Sore face

Just wondering if any other runners have this problem or remedies for it...

During a run my face sweat alot and I find after a while it gets sore. I think it is the salt in my sweat that is causing this. I use a moisturiser beforehand but that doesn't seem to help. Does anyone know of any creams that I could use?


  • I use vaseline on the sore bits below my eyes, but then again, if it's all over your face you're going to look a bit strange.
  • I slather the lower half of my face in yellow soft paraffin (petroleum jelly - basically unbleached Vaseline) when running outdoors in winter. Makes me a bit shiny, but it's a brilliant cheap moisturiser.
  • Body Shop do a Face Protector lotion in the skin mechanics for men range. It worked for me last winter
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