Manchester Marathon 2016



  • Nice work on the xc that is a good run.

    I have 13 miles to do on Sunday.
  • Hi all, some nice mileage getting done by a few of you and some impressive running! Bodes well for encouragement once everyone starts getting into the "proper" training".

    I managed to get up to 8 miles at the weekend, still have my niggles so keeping me back slightly psychologically but got to remain positive! No speed work for me at the minute, all slow and steady! Will be going for 9 miles this weekend though, all being well! Still got plenty time before training plan starts.

    Cal, how was the 1/2. hope you got on well image


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    5 months to go!image

  • Thanks for asking, Sesamoid. Very muddy, wet and windy, so I didn't get close to my PB unfortunately - too busy trying not to fall over! I've been resting since then - off to the gym shortly. Then a 10K next weekend. And then I can start increasing my mileage.

  • I'm in, had to defer my place from this years due to one injury after another. All good at the moment, managed a 17 mile run on Sunday which was my longest for some time as had been focusing mostly on 10Ks. Want to get a good for age time for London as failed several times in the ballots. This will be my first marathon so nervous but excited at the same time.

  • P&D training plan peeps (up to 55m) - what kind of weekly mileage are you doing at the moment? Bearing in mind the 18 week plans start early Dec at 36m for the first week.

    Does anyone know how many people do this one, is it busy on the course? I saw a youtube video someone gopro'd, didn't look too bad.


  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Hi Orapidrun,I'm starting the 18 week P&D plan 55-70 on December 7th. Current mileage about 50 so not going to have to ramp up the miles to much-more the intensity by the looks of the schedule.

    Haven't done this one before-or any marathon as this will be my first- but have also seen footage on youtube which looks like there is plenty of space. Others on here will help us out with more info i'm sure as there seem to be many who have run it in the last few years. 

    All the best with the training.image


  • Hi Tom13 - good luck with the training you too - I looked through the 55-70m - I'd really struggle with the volume. First marathon, hey, best of luck!

  • Tom13, doing the same plan as you, would be interesting to compare notes over the weeks leading up
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭
    Hi Nonstick, definitely will be interesting to compare notes. I also will be aiming for a good for age London place. Exciting times ahead! Good luck with the training and well done on that long run. How were you feeling at the end of if?
  • Orapidrun, been just ticking over last few weeks doing about 40-45 miles a week, got my last race of year on Sunday so a little R&R after that then back on it just before Christmas. Will probably run up to a max of 65 miles a week in lead up to Manchester. Am tempted to try a P&D program maybe for Autum next year so interested to hear how you guys find them.


    a very casual 5 miles this morning, 1 more pre race run tomorrow before we fly to Valencia. Carb load started today, which is always interestin. Unfortunately legs haven't 100% recovered from Abingdon (4 weeks ago) so will try and be a bit conservative on Sunday and try not to ruin myself when a PB is probably unlikely.

  • Well done Cal - always a good run if you manage to stay on your feet image  Go get them in the 10K!!

    Orapidrun - I'm going to give the P & D 55 miler a go this time (I would struggle with volume on other plans too), currently aiming high for a sub 330, may revise down to 340 / 345 once training starts once I see how tough going it is. The wheels have always fallen off with me in the last few miles so trying to get pacing right this time rather than going for it and trying to hang on but will see how the training goes. Good to see a few others doing the P & D on this thread too so can compare as Nonstick says. I'm only averaging 18 - 25 miles a week at the moment  though!

    Have fun in Valencia Swizzle, will look forward to hearing about it!


  • Hi J Swizzle and Sesamoid, good to hear you're P&D'ing (or thinking about it) too, this place could become quite motivational I reckon, helping each other through the dark months until April.

    Two sub3 club mates swear by P&D - "just follow it and you'll be fine" - is the message. I'm coming at from a 1:38 (hilly) half and 3:45 marathon in October. I was good in AMS up to 17m - going for 3:30 - couldn't hold on and faded. Still got a 13min pb, 3:44:58 on the watch - (3:45:00 official). So, I know it's there and a sub3:30 is the goal for Manchester, need to work on endurance some more.

