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I am running Ultras in Europe and North America over the next year and wondered if anyone can recommend an insurer who can cover me for injury?  I have looked online - plenty will cover 'dangerous sports' like rock climbing and Skiing but I'm struggling with our niche sport.


  • Dogtag extreme policy seems to be what you want.


    Dunno how much it costs, but friends have used it for various things.

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    DogTag comes recommended from friends of mine, I've been out to the USA, Transylvania, the Canaries, Spain, France and Italy and have used InsureAndGo only because they specifically reference ultras and mountain running in the policy.

    Never had to use them, so can't vouch for it. In Europe an EHIC card should always be with you, and is free to apply for.


  • I've used Snowcard in the past and after looking around I have again for upcoming trip to do TDS (the 70m mountain race that is part of UTMB week). Similar cover level to Dogtag by look of it, I just went for Snowcard as 'mountain marathon' cover worked out a little cheaper than equivalent cover option. Also heard BMC cover good, but requires a membership so no cheaper than the options above once that is factored in.

    I've had a look at sportscoverdirect single-trip policy or top-up for existing travel insurance option too, but couldn't find anything seemingly related to mountain running for either over 25 miles or over 24hr events.

    Geem - Prices for InsureAndGo looked great, but I couldn't find specific ref to ultra or mountain running in policies (unless I've missed it). Closest I could find was 'Trekking (over 2,000 metres but under 6,000 metres altitude)' and that wasn't covered for personal accident or liability, which put me off. Maybe us lot are costing them too much so they've changed the policyimage

    My standard travel insurance appears to cover repatriation, but I've read that people sometimes have trouble with emergency evacuations etc... on standard travel policies.

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