Manchester Marathon 2016



  • I've entered this event following a visit from the Spider-man magazine, decided to give myself the aim of getting GFA; set myself the rather optimistic target of 2.55 but I'd be happy stumbling across the finish line aided by a zimmer frame in 6+ hours, I'm all about post race blingage (and Old Trafford). image

    Have a good day. image
  • Pete, what is this 6 week weights programme? Not heard of this before.

  • Hi JJ,  its strengthening and conditioning work.  quite fatiguing when doing it but the results are good.


  • Just entered this race - it will be my first ever marathon.

    I have only run a single half marathon before, recently, so wanted to "keep things going" and thought id register for this being six months away.

    I ran just inside two hours for my half, so will probably aim for 4 hours 20 mins as a provisional target for my first full marathon.

    Just got to make sure I keep up the training now! Look forward to discussing the build up with you folks. I will try not to be the annoying noob whining on for tips image

  • Best of luck Andy Jackson, 4:20 not a bad target to aim for at all. image

    Have a good day. image
  • Cheers Pete, i have asked LG and will see what she thinks. I could go to sale leisure centre at lunch for something like this and include swimming. £35 a month, it would cost but may be worth it. I found the swimming prior to manchester 2015 very useful. 

    Andy, i am going for 4.15 to 4.30 so we could be following the same pace maker.


  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    Bought my flight tickets for Manchester this week, but haven't booked onto the marathon just yet. I'm planning to get around Dublin first (next weekend).

    It will be my third Manchester Marathon in three years.

    It's perfect for me. Gives me the opportunity to come 'home' from Ireland and see my mum (it's also on her birthday) and it's a great, fast PB course with fantastic support. Word seems to be spreading over here as there's more and more people flying over to do it each year.

    I'm actually thinking of going all out over the winter and going for an aggressive PB and trying to knock 10 or 15 minutes of my last attempt.



  • Hello again Redjeep.

    Were there around 12,000 running last year, but about 9,000 made the start line, or something like that. I expect this number to increase again this year this marathon is really taking off and living in Altrincham where the route runs through you do hear alot more people talking about it these days.

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    Hi again JJ8, it does seem to be gaining ground doesn't it ? It'd be great if it really took off.

    There's a lot of talk about it over here as well.

    Everybody's heard that it's fast with good support, easy and cheap to get to. Best of all - IT'S IN MANCHESTER! (Ok maybe I added the last bit).

  • Andy,  these threads are for asking tips from others.  the problem for you is that you'll get differing takes on things from different runners at differing levels of ability and physical make up.

    my advice is use the search engine on the site and then use the filter function and draw on the articles for your answers/guidance. whatever you decide to I look forward to reading your posts come the winter.

     I'm planning on Sunday the 27 December as my official go day.... when do you guys/girls marathon plans start? 



  • I have my 4th and final marathon if the year in November and then will take it easy for a few weeks and start up again. I have foolishly booked into a 28milet in Feb. It seemed such a good idea!

  • I am already building base stamina, so all my long runs are around 18kms each. But i am running faster than last year and the idea is to build up that distance at the faster speed.

    So running decent now, but official start date will be 20 weeks maybe, at that stage i will start the swimming again.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭
    Don't know the date exactly but I will be starting an 18 week plan from P&D book that arrived today! Not sure how rigidly I'll be able to follow the schedule because it looks-at first glance-to be pretty full on but I'm currently running about 50mpw and building up my stamina base so hopefully will be ready.

    Hope everyone enjoys the training and keep the updates coming.Have a good weekend!
  • Entered this ages ago after running VLM as my first marathon and not being happy with my time.... Also got into London again but I am focussing on Manchester. spectated at Abindon yesterday and can't wait to get down to training image. Got a few things lined up to tide me over until end of December . Pete, my plan starts 20th of December although to be honest I'm half marathon fit now so got a decent base to start from .

  • Hello everybody... I'm back too.  This will be my 6th marathon - and having done it in April, it will be the first time I've repeated a course.  I get the impression that entries will be very significantly up this year.

