Fit / Fat Club - 13th October

Morning all,

First race day today!

Maxine and the boys (Alexander, Charlie & Sam) are coming with me.

Concentrating on goals which are to finish and to not get injured.

I'm looking forward to it - after all I've been dieting for 10weeks and also following a schedule which began jog/walk for 1minute each and is culminating in this race.

Good Luck to all who are running, slimming or just recuperating.

P.S. I've noticed a lot of drinking going on recently. Is it because the night's are drawing in?


  • Good luck Maccy!
  • Done it and back home. It was very enjoyable and there was a lovely relaxed atmnostphere.

    10k was hard for first run but finished and don't think I am injured. Roll on Brighton!

    Time was 45.40 which I think was respectable for a 42 year old "London Pride" drinker who's only been training for 10 weeks.

    Fancy a pint to celebrate but will stick to hefty roast dinner instead!
  • bloody hell you were quick
    Well done
  • Cheers Benz

  • Boing!
  • Just seen Paula! WOW!
  • Your time for your age and moderate amount of training is excellent. Keep it up

  • Sounds like a fantastic time to me Maccy. And a good 15 minutes faster than I could dream of running - same age as you, but losing weight and training longer!!!

  • Well done, Maccy! That's a great time. Glad you enjoyed it, which is even more important.

    I did my first-ever off-road race today - nice muddy hilly one. Hard work but good fun too (who am I kidding? I spent the entire 7+ miles just wishing for it to be over). Despite tea and a TINY piece of fruit cake, followed by the fruit and half of a malt loaf that I had brought with me just in case the fruit cake wasn't a runner-sized portion, my blood sugar dropped noticeably while driving home. Must have run hard! I managed steady 9-minute miles, with which I am delighted.

    Back in time to watch Paula's race from start to finish (isn't she just ACE!), and I've just put a trayload of beef with a sort of barbecue marinade into the oven for dinner.
  • Maccy - WOW!!!! Your time is FANTASTIC! Wish I could do it that quick! I did my 10K Race this afternoon - in the pouring rain and wind..! Time wasn't very good at all - 53.46.. bit disappointed, but I was just glad to get round really, considering the bad week I've had with virtually no exercise and eating for England!! Gonna be good now though..!! Well done again Maccy!
    Michelle x
  • Good time, Michelle, considering the grotty weather. I'm impressed that you went out at all. I wouldn't have thought twice about doing a no-show if it was wet and windy. It's just part of running life - as you get better the improvement curve levels off and not every result will be a new PB.
  • Maccy and Michelle
    Mucho respect, did a 8 mile race this morning then cooked a sunday lunch. I don't know which was harder :-)
    My avereage pace was just over 9 minutes so a serious PB over that distance

    Had 1 MArs pre race and a snickers post. Back to being carefull tomorrow as have a 10k in 2 weeks and would like to be a bit lighter.

  • Cheers Guys,

    Michelle I was so glad that it wasn't raining this morning when i ran. I think it would have been horrible.

    i must find out if anyone has any ideas of how to run in spectacles - without of course the obvious one of buying lenses.

    dinner sounded good Vrap but then again my roast was scrummy. I'm feeling double delighted today because when I weighed in after race, I had lost another 2lbs this week. I'm down to 13st 5lbs. Yippee!
  • Maccy -- I used to try and run in specs but I gave up and now wear lenses all the time. I wear a baseball hat to stop the sweat running into them though - which helps. They don't half make a difference with everything not being foggy!! :o) Oh and well done on the race.

    Michelle -- after what you've been through this last week and with the wind and rain, I think you're a bloody star!! :o) Well done you!

    As for me, I've been sort of bad today - had a MaccyD steak premiere at the drive through - t'was the only thing that would do at the time and a bag of salt & vinegar crisps, but also managed healthy smoothie too and no nausea or sickness today - yippee!!!

    In my defence as well though, I did also manage a walk around West Kirby boating marina (around a mile) without too much difficulty - and I beat my previous time of an hour by 20 mins! So much better this time round - and I drove the 35 miles there and back too :o)
  • Brilliant Cath, you sound much beter
    Whats the premiere like
    Im at work casualty has juust slowed down so may get some sleep
  • Sorry, I didn't catch up with this again after my post yesterday - thanks Guys! Cath, I'm the same as you, I wear lenses all the time now and a baseball cap when running too.. I went to bed at 8pm last night!!!!!!! I felt really sick and had bad stomach pains for some strange reason.. dunno why, cos I haven't eaten anything strange. Anyway, back to today... might start the Fat Club thread myself for a change!
    Michelle x
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