Manchester Marathon 2016



  • Going to do 13 miles tonight, probably my last long run before starting P&D schedule, got a big night out planned on Saturday, probably the last for some time, so Sunday's long run very unlikely which is probably not a bad thing, will be fresh for the first week, bonus being the first day of the plan is a rest day.

    I agree with orapidrun, I made the mistake last year of running my long runs too fast, just got a bit carried away and ended up with one injury after another. I run about 1:00 to 1:15 minute miles slower than my target race pace now and it actually makes the run much more enjoyable for me as it is much less painful and don;t dread them as much. 

    Tom13, has the pain eased off a bit? Maybe when you fell ready, test it out on a treadmill, at least you can stop straight away if it flairs up. Don't forget ice and ibuprofen if there is any swelling in your rehab. 

    Pete Holt, sorry to hear about the lay off, I used to get chronic shin splints and it took ages to get to the root of the problem, eventually found a really good physio that found that I did not have much flexibility in my ankles, gave me four simple exercises that I do before every run and never had a problem since, this was after 10 years! Sounds like you've got to the root of the problem which is a massive positive.

  • Thanks Northender. I used my HM time, like Ian, because I am a marathon virgin. I tend to do a lot of my runs by feel and it definitely felt as though I was pottering along slowly. If I have to slow down when I get into the 18-20 mile runs then I will.

    I'm doing Hampton Court half in Feb so we'll see what that brings.

  • hi Cal, northender is quite right to be honest. long slow runs should be approx. one minute slower than your 'predicted' race pace.  predicted being based on recent race times (whatever distance that may be).

    as you work into your training programme you can then simulate marathon pace by running the last few miles at marathon pace and the odd long run at steady pace which is 30s slower than your predicted race pace.

    as you are quite early into your programme personally I would concentrate on the slower efforts now and mix it later.  Alternatively run routes that have long sloping hills in them to keep the pace down whilst working the slow twitch muscle fibres at the same time.




  • cheers non-stick, its a frustrating problem that's for sure.  my physios both work with team gb athletes from track athletes, the walking team, to para swimmers so I know I am in good hands.  unfortunately whilst they regularly have kept me running the issue has been persistent and up to know they have failed to get to the exact route cause!!

    fingers crossed we are getting there now!

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    A bit less painful cheers Nonstick but not going to try running on it over next few days. Have a phsio booked for Monday and will start doing strengthening exercises tomorrow.

    Hope the last long run goes well and you have a good night out Satimage

    Still hoping that I can start P&D shcedule next week but that seems highly unlikely at this stageimage


  • Very windy 13 miles and very slow, anything else this week will likely be on the treadmill as low impact and want to be fresh starting next week.

    Tom13, don't forget day 1 is a rest day and you've done loads of long hard runs so even of you miss a week or two, you'll still be in a good place to slip back into the schedule
  • It'd be fine if it was just cold and still like it could be at this time of year but wind and the RAIN, only managed 13m so far this week, might get to 25 including XC racing on Sunday, maybe. Am sure the rest is a good thing though, a break (reduction in mileage was needed), mileage will start to ramp back up next week.

    How are you getting on Tom13?

    Have a good weekend all.


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for asking Orapidrun but I'm not feeling that great at the moment. I hope the physio can shed some light and give me a bit of confidence and I think I just have to understand that it is going to take some time. No running for the last few days has been very difficult mentally-thinking lots of negative stuff about traing plans missed, losing fitness, not getting back-all starts creeping in. Sounds silly I know- just got to try and be positive!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend running and whatever else you might be up to.

  • Hey guys, been a bit busy over last few days so just catching up.

    Tom keep your positive head on! You have loads of time and are in a great place fitness wise now. The rest may well do you good, don't make same mistakes others (including myself) in training through an injury and not being healthy on start line. Better to be 95% fit and 100% healthy than 100% fit but injured day of the race.

    really interesting reading about the pacing of long runs vs HM times or target MP, I would say if you have minimal or no experience of running a marathon go off of your HM time as no need to put a limit on yourself before you even know what you can do. 

    Been keeping it pretty steady the last week or so nothing long or fast. Did a 19:24 Parkrun on windy and muddy course as part of 9 mile run yesterday without working. just looked at Strava and I am about 150 miles short of 2000 miles for the year! Might have to manufacture about 10 more miles to hit 2000 by the 31st.

