Running a marathon

I'm still determined to run one, because until then I won't feel like I'm a real runner.

I know loads of you have so the question is " is walking part of it cheating or the norm"

After 14.5 miles yesterday I'm damn sure I couldn't even have walked the rest


  • Yippee, five computers later, and a visit to the American site, Im in

    Bet my bleep goes off now
    Bk, the only reason I finished the marathon was sheer bloodymindedness
    And to show my dad
  • I'd take my hat off to you if I had one on. Did you do lots of training.
  • yes, a get you roud programme for beginners
    Trained 4-5 times a week
    It was lovely in summer
    The furthest i ran /walked was 13 miles ( on treadmill) and my longest continious run not more than 20 minutes
    I did find when doing race for life that my time had improved by 2 minutes after only a month of training
    it was hard to run uotside at first, so youve got a big headstsrt there
    This computer is awful
  • Did you go round for a week afterwards saying "I did a Marathon", I think I would I've built it up to make it in to a must do thing.

    Which picture did you go for
  • Marathon piccie??
    The beginning oone, I looked the same at the end, but they didnt even bother to wait until Id crossed the finish line for the end picture
    Or do you mean GNR, not looked yet, too excited by being able to log on at work
    It was obvious Id done a marathon at work by the way i couldnt walk
  • Sob, just been to on running
    I look even fatter than I thought, and apparently I look better than i did four weeks ago
    Sob, sob
    Bring on a crisp binge
  • Put those crisps down. Will have a look later so I can recognise you at Brighton.

    No I meant the Gin ones.

    Going to watch Paula finish now.

    No more sobbing
  • BK, If I can do it, anyone can, believe me!
    If you can run 14.5m now, think how ready you'll be in 6 months time. The crowd support at the FLM is worth 6miles at least anyway!!!
    I say go for it.
  • OK, with the time I hadm I could have SLEPT throug half of it.
    I don't care.
    I walked fromt the time I dislocated my left knee and suffered a stress tracture of the right foot.
    Withdrawal was not an option. Too much to prove.
    Benz, undersatnd you completely.
    I will help you show your Dad. promise!

  • BK
    You are more of a runner than I am, so don't sweat it..
    I am still a slow porker.
    But I love my badger!
  • The great thing is that you achieve your goal of having done a marathon if you turn up at the start, follow the course and cross the finish line using only your legs to carry you, regardless of the speed with which they pass beneath your body (which will slow down for almost everyone during the course of a 26.2 mile effort).

    Walking for bits is part of the whole experience, not a failure to "run a marathon". Otherwise, I'd definitely have been disqualified for the pee-stop I had to take at 8 miles into FLM.

    The legs get stronger over time - as you do long runs more regularly, the body gets better at providing the right mix of fuel and the muscles adapt to working for longer and longer.
  • Well said SB!
  • People never ask if you ran a marathon, or walked part of it, they are just impressed that you completed it. It'll probably take several goes (if ever) for you to run one all the way. I always walk the aid stations, as I can't drink whilst bounding along (although I wouldn't call what I do at 24 miles "bounding"). And I still walk near the end: When you hit the wall, you hit the wall. No-one will ever sneer at you for that.
    Actually, I don't think even the elite usually ran a whole marathon until the latter half of last century, and carbohydrates were appreciated. Run/Walking was a normal part of the marathon. (They didn't have gels in those days!)

    Big Bopper.
    B.O.P. till I drop.
  • BK - walking is definitely not cheating.

    My aim was to complete the course, without walking if possible, and I achieved it but only cos by about 18 miles my legs had locked into a steady jog and I couldn't have changed pace if I'd tried. Stopping at the end actually hurt!

    If you can do 14.5 now you'll have no problems steadily building up to 26.2 Having said that, it only needs a "bad run day" to ruin the best preparations and don't you just hate it when that happens!
  • I did a marathon that I shouldn't have done due to inadequate training and residual injury. I ran 14 miles, ran/walked the next 4, and walked the rest. Didn't have a run left in me by then.

    My last two miles were 40-minute miles. My first half took about 2:15 and my second half took about 3:42.

    I wasn't last.

