Anyone doing the Chiltern Challenge 50k?

Anyone else doing this 'intro ultra'? 31M and 1000m climbing.

I entered whilst on a post-Manchester marathon high. I've done lots of shorter races since, but with relatively low weekly mileage and only two 21M long runs. I'm looking forward to a new distance and new challenge, but a little nervous! 


  • I'm doing it.  I've done quite a few events with Extreme Energy.  They're a lovely organisation.  Just take it steadily at your own pace.  Walking is fine and as long as you're ok they will let you carry on no matter how slow you are.  See you thereimage.

  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Great to hear they're a friendly outfit. Have you done this particular race before? Just wondering what it is like underfoot. Really looking forward to it, but MUST pace myself!

  • This is a first for me on this particular route.  I'm sure if you e mail them they will give you some idea as to the terrain. As you say - pace pace, pace, (or as in my case waddle, waddle, waddle image).

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