terraced houses - so I run in the local park. I suppose the main advice is not to expect too much from your body at first, just get it used to running gradually.

  • Hi Lazarus

    I'm just starting with run/walk as well, I am following the programme from this website. I'm very slow but hope to get quicker eventually! I'm just going into the third week of the programme and am finding it very effective.

    I used to do sprints for the local district team at school and loathed the idea of distance running, I associated it with huge levels of pain! However I must say that I am enjoying the work I am doing now and it's not too painful at all.

    I would definitely agree with Raingirl and Psi about finding somewhere nice to run, or at least with interesting things to look at.

    Good luck and I hope it goes well, it doesn't have to be painful!

  • Hi all, It's nice to meet you all :D

    Thanks for all your gr8t advice. 30 mins of brisk walking is as close to running as i get but i hope with your support i'll get more into it - soon!

    From the sounds of it all... I get the feeling that a little bit of walking is OK (in the pass, i'd always thought if walking the lazy mans run... :D Guess i was wrong.

    FYI: i'm 28yrs old and don't have a family yet! I've just left uni, i'm looking for work.
    I do currently workout, i spend about 10mins on a rowing machine... normally after about 5 mins in to it, I cease to feel my arms :)
  • Hi Lazarus,


    I totally concur with the run/walk method of beginning and slowly extending the effort as you start to improve. try to concentrate on working out for a period of
    (20mins or 30mins etc) rather than concentrating on distance and you'll be fine.

    I started walking for 1 minute and jogging for 1 minute 11 weeks ago and last week finished my first 10k and I'm 42. Whilst I have prviously done some running I really did start by jogging and walking. I smile now at how puffed out I was after 20mins on my first day.

    Good luck!

  • Hi all,
    This is the end of my first week on the run/walk programme. I was trying to stick to R5/W15 but find that too rigid so I run/walk then run again after about half a minute of walking. This morning I ran to my mum's house 1.2miles away and only walked for about a minute total. Feel very pious now! Lazarus and Raingirl we seem to be at about the same level so I want to keep hearing about your progress.
  • Snails` pace here using Tryers PC. I will never forget my first 1 mile. I walked most of it and would never have believed that a few months later I could run my 1st 10 k. My breathing was agony after that first walk/run.

    Just don`t be scared to take that first step into jogging. You will find it is not as bad as you seem to anticipate and if you have to walk after 2 mins. it doesn`t matter. The next day you will jog for three without even noticing.

    Take a deep breath and give it a go following all the really good advice everyone else has given here. Good luck.
  • Wow! I think I finally found other people who are in the same situation as me...

    So when is the best time to walk/run? Early morning, afternoon or towards the evening? Or should I just listen to my body and go when I get the urge?

    Currently I try to keep my other training constant... I'm like clockwork. Gym from 6pm - 8pm, 4-5 times a week. Doing some CV at the gym helps me to rest more peacefully... but does this apply for running too?

    I'm one of those people who don't sleep well at night unless i'm totally tired, then i sleep like a log for 6 hours. Then the sunlight wakes me up!
  • Hi DeeplyDippy,

    I'm on my 2nd week of R/W 3xper week. I don't stick to rigid times as I find it hard to run & look at my watch! I've been running until I start to feel out of breath, then walking until I get my breathing to normal again. Even after only 4 half hour sessions I've noticed that I'm able to run more each time.

    Don't know how I'll do at getting out this week as the weather is quite foul - I may have to go to the gym & use the treadmill for a couple of sessions. Luckily there is one that can be programmed to track or outdoor, but somehow staring at myself wobbling about in the mirror isn't nearly as nice as looking at the trees.
  • Anyone know of a friendly running club in the loughton/woodford/chigwell areas of essex?? ! Any ideas where I can look?
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