I had a great race! After the SLIGHT disappointment of Windsor a couple of weeks ago, I kicked off this one with the aggression that I normally approach races!

Went through the 5 mile marker at 33:18ish! Carried on until the end pretty much trouble free. I admit to slowing down at about 6 miles, but once I'd sorted my head out, I felt fine! Crossed the line at 8.2 in 55:31

I found it a bit cold, but I s'pose thats a good enough reason to go like something off a shovel!!! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as me!


  • Well done Jon, great time and after a heavy Friday night too.
  • So what time for Brighton with this race in mind Jon.

    Hi Murf, bit early for you
  • Congratulations Jon - that's a fantastic time. Looks like you're going to be a bit ahead of me at Brighton again... but I'll be trying to keep up :-)

    Did you manage to meet up with all the other forumites?

  • Ta folks! Still looking at sub 42!

    Met with a few of the forumites!
  • V. Chuffed!!!! Fastest 5 miles aswell by about 1/2 a minute!!!

    That half at Windsor has done me good I think!

    See you all tomorrow!
  • Well done Jon and to everyone else who raced. My race ? 8.2 miles -1hr08min.
    average mile 8min 40seconds - which is 30 seconds a mile slower then Fleet 1/2 done at the beginning of the year so I'm a bit confused.
    The guy who won the 8 mile race was triathlete Stuart Hayes from Twickenham who's girlfriend/coach is Michelle Dillon who was a member of the British triathlem team at the Olypics at Sydney.W
    Well done Jill who won her race.
    Sorry I didn't meet up with you guys, didn't see anyone wearing the 'club vest' - but looks like I wouldn't have seen anyone anyway :-)in the race with my time.
    So who's doing the Cabbage Patch next Sunday and what are you going to do this week .
  • Well done to you, fraid I was more at the back! 1hr 29min, but have had a cold all week so should really have given it a miss.

    Mind you not sure I would have done any better, did find some of the miles seem to go on forever and yes it was a tad chilly. I had to get out the long sleeve top, compared to boiling in a vest at Southend last Sunday it was a bit of a shock.
  • Congratulations to everyone who finished. I chaperoned a friend of mine (who's doing New York) around the 16 miler, for 2 hours 43 mins.
    This was over 20 mins slower than my Breakfast Run in March, but it was a nice end to my season. I'm putting my feet up for a few weeks, and resting. And then it all starts again....

    Big Bopper.
    B.O.P. till I drop.
  • Hi all

    New PB of 1hr 16 mins for 8 miles so looking v good for 55 min 10k at brighton. Sprint finished so unfortunately my knees are a bit iffy. Lovely to meet Caz et al at start.Mr J completely missed the finish but did have the Jumpets to drag out of the house at a very early hour. Congrats Jon, I didn't even see your dust :-)
  • Well done, all. Lots of good times and lots of good fun, from the sound of things. If it's any consolation, it was bloody freezing in the West Midlands this morning too, although at least the rainclouds stayed their hand - unlike at Mendip, I hear...
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