    Tom13... I guess you've seen the P&D thread.  If not, it's worth jumping on there.  Redjeep... me too with an aspiration to go for an aggressive pb.  My last 4 marathons have fallen between 3:44 and 3:49, so I'm feeling becalmed. I hope I can up my paltry mileage a bit  this time (though family/work commitments are a limitation) but I have no excuse if I don't lose some weight and do some strength / core / co-ordination work, all of which should contribute.

    Hi too to some other familiar and unfamiliar names. 

  • I'll be running my eighth and final half marathon of the year in two and a half weeks, after which I might do a 10K or two but will start building up my longer runs. I aim to do a long run every two to three weeks as I'm 48 and it takes me longer to recover.

    As it's my first half my aim, really, is to a) get to the start line without getting sick or injured and b) get to the finish line without getting sick or injured. I'd hope to get under 4:30 but really, any time under 5 hours is fine by me.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Cheers NorthEnder. Have jumped on P&D thread also.image

  • Hi Northender, here we go again hey lol.

    Hello to everyone else who has joined this thread recently.

    I agree i think entries will be up this year. I still havent paid but will do shortly and will get a car park pass as well early doors to get close to the finish line, i could hardly walk this year due to a muscle strain that i felt when i stopped lol.

    Awesome this year, hoping 2016 will be great and as it is my 2nd Marathon, i now know what i need to do and so can push a little harder to better my PD of 4:57:xx. 

    I expect 4:30 or better this time around.

  • Half an hour off your pb sounds ambitious, but people do achieve that if they put the work in.

    Good luck!


  • defo can be done JJ, McCarthy C knocked nearly an hour off his PB.

    northender good to see you back. image


  • Excellent to see such a good thread so early! First marathon for me since 2012 - would love to go faster than 3:23, trying to go under 1:25 for half before Christmas.

    Def think 30 min PB is possible, John

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭
    Go for the big PB John! 30 mins is doable for sure.
  • Manchester will be my second marathon, Ran 3.59.25 at london this year but am hoping for a sub 3.45 GFA  .... all my other PBs seem to show this should really be possible .... Lets hope !   Cant wait to get stuck into marathon training again image


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Washwood-I feel your excitement! Can't wait to start my 18 week training plan. Actually, need to check what the date will be 18 weeks prior to race day. Anyone know? Save me checking on calendarimage

  • mine is 16 week plan which starts 21 Dec ......

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Right, 7th December it is then-bring it on! Cheers Washwood

  • 16 week plan for me too. but in all reality i'll be cramping it up before then. currently working to 40 miles per week and intend to raise that to around 50 by the beginning of December. 

    Me also getting excited about the thoughts of properly starting my plan.  add that I have a coach this year so hoping for big things come Hamburg on the 17th.




  • All of my marathons have been between 3.27 and 3.37, my 3.27 was in manchester. I am hoping to get the same or slightly better. My problem this year has been about 6weeks before each marathon I have vp come down with some illness the worst being full blown flu and then in the summer tonsillitis. Why do I get these when I rack the miles above 50 per a week. Does anyone else have the same problem.  I write this with the start of a nasty throat with another marathon due in @5weeks. TYPICAL.  

  • I train at 30m a week as a general rule, 1 long run of at least 10m, 1 pace session, 1 5m tempo run a recovery run and then a 5th run of whatever I feel like lol   Marathoon training is samae routine except for higher distances .  I used to get ill before halfs so for marathon in April I made sure I took vitamin supplements and I was ok, to be honest it was more likely I was ok as Id already had full flu in November :/


    Hoping for a good time at Manchester, with 2 halfs in the last 12  months at 1.38.02 and 1.38.07 I should be doing a mara quicker than London ... ??? Will have to see how training goes this time image

  • I'll be starting 7th Dec.  I "follow" the up to 55mile plan in P&D... and always fall well short because of, well, life.  Definitely not due to lack of commitment.

    Even so, I'm trying the pretty lame tactic of increasing my target mileage, in the hope it somehow drags up the milage that I actually achieve.

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