Hey there,
I haven't run for about 6yrs for stupid mental/health reasons! I am now ready to get back into running and am planning on doing a Race for Life in around June. Well, I'm kinda stumped re. training plans so any tips would be welcome! At present I can only run around 20mins non-stop, so I have a 'little' way to go before!


  • what a 5k RFL?

    not far to go at all then if you can already do 20m?

    there's loads of plans on here

    or you could just try to run 20 mins 3x a week, not on consecutive days, and make one your "long" run (weekend?) and add to it by 10% each week - 22 m - 24m - 27m &c

    come and post on the daily plod thread if you want more chivvying

  • Ok, I'll take a look at the 'daily plod' thread - Still new to the site and orientating myself!

  • it's the one in beginners with PLOD inthe title BTW

    usually a song title

  • Ah-ha! Found it all! Thanks for the directions... I must be having a spate of thickness this past week :S

  • nah

    there's so much on this website you can't read it all

    keep thinking when I 'm on my long plod that I must look and see why running makes your nose run

    although more urgent is why I am so carp at rememebring to take a tissue
  • i keep a tissue tucked in my knicker elastic, used to keep it in the key pocket of my ron hills, but got sick of fishing out pits of tissue from the washing machine.
  • I keep my hanky tucked in my bra.

    I even found myself needing to spit last Saturday on my longest run ever (8 miles). Is this what happens as length of plod increases?

    Gobbing is so unlady like!
  • And I am such a lay-dee, of course :o)
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