chicago marathon - well done Paula

Fantastic race, and fantastic performance, glad to see the bbc showed history in the making live. So what else can Paula win - Sports Personality of the year winner ?


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Awe-inspiring. 26 consecutive miles at a pace I can't even reach, let alone maintain for any distance whatsoever. Respect is due.
  • she is the one
  • She has got to be sportswoman of the year, otherwise there is something wrong in the voting. What a superb performance.
  • Got to agree with you Muttley, my splits this morning was 8:45 / mile. Had to laugh when Brendon Foster (?) said on the last mile she had 7:30 to do the last mile to get the WR....., she would(could) never go that slow . Wish I could go that fast, would be able to do a marathon in 3hr 17min.
    Also laughed at the Chicago Tribune story of her.
  • Puts all those 100m Wusses in the shade.
    Paula Radcliffe should be Dame of the Road.
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