Manchester Marathon 2016



  • I went out for 13 miles along Blackpool seafront yesterday with the intention of going around 8min/m but the wind behind me was that strong on the way out it was impossible to run at that pace. So i ended up running a faster 1st half and the wind slowed me down a tad in the 2nd. Ended up running 7:20 pace.

    1st 30mile+ week for a while and the legs feel much better for it.

  • Welcome to the Forum Ian5, there looks to be a few first timers, myself included. Not see the shades plan, might take a look but will probably stick to the P&D plan.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Welcome Ian-another first timer like myself. Heard good things about shades plan but will stick to P&D (schedule starts next week) as have bought and read the book. What is your weekly mileage likely to be in the next few months?

    McCarthy C- glad to hear that the wind benefited somebody with their running this weekend! Keep building up those miles and legs will be happier still.image

    Hope this weather improves soon........all this wind and rainimage

  • Yes, I really can't be doing with this wind. Ugh!

    Nonstick - drop Shades a PM and she'll email you the plan. It's based on three runs a week with an optional fourth run so it's marathon newbie/oldie friendly.

    Spin and yoga for me today. I often use spin classes as a recovery session as they're a bit easier on the legs than running, even at an easy pace.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Haven't actually checked the total mileage for each week,will have a look when I get in.

    I like the look at it as I can't really do more than 3 runs a week so needed a low day plan,and it looks very well structured.not too bothered about a finish time,just be happy to finish and see where it takes me,only done 1 HM and just broke 2 hours so if I train properly I'd expect around 4:30,does that sound reasonable?
  • Hi Ian5 - if you're going sub2 for a half, I'd say 4:30 is a pleasant marathon target, you should be fine doing that. Over the weeks try and include a speed session of increasing length - it'll get you fitter and better equipped to maintain some leg speed towards the end of the marathon.

    I hear you Cal Jones - this wind is pretty grim right now - recovery stuff only this week, maybe a GA run if the wind drops off. Superb wind assisted pace there McCarthyC!

    Got out there for a blustery few miles XC today - will do a longish run later in the week to keep it all ticking over, XC racing this Sunday.

    18 weeks starts umm next week!


  • 18 weeks oh god, i am only up to 14 miles, a long long long way to go. I just hope i can make it, because right now i am delighted with my mid week runs, but my LSR are giving me heartache. Mind you my shoes have done 550 miles and have some new ones coming this week.

  • Plenty of time, John!

    Brisk 5.6 miler for me today - average 9:48 minute mile. Felt surprisingly energetic considering I'd had my longest ever run on Sunday. But I did sleep well last night, for once.

  • I'm only up to 7 miles!!
  • Going to do some interval speed training tonight, probably 10K pace, not done any speed work for ages, just been focused on long runs so will see how it goes.

  • Go well Nonstick - are you running with a club or on your own.

    Club session tonight here too - 8x3min sprints with 75s rests, it's a tough one but should be a good setup for XC racing on Sunday.

    If you're at 14m now John there's loads of time - pb smash for you in April I reckon.

    Any other Brooks fans? The GTS 16's just got released.......


  • orapidrun. on my own unfortunately, wanted to join a local club but get back from work too late, commute from Reading to Central London so normally get back around 8pm most days image

    I am a fan of Brooks, must have just missed the GTS 16 as got GTS 15s about 2 weeks ago, still breaking them in.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Hope you have good speedy sessions Nonstick and Orapidrun!

    Had planned some speedwork myself for this morning but weather was still crappy so shelved it and just did 11 miles @ 6:30 avg. Mile pace.

    Weather a bit better now so will do some quicker stuff during 14 miler tomorrow first thing.

  • good running tom 11 miles at that pace is pretty good, well at least compare to me.

    I half envy you club runners, it must be easier to run with people rather than going solo. Luckily have my own thread in the training section which keeps me motivated. Nonstick well done for keeping going on your own.

    Good to see we are in the tradition of keeping this thread near the top already. It is going well and over the next few months i am sure we will all encourage each other.

    I use Saucony Omni 13s, they have released the 14s but not tried them. I did manage to get a pair of obsolete ones for £50 though, my first pair were £125. have some great prices.

  • I ran on my own for two and a half years. Made some progress over a few marathons and halves, made no progress with 10k. Joined a club in May this year and have since taken 15 mins off my marathon time (Amsterdam), 7mins off Half-M time (kenilworth - hilly, can't wait to have a crack at a flat one in Wokingham next year!) and on Sunday took 2mins and a bit of change off my 10k pb (Eynsham, in pretty grim conditions).

    I'd advise any runner who's into it to join a local club, not only will you meet a whole bunch of people into what you're into but your running is bound to improve with regular training.

    Tonight's speed session was a breakthrough - 8x3mins wi 75s rests - averaged out the sprints to 6:30m/m pace - all were within a few seconds of each other - progress being made, really pleased with that session especially after Sunday's 10k.


