week off training

i have been training for stroud half following a training program for the last 8 weeks,due to illness i have taken a week off,will all my hard work been lost,i want to improve on my 1st half of 1.28.


  • You've probably lost less fitness than you think; brilliant time for your first half btw! Just be sure you've recovered from your illness properly, and ease back into your training for the first few runs.
  • I've just had 10 days off due to an eye injury. I'm hoping to do the Bath half but not until March next year. My first!
    Before this injury I was up to 11 miles as my longest run. I cut back this run by 2 miles. My calves hurt for the first week but after that nothing and I'm back to where I was now.
    Just one week off running you would probably lose hardly anything. Stick to the programme or go back just one week.
    It's really infuriating and I was well depressed with having to have two weeks off. Same as you are i expect.
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