London Study - VO2 max in e-cig users

Hi all,

I'm Dr Daniel Reece-Loram, a sports and exercise medicine masters student at Queen Mary University London. I'm looking for active smokers or vapers/e-cigarette users to take part in my study.

You will get two free VO2 max treadmill tests and can see how fit you are.
You will also get to find out whether vaping/ecig use affects your fitness.

What I need is for volunteers to come down to Queen Mary's Human Performance Lab (near stepney green/mile end) for two sessions seven days apart. At each session you will do a VO2 max treadmill test. At one of the sessions you will use an e-cigarette for one hour before hand. 

To take part you need to be a current smoker or preferably a current e-cigarette user. It doesn't matter if you only use an e-cigarette infrequently or only smoke you can still take part.

I realise that a lot of athletes don't smoke or 'vape' but there are still some that do so if you don't yourself but know someone that does please could you circulate this info around your club or to anyone who you think may be interested and I will be eternally grateful. I have attached the link to the info sheet for the study.

Many thanks and best wishes



  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a good study. If you do one for drinkers I'll be in.
  • Hi Daniel, I know it’s an old thread but how went with the results. Any news on the study? 
    I am really in to vaping for 3 years now and I just starting running since March slowly. I never run before. I am to 10k now but very slow. I am thinking to stop vaping also but it’s not that easy as I thought 
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