    Went out for a 10m GA (General Aerobic) run today keeping HRR at or below 75%, felt pretty good. 75% is a funny old place to be in.... it's not super easy and you're not gunning it either- took a couple of miles to settle and then just kept it steady.

    Averaging around 30-40 mpw at the moment for a 10k race at the end of the month.


  • Hi all, thought I'd say hello and jump on board image

    Always good to nail a flag to the mast so I'll stick my neck out and say I'm aiming for a Sub 3 at Manchester. Only other marathon which was Snowdonia a few weeks back in 3:20 with little volume 15-20 miles a week. HM pb is 1:21.

    Hats off to you all banging out 40+ miles/week my tendons are screaming at the thought of it but going to try and slowly build up to 40 a week.

    Tom - I've tried the P&D plan a few years ago, I like the philosophy but I personally struggle with the volume and I found the intensity even from week 1 to be a bit full on. Didn't make that sub 3 attempt due to lessons learnt was listen to the body and don't be a slave to the schedule.

    Best of luck all !!

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Hi Deano-welcome aboard! That is a cracking time for snowdownia off that volume! Well done.image

    I am also aiming for a sub 3 in Manchester and am fairly confident. With my half pb of 1:15 I am looking to go 2:45 ish if able to convert to the distance. Personally I like the reasonably high weekly mileage-I would probably go insane if I didn't get out 5 days a week! I do take your point though about listening to your body and adapting the schedule accordingly.

    Good luck with building up the miles and staying injury free.image

  • Hi to the other new P&Ders. Sesamoid, orapidrun, Nonstick etc

    orapidrun..  I think the up to 55mile is the most popular P&D plan. And if you're able to do it all, you'll be great on race day.  If it represents a notable step up for you on your previous mileages, then be wise... and miss the odd session.  Same if you're injury prone or one of us oldies!

    I've tried it for the last 3 (or 4?)  marathons but never got close to achieving it all.  Usually about 25-35% down on the prescribed mileages.    I'll be trying it again. Indeed if family/work commitments allow, I've a plan to somewhat exceed it.  In reality, family/work probably will get in the way! But I've got the bit between my teeth so far, with a strong desire to take 10 minutes off last year's 3:44. Currently concentrating on losing my belly, and doing some core and strengthening exercising which I've not done since my first marathon.  A bit erratic on miles at the moment... but quite often above 30.

    Manchester wasn't crowded this year. Probably a bit fuller this time round though but I don't think there will be any issues.

  • Hi NorthEnder - thanks for the intel on P&D and the race itself - nice one. It won't be a massive jump from what I do already in volume but it just looks a bit brutal in some places. Hey if it works - I'm up for it. Hear you on the 'miss a session' - usually pretty motivated on the training front - i read in there if you can stick with 90% of it then you're doing well - we'll see how it pans out. I take the rest part and the strengthening part as 'seriously' as the training - it helps massively and prevents injury so good to do.

    Got the club xc league to juggle too over the winter and a few local races before Manchester which I'd also like to do also e.g. Banbury15 - all good.

    Sounds like we might well be in the same part of the race if you're looking to take 10 mins off 3:44!

    Hi to Nonstick and Deano100 too.


  • Hi all, welcome Deano - good to have you around, always good to have the target I say and impressive timings!! Interesting points re the P & D missing sessions etc, I've always tried to stick to training plans but similar to Northender, work / family get in the road. I'm away all next week which will bite into my base training but not too concerned about that but am away the full week before the Marathon at an expo, which isn't ideal, especially as its always a bit of a piss up!  Will need to practice a lot of mental strength before then!

    Anyway, training plans always look worse on paper I think, if you can drag yourself out the door to do them, it's not so bad. In saying that my week 12 looks particularly brutal image

    Happy running all, I've an easy 9 miles in the morning, hope Abigail's buggered off by then!!!

  • Tom13, bit sore but ok as had done 14 miles previous long run, had the luxury of resting a couple of days, really just making sure I can manage the key sessions once I start the plan. I see your target time is close to mine also, looking to do 2:50 or a bit less but never done a marathon before so who knows, based on a recent half marathon the 2:50 mark should be achievable but anything will be a PB.

