Sore toes and heels

Is there anyone out there who can give me some advice!! Whenever I run over 8 miles my toes start to hurt and my heels a couple of hours after I stop. Clears up quickly but my toes give me hell when I'm running.
I went to a specialist running shop for my shoes and I wear quite thick socks.
Does this mean my feet need more cushioning? If so, what can I do about it? 2 pairs of socks, inner shoe liners?
Be grateful for any adivice. I'm female and 50yrs and hoping to do my first half marathon. I've been running for 7 years but have not tried anything longer than 12 miles.


  • Got the same problem. Get pain in heel for days after a long run. My shoes are well cushioned (Saucony Grid Trigone) and I also wear thick socks. Tried some Sorbathane heel inserts- not sure it helped at all. Don't know what else to try. I would also welcome any advise. Did the GNR a week ago - took it easy (2hrs 35min) and had no problems except for the heels.
    With regard to toes- I also get some chafing and found wrapping a plaster over the toe helped to reduce this problem.
  • Have had problems with my toes rubbing, but found that buying a half size bigger shoes helped that, I also wear Thorlos running socks which are padded but not overly so. Never had any probs with my heels yet, touch wood, so can't really offer any advice. Sounds as if some heavy heel strikes are going on though.
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