I have been hitting the turbo since santa dropped one off for me this Christmas, and am doing about 1-1.5hrs at a time on it then going straight for a run. My problem is, and I hope I am not alone in this:
Does anyone else get off and have numb bits??? Not an unpleaseant feeling but just no feeling, awkward if you need to take a leek straight after.

My question is this: Is it caused by me just sitting there and pedalling away without lifting my body off the seat, as I would when out on the road? or is it caused by bad seat positioning?? I use the same shorts/kit I would use when out on the road but never have a problem with. It just seems to be the turbo. Or could it be that it is just so mind numbingly boring and my wife says my brain is in my.......


  • Never had it in many years of cycling UNTIL I had a track accreditation session at the Velodrome.

    Now it happens on any of my bikes if I'm in the saddle constantly for more than about 20 minutes or so. When I feel it happening I just ride out of the saddle for a bit until it feels better.

    I did think of suing, but it might not stand up in court. (booooom boooooom)
  • turbos raise the reat wheel which can tip you forward onto the front end of the saddle more than normal riding.. made worse if you're on tri bars too.

    stick a yellow pages under the front wheel and see if that helps.
  • 'Eee - I were right about that saddle'
  • yes, you need a proper mudguard for the chain
  • I'm not lurking - I just left something in here...
  • Ice dog I too suffer from this on the turbo trainer, glad you posted as I probably would have not, anyway I have found also to get out the saddle which relieves some of the numbness for a while.

    I have also had to play with the fella to get life into him, which helps but this can be done in the quietness of your own home.

    I have not had it on the road though, but if I do, im worried what some poor folk would think, having my hand down my shorts playing with myself!!
  • You sometimes take a leek on your run with you? Do you put it in the back pocket of your tri suit? Where do you stash it in T2?
  • Dr Nic, you spotted the error. Strange how a slightly different spelling can mean so much. It's not that I can't spell it's just this dodgy keyboard.

    Atleast I now know I am not the only one out there with the numb bits. I will try the yellow pages because i'm too tight to buy one of those wheel raising things, but then again the feeling isn't too bad so I might just leave it!!!
  • Speedie.

    Yeah - we believe you. You are just livening up a boring turbo session. ;-)
  • Have you tried a saddle with a hole in?
  • You could use Speedies technique when you are teaching your spinning class Cougie ?
  • Erm yeah, well, the sights can be very good, but I do think I'd get into a teensy bit of trouble ! ;-)
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    take a look at the angle of the seat too....maybe the front/tip of the saddle is higher than the back.

    Otherwise you may just need to get used to the saddle. If it's hard leather then it WILL take some getting used to.

    Or maybe you're just hung like a donkey, which case get a cushion or bore a hole in it!
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  • [curses as chair scrapes noisily]
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    ....bore a hole in the SADDLE!
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  • Might get it stuck then.

    Did anyone hear a noise just then ?
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    who needs a seatpost though......urch what a horrid image
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  • Some top tips coming through!!!. Not so sure about drilling holes.... And certainly no donkey present!!!
    I think it is just because I'm in the same position, I have started to move about a bit more and standing up although I do find this hard on the turbo, feels rather unsteady!!!.
    Have just done another hour on it and felt fine, same yesterday after 1hr 15mins. Both times have moved about a bit more.
    The level of the seat appears fine too.
    Thanks for the help.....
  • You can get all sorts of saddles, gel, split ones to relieve pressure, but I think it's best just making sure you change positions a bit. You would do that out on the road.
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