lonely runner, wallsend, no motivation, plus the usual problems

hi, hope someone can help me. i'm a beginner (have been for 4 years), and am looking for someone slow to train with in the walsend area of tyne and wear, have tried local clubs but they were too fast and actually left me behind a couple of times. if no takers general advice and motivation would be apprieciated.

have done the gnr 5 times now and have developed re-occuring injuries, to my back and knees, only thing that helps is rest, but then it's difficult to get going again, hence the reason i've only ran once since last year.


  • If you are prone to injury then it doesn't matter how many times a week you go for a run, the secret is to listen to your body. If you are injured then rest or do some non-impact type of training (cross-trainer or elliptical machine if you can get to a gym) and on the days when you are not injured then go for a nice run. Don't worry about your speed; just plod along. Take some music with you as well.

    The important thing is to enjoy the run. Oh, and to feel better than all those people who don't go running!

    Well done on 5 GNRs!

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