  • Cal Jones wrote (see)

    Well done everyone, especially Orapidrun.

    Northender - according to the Runners World calculator, that's roughly how fast I should be doing my long runs. I just kept it at a comfortable pace. Quite a few of the miles were 11+ but it averaged out due to a couple of faster downhill bits.

    And yes, 4:30 seems reasonable but as it's my first marathon, I'm really just happy to get around.

    I'm looking at the Shades marathon training plan although I'm ahead of the curve at the moment due to all the half marathons I've done this year.


    Hi Cal

    You averaged 10:50... taking account of both up and downhill bits.   I just plugged a 4:30 marathon into the runnersworld training pace calculator, and it recommended long run pace to be 11:28 - 12:52 min/mile



  • I based it off my half marathon time (2:02:34).

  • I ran 4 yesterday. Now have a bee in my bonnet about running 100 miles in December. 96 to go!!!

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Had to abandon my MLR this morning after a couple of miles because of a sharp pain that occurred at the side of my left knee. Pain got really bad as I tried to continue so had to hobble home. Feeling totally gutted!image

  • Sorry to hear of your aborted run Tom13 - what a pain - no pun intended. At the speeds you run and the volume of training you're talking about taking on especially for a first marathon - you're asking a lot of yourself - experienced sub3 marathon runners I know often talk about how to best manage injuries through marathon training as an inevitable part of the process. Hope it resolves itself soon enough.


  • Tom, I have had a couple of runs where I've had to stop and both times it was down to very tight, angry muscles. See a physio and get some sports massages if you don't already do that. Hopefully it's nothing that a bit of rest and massage won't fix.


  • Managed a 2 mile warm up the 3 x 2 miles at 6:08 ish mile pace and 1 mile warm down yesterday, found it hard going but got through it ok but still off my 10K pace back in September.

    Tom13, sorry to here about your left knee, hope it is nothing serious.

  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the support and advice guys-going to rest, stretch, foam roll etc. for a few days and see how it feels.

    I think you are right Orapidrun and I have learnt the hard way about making sure the easy miles are done EASY. Will learn from this and hopefully not repeat it in the future!

    Very decent session there Nonstick-that pace is coming back!

  • Whilst you've got your feet up there Tom13 - read up about all the benefits of Easy running in that P&D book. It's better explained in Jack Daniel's Running Formula (imo) but P&D have got the theory nailed down pretty tight.

    P&D do a pretty good job of mixing up the training cycles - tough sessions and demanding though. Ha, I suppose the clue is in the title, Advanced Marathoning! Strength work and rest are essential parts of marathon training too. You won't lose much fitness, if any, with a few days off.

    No running for me today, perhaps tomorrow, go for an easy run, it's all about XC on Sunday right now!


  • no running for a week, and a 4 week prognosis to fix my hip/hamstring tendons.

    quite confident this time that the source of them problem has been truly identified and treatment and the new rehab will keep me on my feet.

    fingers and toes crosssed

  • Cal Jones wrote (see)

    I based it off my half marathon time (2:02:34).

    Hi Cal,

    That's interesting... I've never noticed that the calculator makes that differential but it is logical. As you'll know, using these HM figures, the calculator gives a suggested long run pace range of 10:46 - 12:07 min/mile - which is about 40-45 seconds faster than if you put in 4:30 for 26.21 miles instead.

    It doesn't look to be well explained on that calculator... indeed, it doesn't seem to be explained at all... but you should be putting in your realistic marathon details, not your half marathon details - otherwise you'll spend the next few months optimising your half-marathon capability!

    If you're not convinced... ask around (maybe others on the thread will back this up. If you're aiming at about 10:20 mins per mile as your target race pace, then long runs should not (generally) be done at 10:50 pace, if you want the optimum outcome. It's generally said that most of your long runs should be at least a minute per mile slower than race pace... very much in line with the runnersworld calculator suggestion of about 11:30 pace.

    There might be alternative views... but I'm sure this is mainstream. 

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    This is interesting as it looks like I'm in the same boat as cal and have based my long run times on HM pace, it's hard to put in a marathon pace as I have never done one so not sure what time to put in.
  • Hi Ian... a good starting point is to double your HM time and add 20 or 30 minutes. As a rule of thumb, a first timer tends towards +30..   and as you get a couple of marathons under your belt, and the endurance builds, then people tend to +20 minutes.   Obviously there will be quite some variations within the population... down to genetics and to the volume of training... and of course if your HM was run a year or two ago - or was perhaps hilly, then it loses relevance... but that's what I'd suggest.   

    Maybe you can get another half in during February and reassess your paces then.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cheers Northender, my HM was up and down but I'd say undulating rather than hilly.Apart from 10k's I had only done 1??8 mile and a 10 mile before it so I'd hope I undertrained so more improvement is possible,Seen a couple early next year so will look at work and get one entered. Will continue at current pace for now as I do find it very easy pace.
  • My half PB is 1:47:35 if that helps. Planning to smash it in silverstone next year. image
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