Manchester Marathon 2016



  • Thanks Pete for your vit c advice I do take some multi vits. I just think i have had an unlucky year, runing around with the kids all the time adds to the pot as well! 

  • Just signed up for Manchester, can't believe I want to put myself through all that pain again!! Training starts on 21 Dec and I would really love to get sub 4, which means I have a lot of work to do. My problem is I'm not a fan of speed work, prefer longer slower runs and I need to lose weight. 

  • Welcome Ogechi.

    A few people starting training on 21st Dec it seems. Are you all base training at this stage, what distances are you starting off with?

    I did an 18km run on Sunday at 20 seconds quicker than Marathon pace and it didn't feel too bad at all.

  • ADVICE PLEASE........

    I'm in again this year after a few years off marathons-  Just running 5 milers at 9 minute mile pace at the moment. up to 30 miles a week 

    I ran 3:31:30 in 2012 what do you think a realistic goal is for next year going to follow P&D training again ???

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Hi Ogechi, welcome aboard!image

    Excellent run yesterday John!image

    Fast Splits-Go for a sub 3:15!!image

    My P&D 18 week plan starts on December 7th. Ran 18 miles yesterday in just over 2 hours. Starting to feel feel stronger at end of long runs which is a good sign! Currently averaging 50 miles a week so in a good position to ramp up in December.

    Bring it on!! image

  • Hi all, hungover today - not good, will need to knock that on the head once the training starts again! Managed 6 miles quite comfortably at the weekend so will go for 7 this weekend....

    JJ - you have to go for it and I think it's possible -  you have the time to train, you have the determination, you'll be racing this one and you have one under your belt already so you know what to expect. Plenty time to reassess things if you feel it getting too much. My first Marathon was 4.27, so have managed to knock 35 minutes off that over 3 (injury blighted!) years. I'm not starting my plan until 14th December so just slowly building it up until then, 3 runs per week max and some spinning / weights thrown in twice a week too currently! I want to be at a decent level before the hard stuff begins though.....

    Hi Ogechi, I am also not a fan of speed work, need to lose some weight and have a dodgy ankle so a lot of work required here too!

    Tom - loving your work image, if I ever get to where you are now at the peak of my training I will be a happy man!!!!

    Off to physio later, hopefully I won't fall asleep on the table!

  • Any excuse for a lie down!!!

  • I need to lose some weight too. I'm not exactly fat but I'm more rhino than gazelle and any pounds I can drop will make running a lot easier. I am hoping to get round in about 4:30 although just finishing the thing would make me happy enough.

    I need to get this last half marathon out of the way and then I can start ramping up the miles. I currently run only twice a week so I need to find some time to fit another run or two in. My body doesn't like running too often, though - it gets pretty grumpy.

  • I just need to lose 1/2 a stone and I'll be more at Marathon weight, I'm not exactly fat either Cal but the last time I had a 6 pack I was 7 years old image The biggest challenge for me at Marathon training time is always the drink and the takeaways!! What 1/2 marathon are you doing? I'm not sure I'll even be able to squeeze one in before Manchester due to the date as there's not many on up here so currently looking at Inverness or Blackpool !?!?!

    Got 6 miles done in the pouring rain this morning at 6am and it felt great!! I can feel the fitness slowly coming back.....

  • I have just joined Sale Leisure Centre gym so i can go swimming and do some cross training at lunchtimes. 

    Good run Sesamoid, getting up and out at that time needs dedication for sure. I have an 8km run tonight as I have an event at the weekend - Mens Health in manchester, basically a tough mudder type event.

    Cal, looks like if your running 4.30 i will see you on the start line.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Nice run sesamoid and at the best time of day in my opinion. image

    I do all my weekly runs between 5 and 7am before work when the roads are nice and quite and I don't loose any family time as they are fast asleep! Just a shame it means running in the dark at this time of year. Was out the door at 5:15 this morning for an easy 13 miles with only a milk float for company! 



  • Crazy people I love my sleep too much. I always run at night mid week and mid afternoon on Sunday's.
  • Sesamoid, I'm doing Thames Meander this Saturday. This will be the eighth and final half marathon of 2015. Prior to that I'd only run one, back in 2011, before a host of injuries and setbacks prevented me from competing. So I went a bit race crazy this year!

    I'm down south so I may do Hampton Court in February but the problem is one of my friends has organised a weekend away on that date. It's not set in stone, though. Feb would be ideal as it allows plenty of time to recover before the marathon.

  • Morning all, all signed up for Manchester and very excited for the race after watching my wife run it this year. 

    Am a week away from my 3rd and final marathon of the year in Valencia, not thinking a PB is on after a tough run in Abingdon 3 weeks ago But hoping to at least get sub 3 for 3rd time this year.

    Cal my wife is signed up for Hampton court in Feb, I am doing Worthing HM the week before if you get a date clash and looking for a flat fast race around then.

    Tom, you are flying!! Look forward to hear about your training as we move forward to Manchester. John I am with you about running at crazy o'clock. Love my 9am runs after school/nursary run.

  • Hi Cal, nice running - you must have some medal haul for this year! Good luck with it, will look forward to hearing all about it next week!

    Yes, I'm with Tom on the early morning runs, I'm always out between 5.30 -6.00 in the morning so I can get my runs in before kids get up, school runs, work etc. It's really the only time I can do it! Once you've been doing it for a wee while though, it just becomes second nature!