  • 1751 for the last 12 months on Garmin (fairly new to Strava), might get to 1870ish by the end of the year....

    XC racing today. Chiltern league will have churned the course up nicely yesterday, Oxon league today!! 8.5k of mud, hills, wind and water. Last time my calves took the best part of a week to get over it, must remember to warm up a bit better today...

    Good advice there JSwizzle, speedy Parkrun too! You'll be right soon enough Tom13, enjoy the rest, don't sweat it.

  • Good luck Orapidrun and everyone else racing today!! Try not to get blown away by Desmond!

  • I'm just running 9.5 miles. Yes, I'll look out for Des. I'm currently toying with the idea of attempting 26.2 marathons in 26.2 days in t summer hols. I'm a teacher. Thoughts? Should chat with Eddie, hey?! The thought just will not go away... image
  • I'd try an ultra first, Ikle.

    10.62 miles today, but it was Streatham Common so it was basically a hill run. First 9 miles were an easy pace (it had to be because of the hills) but I did the last 1.6 at more of a tempo pace to give myself a kick up the arse. Feel fine. Off to the gym shortly.

    Best of luck to this weekend's racers.


  • Yes I've done some ultras....
  • I'm putting off running today... Can you tell?!! image
  • Well run, Cal. I've done my 9 miles by the sea. image aaah Dorset air.
  • Where abouts are you? My parents retired to Poole (although they've both passed on now) so I've done a couple of runs down there.


  • Hey Swanage so not far away at all. Poole is a fab Parkrun, flat n fast huh?!
  • I must admit I've never done a Parkrun. But my local common is getting one next year so I guess it will be soon.

  • They are super fun Imo... image
  • Is anyone struggling with their LSRs?

    I managed 20km today, so say 12.5 miles, i was shattered at the end of it, but took no liquid and only one gel onboard. I am trying to train on limit resources to try to get used to not having them, then come longer training sessions and the race i will feel more of their benefit. Is this a silly idea or not, has anyone else done the same.

    I would welcome some advice on it.

  • I'll take one or two gels on a longer run because I don't eat breakfast (I'm a slow digester, so I get sick if I do) but I didn't take any today. Didn't have water either but that was because the water fountain on the route I did today wasn't working.

  • siren - 18 week plans start today!!! - siren

    A think a gentle recovery run after yesterday's XC would be wise - 33m this week. The gales seem to have dropped off too, finally.


  • JJ8, I definitely wouldn't try to train on limited resources. Take what you need. Lack of nutrition hydration really plays havoc with feeling ok/strong.

  • Just been looking at the route, I did hear it was flat but this looks super flat:

    Looking forward to getting stuck into the plan and start ticking some days off. No running this weekend as had a big night out on Saturday so was good for nothing Sunday, my last big night out now for a while.


  • Hi JJ, you don't need to do your LSRs on limited resources mate.  you do them on low or zero carbs mate. 

    So either have a small breakfast and run two three hours later using water or zero sugar drinks. then once you are happy with that run on empty (carb wise) with plenty of fluids.  It can be tough so take a gel just in case, but try to run through it as your body will adjust over the weeks.  However to simulate race fatigue you'll need to maintain pace.  Thus if your easy pace is 10:30 maintain the 10:30 whilst "bonking". 

    To be effective you'll want to do 2 to 3 hour long runs for your body to truly adjust!!  image but always take on board plenty of fluids.

     do a training block now then do another training block later in the marathon programme then revert to simulation of race day e.g. taking gels as you would on the day, and carb loading the day before.

    running in a low carb state prepares the body for "hitting the wall", as the body does not go into defensive mode to such a drastic extent as it becomes used to transferring to fats.





  • You'll always find plenty who swear by both!
  • Gave up smoking yesterday, although not a heavy smoker but so far so good. Be interesting to see how much improvement it will make. I think it is a 10 mile run with 4 miles at HM pace, could do with an electronic version of the P&D book as do not always have it to hand
  • Well done, Nonstick. I quit just before I turned 30, which is, uh, nearly 20 years ago.

    6 miles (well, 10K) of drizzly tempo today. Satisfactory despite a night of broken sleep.

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