Best MM backpack / vest

Hi all

After running a few road marathons I'm going to try my hand at a mountain marathon and then hopefully the Greenman Ultra in Bristol early next year.

I can see that I'm going to need a backpack for the MM and was also thinking of a running vest for the ultra. Being a keen walker I have a very nice backpack but this is large for hiking and not the most comfortable to run in. I also use a small hydration pack for long bike rides / runs but once again this is not the best for a MM as its capacity to carry items is quite small.

I was wondering if there is a system which incorporates an ultra running type vest but might have the capacity to add a backpack or remove one when load capacity is not really required.

If there isn't a specific system can you recommend a good quality backpack/running pack which will be ideal for one day MM and ultra events   

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