    John, I did the TM this year, enjoyed it probably more than I thought I would but think I'm going to stick to running. I definitely didn't train for it and although I managed all the obstacles I was bruised and in pain for a week after!  

    Hi JS, good luck for Valencia, PB or not that is pretty impressive running. I've never been but looks a beautiful city and a nice flat course!

  • Knock knock!! Just done the deed and signed up for the manchester  marathon as my niggle feels on the mend and base miles going upwards! Part of a double assault for GFA qualify time for Boston 2017, lisbon being number 2 in 2016

    Advice needed being an out of townie accommodation wise where's a good spot / area to bed down? city centre hotels a good shout? Cheap areas?

    love crazy o clock too! 5:15 out the door!


    hope to keep tabs on threads

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Looking like this is going be my debut marathon.

    Only started running last March so if I can complete a marathon 13 months after starting then I will be delighted.

    Only done 1 half and took 1:58:50 so be happy with just finishing the full and get a PB regardless.
  • Morning! Having a lurk (as I can't sleep) I'm doing Manchester too can not wait to start proper training again!
  • Welcome new additions to thread.

    Accommodation is mentioned earlier in the thread so have a read through and loads is explained.

    I might set up an accommodation thread and link it actually.
  • Oh god not even ghought about accommodation yet!
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Morning one and all!

    JS-Very impressive running to do 3 sub 3's in a year. What time are you aiming for in Manchester?

    agentpenguin-Yay- The crazy o clock club!! Sets up the day nicely doesn't it?image

    Ian-Marathon debut for me in Manchester also-exciting times ahead!image

    Tigger-Look foward to hearing about the proper training. Are you going to be following a specific plan?

    I was out the door at 5:30 this morning for an 11 mile tempo run avg pace 6:07 minute miles. Very tough session in the wet and windy conditions!!

  • Hey, I'm ill so cleaning the fish tank filter at 3.30 as the buzz was doing my head in!

    I'm aiming for Sub 4, I'm really lucky in 2012 I entered the Asics Competition anyway cut a long story short I met some of my best friends one of them DS is coaching me. This year we took 18mins off my marathon, 18mins off my half, and 25mins off my 20mile race. Iv pb'd in all my races and completed the power of 10 list too! So I feel like we have found my Base line and now the hard work starts! If that makes any sense?!

    Running envy Tom13 I even bought new trainers yesterday and feel like crap and can't get out to wear them ????
  • Tom as it stands will be targeting 2:45-49 in Manchester if all goes to plan and I stay healthy. Ran 2:54 in Abingdon but got ill morning of the race and was probably in 2:48/9 shape. Probably shouldn't have run and been fresh for Valencia but hard to DNS the morning of. That is a monster Tempo session you did!! You will be very high up the field come April! 


    we found some great accommodation last year about 100m from old Trafford and are a little further away in salford quays this time. Wife ran last year and being able to go to toilet 15 mins before race in hotel room made for a stress free start for her.

    Ran Bushy Parkrun this morning, bit wet, windy and slippy so happy to run it at tempo in 18:45. Then jogged over to shop to pick up my new racing shoes ready for next week.


  • I've signed up for it. My first marathon. I'm aiming for sub 4 hours - I can already run 19-20 miles at around 9 minutes/mile so it should be possible with some focused training. I normally only run a couple of times a week so the challenge is going to be committing to four runs every week for four months. I already fear for illnesses and injuries.

  • I know what you mean, System-J. As far as injuries go, get regular (at least monthly) massages. I've managed to keep running the whole year due to that (and yoga) despite being riddled with injuries between 2011 and last year.

    Unfortunately there's not much you can do about catching colds. I'm a primary PE teacher so I get sick two or three times a year thanks to those snotty little darlings. I usually get sick in January and September, so hopefully I'll be OK for April.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Not sure about being very high up the field J Swizzle. It's going to be my marathon debut so will probably set out quite conservatively-possibly 6:20ish pace. Based on your target time we could find ourselves running together-at least for part of the race!

    17 miles on a hilly route through the wind and rain for me this morning.Not very pleasant but felt reasonably strong at the end and all miles in the bank!



  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Some good training going on here. Only 2 weeks since Leicester marathon so just had 3 days off last week and around 60 mile this week despite no longrun. I was the 18 min pacer at my local parkrun yesterday where the weather was horrendous. Really enjoy doing the pacing.

    No real plans until I start my utile up so just a few fell races and XC until the turn of the year. Ill prob do a couple of longer runs (20ish miles) through December and then it'll be a 10 week build up for the big one. image I really should be threatening to run a sub 2.30 but doing it is an entirely different ball game. image
  • xc yesterday in st Helens the course was ridiculous it was like a muddy roller coaster. image

    i'm not built for hills which I guess is the norm for xc, so suppose I can't really grumble....

    thinking positively it should have been a good workout for my spring marathon build up image

  • It's been two weeks now where I have been totally unable to run due to hip pain. What I initially thought would be hip bursitis may well be something else as I would have thought it would at least be starting to feel better.

    Better get booked into the physio this week I guess but it's sooooo frustrating
  • Loads of XC stuff going on here too right now - did a 12m club run yesterday - felt pretty strong and was just quicker than MP overall so all good training.

    10k race at the end of the month and then start on the endurance side of marathon training in early December.

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