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    With respect to using gels on long runs I stopped about 3 months ago. Still carry water though. First couple of 22 milers were tough but I've done 6 at that distance in the past 10 weeks now and definitely feeling stronger at the end, to the point where in the last couple I've managed to put in 3-4 miles faster towards the end. 

    I'm not completely convinced that it's the lack of gels that's making me stronger at the end though. Could just be that I've had a couple of good months of training. Only done 2 marathons in the past and bonked both times so I'll continue to go without gels until I start to do some race simulation type long runs.

  • Well done Nonstick - I packed it in nearly 5 years ago using Champix (from the Dr's) - worked a treat, never looked back.

    I've got no idea about gels, I don't think they work for me too well except a bit of a kick 20mins after taking one - haven't got gels 'right' yet even after 6 marathons - getting faster though whatever and to within a few minutes of my goal so not too bothered by this aspect of the race. It's more about the volume and quality of training, of that I'm sure. I know there's suggestion to take a gel every 30mins (or more or less?) but I reckon just take them to suit during the race. One thing's for certain, your body won't be synthesising a gel into carbs during a marathon. Two reasons; 1) There isn't time. 2) Your body is too busy supplying legs with blood to run and so the digestive system is one of the first functions to slow down in compensation. At best the gel is sending some sugar to your brain telling it not to shut you down, all your fueling is coming from the days storage before.

    I went to a marathon forum done by the club a few months back. There were some speakers there who ran 2:10-2:15 marathons in the 80's, in days before gels, they put their successes down to some simple key points. With regards to fuelling, one chap (who came 10th in Chicago) said that a large fish and chips at lunchtime the day before washed down with an ale or two in the afternoon was all anyone needed. Take on some water during the race but just enough to quench the thirst. This is of course is anecdotal but it worked for him and all of them 'in those days', what's changed? The billion dollar running industry has changed things and what we perceive to be 'needed' to succeed or complete a marathon, that's all.

    6k pyramid session tonight with the club inc warm up, it's a good session.



  • 18wk programme kicked in today. 9.8m.   We're off...   image

  • A big bag of fruit pastilles is all you need... nothing for the first hour, then just suck on 1 or 2 at a time for the rest of the distance and throw in some fluid occasionally, jobs a goodun.

  • Sounds like the professional view there, thanks Jason image


  • 9 miles with 5 miles at 6:10 pace, was supposed to be 4 miles at HM pace but felt really good, looks like giving up smoking has made a difference after 2 days. Today will be 11 miles slowish.
  • Hi all,

    It's been a while - missed you all! Good to see all the usual suspects still here and hope the training going well for you all! I've had a terrible 3 weeks of working away / being ill / nights out etc etc and basically haven't ran until today since the 18th November!! My plan was supposed to start on the 14th but will have to put back a few weeks to build up slow again. Never mind, as I am the eternal optimist I still believe there is plenty time to get back into it!

    Only managed a 4 mile struggle today so my sub 330 looking ominously non-achievable so going to follow sub 345 times for the first 8 weeks and step up if I feel ready. I've also entered Edinburgh to give me another crack at it if I'm feeling strong!

    Going back now to read all the posts and see what you've all been up to over the last wee while!

    Non-stick - well done from me too as I'm another quitter and haven't smoked for a good 5 years now. The best thing I've ever done - especially as I started at 12 imageimage


  • Won't take you long to get back into it Sesamoid - probably good to take a break before marathon training starts.

    Recovery 4m for me today after smashing out a pyramid session with the club last night. Recovery is recovery and it was slow, like proper slow as a result, done on 70% of HRR.

    All good though, feel much better for it now, although calves still sore from Sunday's XC, would be good if they'd clear before tomorrows tempo run!


  • Thanks Sesamoid, looks to be a few ex smokers on here. Plenty of time to get back into your running, ages yet.

  • My last few runs I've felt mild discomfort in my left heel, not all the time and not after the run, this has been building for a while now and has got progresively worse. Sounds like achillies tendonitis from what I've read, might have to take a few weeks off which is reallly sucks, luckly it sounds mild so hopefully will be a short recovery image
  • Cheers guys, yes will be taking it easy, had another wee 4 1/2 miler this morning, disciplining myself to keep it short and slow but will hammer it on the bike tomorrow to get fitness back up!

    Nonstick, get well, see a good physio to get proper diagnosis (I'm not a fan of internet advice!) and don't smoke!

  • Thanks Sesamoid, still not smoking on day 4 image. Physio is good advice, just finding a good one is the problem, £57 for initial consultation at my local physio so will just rest it for now and see how it goes, might try elliptical trainer instead or bike to keep fitness, done quite a few 17/18 mile runs recently so really my training started a few weeks ago so not too worried unless it drags on into weeks, still a long way to go and plenty of time. Did manage 11 miles last night but got to be sensible now.

  • Try doing some sets of heel drops, nice and slow on the edge of a step.

    I was always plagued by sore Achilles but the one thing that seems to have made a difference is yoga. I had a minor calf tear last year and took up Bikram yoga (that's the hot one) and there's a series of balancing moves in that. Since then it hasn't bothered me at all. If you can find a Bikram studio I'd definitely recommend it but it is pricey.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Evening all.

