Manchester Marathon 2016



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    Why not go for the 55-70mile P&D plan in that case Northender? Then if you fall a bit(or even someway)image short you will still have increased your mileage. Well, that's the logic(or lack of) behind why I have chosen itimage

  • Hi all, I'm doing Manchester again next year so thought I best pop in and make myself known image

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    Hi Keep Plodding on-you might be able to help me with this-and everyone else who has run this before. Just wondering what type of sports drinks (lucozade?) and gels are provided on course? Cheers image

  • Tom, as far as I can remember, there are regular water stations as well as 3 isotonic stations with 'Myptotein' drinks with the sports bottle cap and a gel station around 19 miles with 'Energels'.

    I am sure a few years ago they were using the cliff shots so must have changed supplier, but I could be getting mixed up with another race.

    I don't know about 2016 though
  • H37 wrote (see)

    All of my marathons have been between 3.27 and 3.37, my 3.27 was in manchester. I am hoping to get the same or slightly better. My problem this year has been about 6weeks before each marathon I have vp come down with some illness the worst being full blown flu and then in the summer tonsillitis. Why do I get these when I rack the miles above 50 per a week. Does anyone else have the same problem.  I write this with the start of a nasty throat with another marathon due in @5weeks. TYPICAL.  

    Hi mate, Are you increasing your calories enough?

    mid morning and mid afternoon small snacks are recommended when increasing mileage and load.

    if it is constant I would have thought it is linked to something you are or are not doing. Natural vit C will help deter the sniffles.

  • Keep Plodding On wrote (see)
    Tom, as far as I can remember, there are regular water stations as well as 3 isotonic stations with 'Myptotein' drinks with the sports bottle cap and a gel station around 19 miles with 'Energels'.

    I am sure a few years ago they were using the cliff shots so must have changed supplier, but I could be getting mixed up with another race.

    I don't know about 2016 though

    you remember correctly keep plodding on. image


  • Ok, I'm in!

    This'll be marathon number 7, never been to Manchester before either!

    Looking forward to getting back into training, did the Amsterdam marathon last week so slowly getting back into it. Need to do my long runs nearer MP so picking up with P&D for this campaign along with as much club running as I can get away with.

    Happy base building!



  • Hey ! Anybody raced this weekend ??  Just curious to know image 

  • Pete - image its not very often I remember anything anymore

    orapidrun - you will enjoy Manchester, lovely run and fantastic support and atmosphere

    washwood - I did a half marathon in Worksop yesterday, but I wouldn't say I raced image

  • Hi all, back again, thought sod it and just entered the thing!! As a tight Scotsman I couldn't bear the thought of paying extra after the cut off time. image

    Will be my 5th Marathon, current PB 3.51, aiming high for a sub 330 (as it may be my last depending on my ankle that hates me!) but won't be too disappointed at sub 345. I'll be happy just to get to the start line though!

    Been looking at the P & D schedules and have one ready but looks tougher than what I'm used to. Currently up to slow 5 miles after second ankle op a couple of months ago so a bit to go yet but building slowly and (trying to be) sensible. I just need something in the calendar so I can look forward to, had to pull out of Nottingham Marathon and GNR this year so been feeling pretty pissed off about things!

    Anyway, looks like a fun thread already so will see you all around!


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    Thanks for info on fuelling KPO and Pete. Might get in touch with organisers at some point to see if it will be same next year. I have never had anything other than a sip of water on any training run or in a race so far but might need something for last few miles! Best to practice beforehand presumably.

    Good to see how lively this thread is already. We are months off but excitement is building fast! image


  • How was the half KPO ?   A 10k for me yesterday, ive been shattered all day !


    Tom, I never drink in a race (even a half I may only have a sip) but for marathon my drinks belt is one of the best things I bought, room for gels or your fuel of choice too.

