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Hi there, I'm new to running and of a larger size. I'm struggling to fins decent fit running clothes.. I'm a 16 bottom and 14 top but when I've tried on different running gear they all seem crazy tight and uncomfortable. At the moment I'm running in old swim shorts(men's) and an oversized t shirt but starting to realise that these will just not do. I don't like tight clothing - I'm a strange shape because of bloating (gluten I think but that's a whole other story). I don't want to spend too much money because I hope as I do more exercise my body shape will change. Any advice? Thanks in advance Loz


  • look reasonably priced, do moisture-wicking plus-sized sportswear and have free returns.

  • limperlimper ✭✭✭ have a good range of stock at good prices. I find their 'More Mile' brand on the small side and the ladies tops seem quite short - so go up a size or try a mens cut. Don't be afraid to squeeze into lycra shorts - they are comfy and supportive on the tummy. There's usually a 5% discount code for Startfitness - which kinda covers postage costs.

    Good luck.

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    Always seem to be recommending them, but have no connection, honest, just find them cheap and really comfortable.

    for a ladies top, and am sure you could find shorts as well, not sure if they will fit you well enough, but if there's a store near you they always have ones you can try on.
  • I usually just go to Sports Direct to the He RUns She Runs department.  I know a lot of people hate them but they are cheap!  Even though I'm a bit bigger I wear lycra shorts mainly because they don't ever ride up thus preventing any leg rubbing issues...  Mens t-shirts tend to be a looser fit and can be more confortable too.

  • Thank you everyone image

  • Hello everyone! I am looking for a new pair of running shorts and I am between a Nike running cycling style and a shorter and looser Adidas one.

    These are the 2 pairs for you to get the idea. Do you think the Nike one would make me sweat a lot? I am also afraid of the Adidas being too short I am 5,7 but it looks much more comfy.
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