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After talking to a few people on the forum. I have realised that most races in Scotland are not advertised very well. Which makes trying to find your next race more of a chalenge than actualy running in one.
If you are stuck trying to find a race the following website ran by Scottish Athletics has a diary containing races of various distances and locations:

Can everyone let me know of any ideas of how these races can be promoted better. As I was going to email Scottish Athletics with a few suggestions. So we can try and make running more accesible to everyone.



  • i know what you mean Kenneth, it is very difficult to find races in Scotland at times. I usually go along to my local running shop if I want to hear about or get entry forms for local races, I got to hear about a local 10k in there last week and have entered.
  • Hi Kenneth and Jane

    Yep finding a race in Scotland usually depends on word of mouth. I usually find out about them after they are over. Do you know any good ones coming up soon? I expect they are mostly over for the year. There used to be some really good ones in years gone by but they have all disappeared over the years.
  • Hi there tryer , don't know where you live but there are a couple of 10 mile races coming up in Scotland, one in Dundee and the other in Lossiemouth. They are both advertised in the current issue of the Runners World and on the event section on this site.
  • Hi,
    I'm a Scots runner too and looking to do more races - just did my first Capital 10k. But I'm put off entering smaller races as I really don't want to come last and be completely demoralised compared to the big runners! Any tips? Ones to go for/avoid?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hi Slow Jo.

    What was your time for the Capital 10K, where do you stay/can you travel to and what distances are you aiming for?
  • Hi Slow Jo
    The Dundee 10 miler in November is a good race but very hilly. I have done it but have come very close to last. Not going to attempt it this year because I would be last but it is an enjoyable race albeit its always freezing.

    Glen Clova has a 1/2 marathon in November. Again very hilly in the first half. Last finishers usually about 2.10 - 2.15 usually was me.
  • Hi everyone,
    Time for 10k was 64mins. Tryer, your times sound good!
    I live in Edinburgh but do have transport. I'm finding that I'm losing motivation and only going out once or twice a week. I now have a regular running partner but we need something to aim for and were thinking of a half marathon next year then one day a marathon! I don't mind hills as I train round Arthur's Seat.
    Also trying to find a running club in my area (Abbeyhill) although again, I went along to a group recently and they were all triathletes!
  • To Tryer, I have entered the Dundee 10 and expect to be last but it is not putting me off, I am only racing against myself anyway. I see the last finisher was in 102 mins last year, I would have to improve alot to beat that, Lossiemouth are having a 10 miler in December, flat course and a chance of anyone winning a turkey.
  • Hi Slow Jo
    I used to be ok but had a long layoff and have put on a fair amount of weight and didn't run for 2 years and have only started back so am really slow now. Several years ago I did the Seven Hills of Edinburgh and was I think about second last in just over 3 hrs but it was a great day. Don't think I could walk up those seven hills now far less run up them.

    Jane M
    It would take me at least 2 hours or more to do the Dundee 10 now. What date in December is Lossiemouth. Its quite far up for me I live in Fife but might be interested if I can get fitter by then.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Lossiemouth is on the 8th of December.

    Slow Jo:

    Inverness Half Marathon is on 16th March (if that's a Sunday) and there are usually about 800 finishers. They have increased the limit from 1000 to 1200 for next year, so there could be more. Finishing times range from 67 minutes to over 3 hours, so you won't be finishing alone.
  • Cheers Nessie,
    That's one to aim for 5 months of training should hopefully see me stagger through the course!
  • Is anyone doing the Fraserburgh Half on Sunday 17th November? Just saw it advertised in tonight's EE.
  • I thought about it, but not sure as I have entered two 10 milers and the Fraserburgh half would be in between and wasn't sure I could manage 3 long races in 6 weeks. Are you going?
  • Does anyone know of any 10k races coming up ? i have my own transport so getting around is not a problem but i would prefer somewhere in the central belt,thanks
  • Jane,

    I have not decided about the Fraserburgh half yet - I ran 3 times last week, but this week I've yet to go!?!? Well we all need a break sometime. But what I thought it was soon enough for me to still be fit enough, I also intend doing the Lossiemouth one.
  • Asked Mr. T. last night about us going up to the Lossiemouth race, says we might go. Anyone know where I get and entry form or can you enter on the day?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Phone 01343 812121 ext 7633 or e-mail [email protected] for the Lossiemouth one. I doubt you'll be able to enter on the day, as its run by RAF Lossiemouth and you probably need a pass or something to get near the base.
  • To tryer, Nessie is right as it is starts and finishes within RAF Lossiemouth, you will need ID of some kind ( Driving license) to get in, I had to give car liscense number on entry form.

    Glad there will be a few forumites there on the day, fancy meeting up for a celebratory drink afterwards.
  • May take a bit of persussion to Mr T. as just went on the AA route finder and discovered that it is 155 miles to Lossiemouth. Will see what I can do.
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