    I finally saw a physio last night after a week of being out injured and she confirmed a bad case of ITBS. She described my IT band as one of the tightest she had felt in 20 years of treating distance runners! She did lots of work on it and has given me loads of good stretches/strengthening exercises to do. She also reckons I should join a yoga class asap. Sadly, she thinks I should continue not running at all for another 2 weeks-gutted!!

    So, Nonstick (well done on giving up the fags by the way) it might be money well spent fod you to see a physio for an assessment. I would definitely take a few days rest and see how the achilies feels then. Hope it's just a minor niggle. Good luck-I feel your pain!

  • Cal Jones, thanks for the info, I have been trying this and also some static streching. Yoga maybe for me, my physio has mentioned a few times so might need to look into this more seriously.

    Tom13, sound like the IT band was a ticking time bomb, at least you can work on it now, could have been a lot worse if it flared up before the race. I've had the same thing, just some simple streches and it was sorted quite quickly. I will probaly cross train next couple of.weeks, I feel no pain unless I am actually running.
  • As you say, plenty of time Nonstick for you to get recovered and back into it, well done for easing off for now.

    Tom13 good you got a diagnosis - won't be long until you're back into it too, funny old thing itb, it's what helps us stand up straight amongst other things. I went to a physio once who said rolling it is a waste of time but rolling around it on the fascias will do the trick quite quickly esp up the top around the hip and glute. Sounds like you're in good hands though Tom13.

    Threshold run for me this evening, 4m Easy then 4m at HMP, in the dark and a bit rainy, got it done, was harder than I thought it was going to be. Club xmas party tomorrow, doing the draw for VLM16 club place......drum roll....I've got a 34% chance of winning it.


  • A little over 7 miles today incorporating 3 x 1 mile intervals (so warm-up mile, fast mile, recovery mile, fast mile and so forth).

    The three fast miles were 8:21, 8:31 and 8:36, so I definitely got slower, although I definitely made the most effort on the last of those.

    I felt as though I was jogging pretty slowly during the recovery miles but they were actually faster than my long run speed. Average pace was 9:35.

  • orapidrun, good luck on the VLM16 place, I assume you will defer you Manchester place if you get it?

    Well done Cal Jones, sounds like good progress there. Going back to the yoga, my local gym does body balance which has yoga elements amongst others. Was thinking of trying that, really need to work on getting more flexibility, I'm sure most of my historical problems stem from tightness, stretching on it's own does not seem enough unfortunately.

  • No way - Nonstick - Manchester is defo my marathon 'A' race next year. If and I say IF I get London, I'll run it as best as possible (two weeks after Manchester) and use the nearly back-to-back marathons as training to go long for a 100k event in July. I did it this year; Paris then two weeks later London. Ran London 4 mins slower than Paris so it is possible, it was tough but achievable. This set me up really well for my first 100k event so hoping to use this strategy again next year.

    The ballot draw is tonight......


  • Orapidrun, 100k sounds 'fun'!

    I had mega troubles with ITB issues in marathons for years and always ended up having to walk the second half. Problem eventually solved after trying every different kind of shoe, running school, you name it, by wearing Hokas which tipped my foot forward to change form, job done. image
  • Ooh TOTP (Top of the Page) I did single leg squats and rollering for years to no avail... Minimal shoes, maximal shoes!!
  • 100k - state of mind more than a race. I was completing and not competing.... ...ahem...although I did come 267/812.

    It was all about the aid stations, eating and staying on top of hydration. Yes, it took 14.5hrs and it was one hell of a journey but it was amazing. There is walking as well as running but mostly it's jogging, for a long time.

    At an entry level, you'd need to be marathon fit, perhaps done a 30miler (run) in training or preferably as close to a back-to-back marathon as possible would be ideal.


    You'd love it IkleBasielButn - lots of Hoka wearers!

  • Ooh yes, and I'd love to try a double marathon! Thinking of doing that in August...

  • Bollox - I have the cold - again! I'm going to crawl under a rock for the next few days again and hope it goes away! Even more frustrating since I've been munching supposed antioxidant superfoods all week!

    Good luck with the injuries guys, I always think it's better to get them out of the road at the beginning - am hoping these last few weeks will be all I have to contend with illness / injury wise up to Marathon!

    Well done Cal, you seem do be doing really well and good luck orapidrun on the VLM place!

    What are Hokas?!? Never heard of them, will have a wee  look. I also fancy doing an ultra one day, but will see if I can get back to 26 miles comfortably first! I spent months with ITB/shin issues and then changed to POSE and I was miraculously cured!

    Enjoy your running this weekend, I'll hopefully be back out there next week image


  • Sesamoid, unlucky with the cold, hope it stays out of the lungs. What is POSE, do you have any good links? I think my Achilles issue is due to how my glute muscles fire when I run, is it something that could help?

  • Orapidrun I did Country to Capital and came in 10 mins after cutoff. They still let me finish though!!
  • Nonstick - yeah, glutes that don't fire properly can contribute to injuries further down the chain. And as a nation of chronic sitters, most of us have lazy bums.

  • orapidrun wrote (see)

    ...I'll run it as best as possible (two weeks after Manchester) and use the nearly back-to-back marathons as training to go long for a 100k event in July.


    Is that the London 2 Cambridge Challenge?

  • RobPope - Race to the Stones

    I didn't get the VLM place in the club ballot, image never mind.


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