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  • You all dont know how lucky you are, I think we all get forgotton about up here in the Highlands, although I am quite new to running (1 month), the nearest running shop to me is 2.5 hrs - 3 hrs drive. Thank goodness for mail order or it has to be sports shops, where you obviously dont get the same advise, etc., If anyone knows any different please let me know!!
  • Hi All,

    I have moved recently and then had exams - hence my silence.

    Hildegard - no, it was the Debenhams in Banbury. However, with the move to about 15 miles West of Oxford, the Oxford Debenhams will become my wife's favourite haunt!

    I recently bought a Ronhill base layer, and I must say that I am very impressed with it's wicking abilities - although it has to be said that as I am comparing it to old T-shirts, my frame of reference is somewhat limited!
  • Has anyone tried the Peter Storm 'Stormtec' jacket for running in? Its only £30 (from Milletts) and I'm so tempted to buy it, bec its cheap and not too garish . . .
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I keep hearing wonderful things about the Helly Hansen Lifa range but where on earth stocks it? Running shops or outdoor shops? I used to have one of those tops but I don't know what happened to it - I don't shop online so any pointers as to where I can buy it much appreciated.

    (I currently run in sweaty old cotton T-shirts - OK while running although they feel a bit damp; nasty when you stop as the sweat goes stone cold instantly!)
  • Speaking of outdoors kit, I can thoroughly recommend the "Capilene" stuff from Patagonia. As good as the Helly Hansen lifa stuff, plus softer against the skin.

    I generally wear a long-sleeved capilene stuff with a windproof/showerproof gilet over the top from The North Face. Keeps you warm if windy or wet and wicks sweat well when you're getting too warm.

  • I know this is an old thread, but does anyone out there know if View From is still in existence, and if so, how to make contact?  Can't find a thing on the internet!
  • Flip this is old.

     If my memory serves me correctly, View From the brand was bought by M&S and totally screwed up. 

     The closest brand these days, IMHO, is probably Ronhill.

     Why not try them, failing that there are loads of other reasonably priced brands around.


  • yep - ViewFrom died when M&S bought them out - must be well over 5 years ago now and M&S never did make any success of the purchase
  • Oh dear! I just found this thread via Google, as I was looking for View From 'pants'.  I've finally decided that mine (bought in 1992 while training for my first and only, so far, 1/2M) have got past it.  Ironically, that's only because I did some painting in them and they've got splattered.  Guess I shall just have to carry on for another few years.

    Cheers, Graham

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