Congratulations Paula!

What more can be said? Stupendous time, fantastic race.

Congrats to Khannouchi as well, shame he didn't quite make the WR, but great to watch him take Takoaka in the last few miles.



  • Contragtulations to Paula. WAsn't she just great? In inspiration to us all.
  • I couldn't agree more, an absolutely brilliant performance. And as Dangly says an inspiration to us all.
  • what can I say....always get a bit of a lump in my throat when she finishes! (sad or what?!)

    we're not worthy..

  • Absolutely fantastic race. I was knackered just watching ... think I'll go for a lie down.

    Who predicted the time closest?
  • Superb, absolutely superb.

    Definitely Sports Personality of the year, without any doubt at all.
  • Wow! What a woman!
  • keswick1uk predicted 2:17:01. Don't think anyone got closer than that.
  • Speechless!
    Absolutely stunning!
  • What a brilliant run. Three cheers.
  • Awesome!
    She definitely gets my vote for sports personality of the year.
  • She's just amazing!

    I worship the ground she runs on...
  • I have a question. Not to sound stupid, but I haven't lived in this country all that long. How is this sports personality of the year selected? Do we vote for it and if so how? If we vote, I've got to get mine in!
  • It's organised by the BBC towards the end of each year. Think you can normally vote by phone and probably by letter, and for the last couple of years online at their website. So yes, we all get to vote, although not for a couple of months yet.
  • Spectacular! What a woman! I can't BELIEVE the performance she can get out of mere human protoplasm! Well, OK, I can now.

    And what a professional - talking on camera with a smile on her face when it was only too clear that she was uncomfortable and could have been forgiven for telling them to back off while she had a good heave.

    Well done, Paula.
  • Fabulous!

    I'd got to the stage where I was so expecting her to do a time like that that it initially didn't seem that incredible, then I just though - "wow - she knocked a minute and a half off the world record!!".

    Shame she didn't puke on American TV (it looked close for a moment!), particularly after that daft comment in the American press about her being a British Eccentric and linking her to Monty Python's Flying Circus.

    Right - that's inspired me, I'm off for a run :o)

  • What a star. A superhuman performance!
  • It would be great to see someone other than a footballer get the sports personality of the year prize for a change.
  • Fantastic run - I was close to tears too fraggle.

    I cried and admit it openly. It's an eye problem, too closely connected to the emotion system.

    British eccentric? Who the h*ll do they think they are?
    Second best is what they are.

    Tank you Paula
  • fantastic, awesome - but with sunglasses, a woolly hat and compression socks, perhaps the "eccentric" tag is slightly valid!!
  • Fantastic Run and Congratulations to Paula.

    Also a word about her pacemaker - Weldon? - who did a great job too.

  • oops!!
  • When it's one of ours, it's preparation, when it's one of theirs it;s just weird!!

    She's ours, and therefore anything she does is fine!

    Brendan Foster was losing it a bit, tho'
  • The chicago tribune has just annoyed me.... gits.
  • Absolutly fantastic, what a woman.
  • WOW!!What a stunning performance I was shouting her on at the end and stood up and cheered when she finished ....(my kids think I've lost it) I nearly spilt my drink(coke) all over the show :)She is such an inspiration .Well done Paula...I wish I could be that sort of British'eccentric' too!Great hat!!
  • Watched the last few miles with my jaw on the floor. Apart from the superhuman physical feat, how does she deal with the pressure? Awesome.
  • Forms for the Sports personality of the year have been printed in the sports section of the Times newspaper over the last week. I 'm expecting them to be in this weeks as well. Possibly in tomorrows copy along with all the coverage.
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