  • It was a good day washwood, it's one I do every year if I can, but ended up being slow as I have a hip injury which I think is hip bursitis. Finished in 1:45. Which 10K did you do?
  • I did a local Ladies race, Candleford 10k . pretty and friendly got a pb of 43.40 which I wasnt expecting as not a flat course.  keep things ticking over until  marathon training starts image

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Good racing KPO and washwood image

  • Pissing rain + child up all night = no planned run this morning! I'm off to Google a 24 week training plan, just to make sure I can get all the required sessions in image

    Anyone else staying at Hotel Football? I've booked a room as it's very handy but wasn't sure if I'd get away with leaving my car in the hotel car park on race day to save any messing about as I would be checking out before Marathon start? 

  • Race entry purchased, so much for me saying i will never do another marathon !!!


    Here we go again.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    It was always going to happen John! image

  • Does anyone know when you can book car parking at Old Trafford. I did this last year and it was great, but there was no option when booking the race entry that i saw.

  • Hi John - good on you! I'll look forward to your words of wisdom and inspiration over the coming months! Re official car parking you have to do it through the man u website

    Hope that helps you (I had checked it previously before booking the hotel, where I'm hoping I won't get clamped if I just leave my car there!)


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    John, there is a link on the travel part of website which takes you to Man U website for official car park. £10 by the look of it. Probably book myself a space today.

  • Thanks folks,

    I know i booked the car park very late last year infact a couple of weeks before, but this time around i want to be a little ahead of myself.

    As for words of wisdom sesamoid dont look at me, i am a novice, Inspiration, well i can give bags of that from my armchair.

  • shame there is no street parking near by, ten bucks sounds a bit steep imo.


  • Thanks folks, car park booked image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    "Half an hour off your pb sounds ambitious, but people do achieve that if they put the work in.

    Good luck!"

    Only run 2 marathons myself with the first being 3.30.31 in 2011 at Edinburgh then ran 2.34.38 at Leicester last Sunday. I do think if people just try and push beyond what they think their capabilities are then anything is possible. (Barring sub 2 hours)image

    Its all in the head! image

    Going to run Manchester next year myself as its pretty local. (Burnley)

    Course looks like its good for a PB.
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Congratulations on your fantastic performance in Leicester Matt! You gonna go and win Manchester next!image

  • Hi Matt, I agree it is ambitious, but, i only made the marathon last year for the first time and only reached half marathon stage some 6 months before it. I had only been running at that time for 2 years and ran it at 4:57.

    I have been constantly running LSR since then at 18km and not really had any big injury lay offs.Last time i only got to 18km for the first time 6 months before the race.

    As the time was slow (it was a get me round programme) i have alot of time to save. I ran at 7.04 to get the time and my LSR then were at 7.00 to 7.30. Now my LSR are at 6.30 to 6.45 at present.

    I will need to run at 6.26 to get my time.

    If i was running at 3:30 then definately 30 minutes is huge, but so huge at 4:57.

    And of course last time i ran the marathon, this time i will be racing (well racing for my slow speed anyway).


    18km for me this Sunday.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    John, the first couple of lines of my previous post were quotes from somebody else. I can't work out how to use the quote function on an iPad. image

    I don't think your aim is too ambitious which is what I was trying to say. If your long slow runs are only slightly slower than what your target pace is then I think you should revise your target to something lower.

    You use Km paces i presume. My LSRs were between 6.25-6.50 min miling and I ended up running the marathon at 5.54 min miling. Obvioulsy I did run some of my long runs with chunks of efforts at goal marathon pace.
  • Ah yes Matt, i also struggle with quoting on here, so i dont bother hehehe.

    Your certainly much faster than me, and yes i use Km as didnt convert after doing my 10km runs.

    You will get a PB in manchester i am sure, it is a fast course. Good luck with the training.

  • its not ambitious JJ you are in a far better position now than where you were. it sounds a lot but in reality it isn't because your first marathon time was absolutely no where near your full capabilities. hence the room for big improvements.

    you 'll be absolutely fine pal.



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