    If I ever do another, I shall do better - but may never get to the stage of NOT needing walking breaks.
  • Thanks all, thats what I though you'd say. I've already paid for the FLM but needless to say won't get in anyway. Paris anyone?
  • Good luck for FLM BK - you never know, you might just get straight in !

    Doesn't matter if you walk - so long as you get there.

    (even Lance Armstrong has freewheeled in the tour De France on occasion, and he still wins !)

    Seeya in London !
  • Hi Cougie, you will have to reserect that old picture before London. Is your latest graphic from that deceased bike of yours
  • BK
    I've paid for London. If we get in we're A TEAM!
  • Hope you get in BK, walking or not.

    I was certain I didn't want to walk at all for my first one, and didn't. Felt incredibly proud and well prepared. Second time, 9 weeks later the temperature was 27 degrees and I was close to DNFing due to feeling so bad. My last 12km took 1.5 hours including lots of walking! Was somewhat humbled after that...

    At the end of the day it depends on your goals for yourself and previous fitness/experience. The difficult bit is setting goals that are appropriate and realistic. For a beginner marathoner I would have thought walking is the norm, but for Paula Radcliffe, well, you wouldn't expect it would you?
  • Nothing at all wrong with walking. I completed my marathon debut at the FLM this year and didn't walk but that last 6M, I'm not sure whether I would have been quicker walking! I really do think it's ok to walk it's just that for me if I stop running I don't think I'll get started again, feel I have to drink on the move.

    If you're running 14.5M today (by coincidence I've just run the same distance today) you should be able to build up in time - no more than 10% per week I was always told.

    By the way I was lucky enough to get pulled out of the lottery for FLM first time, so you never know. Have entered again for 2003 and am also considering Paris.
  • Barkles, we are indeed a team.

    Laura thanks for that. Kind and caring reply as in the norm. Feel free to change your name back, I believe your real one is quite popular today. Beware I'm looking for a GNR one for you tomorrow and i I find one I'm sending it to you, ready resized

    Llama Man, don'tthink the odds of FLM are good. See you at Paris then
  • Thanks, could you also do a little airbrushing while you're at it BK? I believe my facial hair caused a bit of a stir with some forumites last time. I've got a huge bundle of fancy software (never mind I don't know how to use it) on my new laptop so I should be able to do my own pixel thingy soon.
  • Ive paid tor FLM too
    cant wait
  • Nice one Benz. Hope you didn't finish those crisps

    Now its GNR picture time!
  • BK, thought I would catch you here instead of NY thread. NY is 3 November so we are all tapering now.

    My first marathon was London this year and I did not manage to put in the training due to ill health and other things so found myself walk/running from 14 miles in. Have to say I was disapointed to grinding to a halt so quickly since I had at least hoped to have got to the 19 mile mark before the run/walk started. In short don't worry if you have to find yourself walking for a short period on your first outing.

    If you are also considering Paris then I think the entry fees go up after 1 December (Just before the official London notifications go out) but you can tell if you are in London if your cheque has been cashed, this starts from around the end of the first week in November. Knowing this you need only apply for Paris if your cheque has not been cashed by the late November.
  • It is from my bike BK. I will resurrect my FLM pic nearer the time though.
  • Walked in both so far, even sat down for a rest for 10-15 mins in the second one - I don't consider either achievement was less for that, and could still put my hands on the medals/photos fairly quickly even though it was almost 20 years ago.

    Of course next time (2004) I'll do it non-stop (if I can stop myself going off too fast - again)!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Have only completed 1 marathon & didn't have to walk in it. However, I did walk in my only 30k race & frequently walked in my marathon training runs (sometimes after only 10 or so miles). I think that a lot of it is down to luck on the day & setting a reasonable goal (i.e somewhere outside 2:17 me thinks). Agree with the idea of building up leg strength - I think that's what got me through.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Walking is fine. (I tend to walk the drinks stations based on the 'cant drink and run' problem).

    I'm fairly sure I won't be in London (got accepted for 2002) so rather than do Paris I'm going to pace the World record attempt at Rotterdam instead......

    If you can run anything like 13-16 miles by Christmas, the step up to 20-24 is realtively easy.
    I did NY in '97 off a longest training run of about an hour.Needless to say I ran a PW.
    That did involve some walking!
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