    Hi NorthEnder and orapidrun and all the other runners. 

    It's great that so many are doing the P&D plans, there are a few sessions I have questions about, maybe some of you know the answers. Will post them on here when I have time.




  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Looks like there are several similarities in our running progress/goals Nonstick and, as you say, anything will be a pb!image Got an 18 miler planned for Sunday morning but don't like the look of weather forecast saying the wind will be up to 52mphimage

  • Picked up a bit of a cold today, probably best to get it over with now as it has been threatening to for a few days. If I run this weekend then might be on the treadmill, boring but no wind or rain.

    Tom13, my advice is pick a route that is going the same as the wind and get someone to pick you up at the end image

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭
    That's a good idea Nonstick-if only it was possible!

    Thoughts going out to all those involved in the tragic events in Paris- very sad news.

    Happy running to all those braving the elements this weekend!
  • Managed to knock 11 seconds off my 10K PB yesterday, so I can head into marathon training on a good note. Planning my first long run this weekend. Hopefully it won't piss down.

  • Well done Cal Jones - 10k's at this time of year can be hit and miss with the weather. I've got one at the end of the month, Eynsham10k, looking to take a decent chunk off my pb - made big improvements this year since joining a running club.

    Got 11 miles in this weekend (30 for the week), nearly all XC - strong winds didn't help but then running XC isn't really about pace, is it. Ticking over for the while with one medium long run a week and a club speedwork as the quality sessions before P&D kicks in early December.

    Reckon those storms have gone now.


  • Here we go again, will enter when I get paid (£60 sounds a lot more than last few years) for a 4th "appearance" at Manchester

    A few familiar names on here from previous years and lots of new ones plus some serious mileage already image

    My "official" training starts on 30th November but I've been building up my long run of the week since the Warrington Half in September, nice and easy after a series of injuries over the summer

    Off out for 12 miles tonite, hoping to stay dry

    No real goals for Manchester 2016 other than to aim for another sub-4 and enjoy the day as much as last year

    Struggling to find the usual HM during training as Wilmslow HM is the week before Manchester in 2016 and Oulton Park clashes with a family "do". I usually try and do 1 or 2, to keep training "interesting"

    Might do 4 Villages and there's a HM in Blackpool in February, United fixtures permitting

    No doubt I will be a frequent visitor on here in the coming months

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Congrats on the 10k pb Cal- you must be in good shape!image

    Excellent mileage done on the XC orapidrun-and I hope your right about the storms. Did an 18 miler yesterday with several miles into the strongest headwind I have ever run in before- such hard work just to keep moving forward and not very pleasant to say the least! Still, glad I got it done though..image

  • welcome back Robin, but on the goals I'm sure you can stretch that to sub 3:55 mate  image

    done a 17 miler at the week end in a state of low carb.  surprisingly quite easy enough.  will stretch that at the weekend to 18 miles low carb then 18 miles zero carb the week after.



  • Back from very sunny Valencia Marathon, mission complete! 3rd sub 3 of the year 2:58:34 on a great course and city with mountain stage (minus mountains)Tour de France style cheering at points. knew legs had not fully recovered from Abingdon 4 weeks ago so went out a bit slower than in previous races hoping that I might be able to pick it up. Well I couldn't and went into sub 3 preservation mode from about 20 miles (maintain same effort but pace drops). Is always a bit of a mental battle as you see more and more people pulling up injured and exhausted Especially in the sun and about 20 degree heat.

    Highly recommend Valencia and they must be contenders for best expo and post race goody bags!

    Time to reset the body which is creecking a bit foot and ankle issues ongoing since Abingdon. 

  • Well done swizzle. Excellent stuff. Same for you Cal

    Robin.. if you've got any relatives in South-East Wales, there's the Newport HM the week after Oulton Park. Largely flat - a good warm up event.

  • Did 19 miles this weekend, was tough with the weather but enjoying a day off.
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