Preparing for ring o fire

Hello all,

I am hoping to compete in the ring o fire ultra next September (2016) and would like some advice on what my training plan might look like. i currently run 30-50 Km a week and have completed 3 half marathons so far this year. I started running seriously in January and this ultra is my 2 year goal. I am hoping to complete a marathon in 8 weeks.

the race is 135 miles over 3 days around the coastal path of Anglesey

any advice greatly received




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    I Fnd that a garlic chill chicken does the job.
  • Keep your bog roll in the fridge.

  • OK Paul, I will give you some sensible tips. 

    I have never done the Ring o Fire, but I know from testimonies, that it is not to be taken lightly. 

    Focus on your marathon for now, but don’t be afraid to throw extra elements into your training, that reflect this race.

    In order to have a good chance of completing this race, you should be aiming to work up to a 70 mile week before the event.  You would want to be doing a lot of dedicated hill work, and back to back long runs. 

    I would also suggest that you try to do a multi stage race as part of your preparation, whether it is a marathon or a short ultra.

    I will be happy to answer any further questions.  

  • Forgive me, I assumed that the purpose of this forum, was to discuss ultra-running.  

  • Thanks Ben I will start upping the mileage!
  • Might I ask where you live Paul?

  • Having just completed my second lap, I can say with some authority, it's a beast of a race. Happy to give some specific advice if you like but generally;

    Practice eating while moving

    The nav isn't as easy as 'keep the water on your left'

    The 2nd day is very very long

    Newborough beach literally goes on forever. ..

    Good luck
  • back to back long runs should be the major key   

  • Thanks Nick congrats on finishing! It has to be one of the most stunning coastlines in the world! Great achievement can't wait to join the club!
  • Back to back days will really help - you do not want to start day two hurting.

    Make sure your evening kit is simple and easy to organise to minimise admin and maximise eating and rest time.

    Practice steep ups and steep downs. The steps trash your quads.

    If you can, recce from Beaumaris to the end of day 2 - this is when you'll be super tired and possibly navigating in the dark.

    The Price Llewelyn BnB in Aberffraw is great. Good for a recce, good to keep your support happy, possibly good for night two in some peace and quiet.

  • Just signed up for RoF 2016 - hoping for fewer steps than the RAT! 

  • Good Luck with it! Pebbly beaches not steps are the killer on this one..I did it this year & was surprised at how tough it was- my first multi dayer after year of consistent ultra running (might say overdoing it!) so just be wary of not racing too much over the summer, you don't want to start this one on tired legs. Can only echo advice above- I wasn't able to do recce but close study of maps/ checkpoints is vital as it is easy to get lost especially in dark. Nearer the time, def worth taking into consideration if you think you'll have much rest between days 2 & 3. I had enough time on Day 2 to take advantage of Prince LLewellyn B&B- def to be recommended as NO SHOWERS in village hall which is bit of a deal breaker for me. Be super organised with your kit as faffing about with stuff when you're tired is awful. Never usually 'indulge' myself in massage on race day but it made all the difference on this occasion. Let us know how you get on with prep!

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