Manchester Marathon 2016

Does any one know when they release the date? Looking at Man Utd fixtures I reckon theres a good chance this race will be held on 10th April as probably won't be the same day as London Marathon.



  • Yes I would agree with you and with brighton on the 17th the 10th is the only other date left in April. 

  • OMG, just saw this thread and thought here we go again !!!

    Phew maybe I can still relax a little and come back in a few months after the GNR.

  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭
    We are pleased to announce the official date of the 2016 ASICS Greater Manchester

    Marathon is Sunday April 10th
  • doh! sisters 30th that day.... thought it would be..... maybe 2017 for me then

  • a few seems to be 2 weeks.


  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Am in!!

    Afterwatching my wife run so well in Manchester this year and me getting beaten by the wind to within and inch of my life in Brighton felt it is my turn to give Manchester a good go next April!

    Just got Abingdon and Valencia marathons to negotiate in the Autum first, already looking forward to it.

    Hotels seem to be a little harder to come by this year (at least for family rooms) close to the start, so booked that to as only a couple left that I could online.

    Happy running

  • I am in for Manc 2016 too. Hotel booked. Did this in 2014 and hoping to improve on time. Anyone doing an Autumn marathon - I'm doing Chicago!

  • I'll be back again in 2016 for my 4th time.

  • I'm already doing London but i enjoyed this a lot this year so may well go for both. 

  • Just waiting for pay day then i shall be securing my run image

  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭

    JJ has the bug image


  • Hell yeah, remember when I said I will NEVER do another marathon lol.
  • Still not decided whether to come back for another Manchester marathon. Enjoyed this year's but think I will look at another, like the idea of doing different marathons. 

  • This could potentially be my first full marathon, have plenty of half's in the legs and feel it's time to step the endurance up. Shall make the decision in the coming weeks...

  • Alex, it's a good one to start with as the course is very flat.


    Big, me too - After doing it for two years in consecutively I need to move on.  Hamburg on the 17th is all booked and ready to go.  just the 15 weeks' marathon training to get through now...! image

  • Manchester is a great starting place for your first marathon.  I've done it the last 4 years, but will not be on the start line in 2016. I'm avoiding my usual combo of Manchester and London marathons in favour of just doing London. It's about time I put in a decent performance at VLM..........also, I'm considering doing an ultra.
  • Same, alex. I'm about to do half marathon number 6 (of the year - I'd only done one previously back in 2011 before being dogged by injury and misfortune). I need to get that marathon off my bucket list.

    Assuming I'm not lucky in the London ballot, Manchester is a possibility as I have friends up there. I just have to stay injury free until then.

  • UluruUluru ✭✭✭

    I'm considering Manchester as well. Assuming, like you Cal I'm unlucky again for London. It looks like a PB would be possible there and hence a GFA for London next year!

    From what people have said above it looks like accommodation sells out quickly. Have people had problems in the past finding something if they enter this late?

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    does anyone know if mancheter let you transfer your palce to another? I ask because I booked mine a while ago but cannot run this one for non running reasons. So its up for grabs if anyone wants to take it on.

  • Nayan I know if you got a place in London you can defer it? I asked the organisers question myself about being able to cancel and get a refund as it being my sisters 30th (I hadn't entered) on the same day, maybe worth just saying you got into London?

  • Right, I'm in. This will be my first marathon, so I'm crapping it a bit. I have had quite a few years being injured and so forth but this year I've managed six half marathons (will be eight by the end of November) and have managed to knock 10 minutes off my rather modest time between March and now, so I figure it's time. Now I just have to double my distance and stay injury free. image

  • Hi All,

    I'm looking at potentially doing this one next year but don't want to book at the moment due to recent ankle surgery, so won't know if I'm okay to start training until late November / December time? Does anyone know when this one fills up or are there still plenty places at the end of the year? Any info appreciated! Thanks


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Just registered for this. Will be my marathon debut so very much looking forward to the training and race!

    Have run 3 half marathons recently and did a PB in Cardiff on Sunday of 1:15:58 so got no idea how that will convert to the marathon. Sub 3 is the aim/dream but I have only run 17 miles as long run so far so don't know how 20 miles and beyond will feel! 


  • seasmoid, you'll be fine just join up early next year. it will be more expensive though.


    Tom, unless you don't follow a structured plan then sub 3 should be relatively straight forward.

    conservatively speaking double the half and add twenty minutes would give you 2:52. many people work to double plus 15 or 10 minutes.  my first marathon I did it in double plus 12 and slowed down for the last few miles.

    at your pace you could almost jog it around the course in sub 3!!


  • I still haven't paid my entry fee yet. 

    Working on leg strength at present with hills and sprint repeats, then come December it will get some longer base runs in of say 20 to 24km I expect ready for the final 16 week push to increase the distance.

    Welcome to all those that have joined up, if it is anything like last year (my own debut) you will get to know some very nice and helpful people. We had a cracking thread going and everyone helped each other with their training. Give a couple of months and then this place will be buzzing.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    I'm already buzzing at the prospect of training for and racing this. Definately gonna keep me going through the cold dark winter months! Hopefully this thread will be as good as the one you describe from last year Johnimage

  • Thanks for that Pete, I was originally thinking of Barcelona or something else abroad but Manchester a safer shout if all goes wrong and I don't really want to be cancelling flights etc. I might book a "cancellable" room now though from reading the other comments re hotels....

    Tom, based on that half time you will skoosh a sub 3! Especially with your enthusiasm!!!

  • Seamoid, I have done the same for the Hamburg marathon in April with my hotel .

    Tom, last two years we have had a great Manchester marathon thread.  I am not doing Manchester next year but will be around to read/share training stories.

    JJ, ask louise about the benefits of adding a 6 week weights strengthening programme to your routine.



  • I am back in again for Manchester entered on the early bird price! really enjoyed this year. Just done the Nottingham marathon and would recommend with the new course.  One more marathon this year and then that will be four this year. 

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