twice a day (but shorties)

i run to and from work. 5 days a week. i do about 30 mins in the morning and a quicker route of 20 mins on the way home in the evening.
i do a 1.5 hr run on sundays,
have done this for about 7 months, but want to concentrate my ytraining a bit/improve any suggestions welcome



  • Do you run a steady pace to and from work? What about making one way, once or twice a week, into a farlek session? This will give you a bit of speedwork which will improve your speed. Well done on keeping going. Are you aiming for any races? Could you perhaps find a running partner for the SUnday runs to give you a bit of company?
  • thanks for the help ,wife had baby no 2 last friday so running's been a bit off lately.
    have tried varying speeds fartlek?? on way to work in the mornings plus various routes to change distance.
    hope this works.
    am trying to enter some races, but am living in italy and the lingo is difficult for me , also i need a doctors cert to run arranged races which i should get sorted soon.
    tvm for all the help.
    p.s. all uk are spoilt with lots of races , not too many here!!!
  • I'd love to be able to run to and from work. I'd also love to live in Italy. As for all these lovely races we have in the UK, all the ones I take part in hurt like hell. Any chance of a swap?

    PS Congratulations on the baby
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