Chicago Marathon

I've just watched Paula Radcliffe win the Chicago Marathon and set a new world record on BBC 2.
She is without doubt the greatest distance runner that Britain has ever had, and I'm sure she has inspired thousands of couch potatoes to get out of their armchairs and get fit.
So when it comes to voting for the BBC sports personality of the year, vote for Paula Radcliffe, a truely great athlete.


  • Yup
    Organised forum voting is now expected.
    BK to organise.
    Jon to act as chief whip!!!!!!

  • BK and (particularly) Jon would be in their elements.

    Never voted for a Sports Personality of the Year before - will do this year
  • Jon will be in touch.

    Or Snoop will !!!!!!
  • I'm surprised snoop hasn't been "sniffing" around already!
  • She's been guaranteed my vote since FLM. What a year she's had, FLM, Commonwealth Champ, European champ, World x-country and now Chicago. Amazing.
  • The yanks and french are such good losers.
    And to think I ran in the samr race as her.. and she beat me.....
  • So which one is my element. Jon can do it as I'm usually around in work hours
  • You are organising the tactical voting.
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